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Cthulhu Wars - Operation Mountain Hound

By wraithdt
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A new series of illustrated plates from a recently released book, "Cthulhu Wars" by Osprey Publishing. I worked on these a couple years back but because release of the book was severely delayed for some reason unknown to me I am only able to show post them up here now. Not a fan of Lovecraft's work but I honestly had a lot of fun working on these and learned some things about the Cthulhu Mythos. I hope you guys like them.

Mount Leng-e Mulla Aman, Afghanistan (October 31, 2007)
US Delta Force assaulting the Temple of Leng in the mountains of Afghanistan. A swarm of Mi-Go bursts forth from the temple to attack the soldiers in Blackhawks while the Men of Leng exchange fire with the rests of the recon team on the ground. High in the sky an AC-130U Spectre gunship unloads on the temple defenders but it's shells veers and bows off into strange directions as if warped by some unknown gravity field.

You can check the book out here>>ospreypublishing.com/the-cthul…

Copyright of Osprey/Bloomsbury Publishing
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Absolutely epic! Reminds me of Extinction from Ghosts!
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I saw this pic in an scp reading!
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was Global Occult Coalition?

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So are these the actual satyr-like Men of Leng from Dreamquest?
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Sorry for the spam, your work is incredible!!!
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 More that amazing! :omg:  Your artwork and coloring are great! :winner:
 I'd like say that I have something in common with you:I'm not either a Lovecraft's fan but neverthless,I wrote a fanfic that show some misfortuned teens having a bad contact with a Great Old One and their worshipers. sad nod 
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Very Nice. Thanks :)
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HA! they'll never win
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The green triangle patch on the soldier's arm... a nod to Delta Green?
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The triangle I'm not sure of, but the dagger within it is definitely a part of their actual patch. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delta_Fo…
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I was talking about Delta Green. www.delta-green.com/
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Derp, misread your question. But I'd almost imagine it being a subtle nod to it.
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Just shut up and in the name of the God Emperor, kill those aliens !!
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The warp did some strange things to them sir
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Now this is awesome! Can anyone here tell me what this RPG table top game is about?
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these images are incredible. I love seeing these mythos creatures juxtaposed with real world armed forces in actual combat. very striking! <3
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I know right😆
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Awesome art work and what a hard fight against Cthulhu forces, congratulations for your work. Clap :happybounce: Headbang! 
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Love those firing effects!
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