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Colony Warrior

By wraithdt
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This my first piece for FFG's popular Netrunner franchise and it's found in their latest guide book "The Worlds of Android".

The scene depicts a battle during the Martian Colony Wars and the women leading the charge on behalf of the colonists is Dejah Thoris(no, not the Princess of Mars). As you can tell I'm not actually familiar with Netrunner lore but this is nonetheless a fun piece to work on.

You can check to book out here>> www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/…

Copyright of Fantasy Flight Games
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Apr 26, 2016, 12:51:07 AM
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LET them eat plasma!
FishB84U's avatar
Samus's mother?
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Love the atmosphere.
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Put your helmet on already.
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She doesn't want to. She thinks it's "MEDIOCRE!!!!"
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Let them witness her brains explode then :p
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I see what you did there!! have a lovely day!
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very impressive indeed!  ^^
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very nice piece of artwork
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Dude!  This is one of the best examples of this kind of scene I have ever looked at.  Considering this type of scene has been done over and over and over just makes how refreshing this one is so much better.  I love the armor she is wearing, how it is sexless.  The angle at which the scene is viewed is another thing that stands out to me.  I love it!  This drawing is BadAss!
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Minus the helmet, that looks like Gordan Freeman's armor from Half-Life!
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