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Battle of Halmyros

By wraithdt
This is an illustration done for Medieval Warfare Magazine, a dutch publication. It depicts a battle between the lightly armed but battle-hardened Almogavars of the infamous Catalan Company and the French Knights of the Duchy of Athens. Guess who won.

You can read about the battle here. >> [link]

And if any of you are interested you can check out the magazine here. Its a very interesting magazine if you're in to medieval history. >> [link]
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Hello, Master artist, I used your stunning art to illustrate some background text on our Ninth Age French Facebook page, giving you due credits of course ! (link :…)
The text in question is about a battle between knights of the Kingdom of Equitaine and the Makhar barbarians.
The Ninth Age : Fantasy Battles is a community wargame project, 100% made by the work of dedicated volunteers. You can learn more about it on the website
We are always on the lookout for new artists to help us craft our new universe, would be really glad to see you join our team ! Thanks again for your amazing work !
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C'est une nouvelle version de warhammer pré-AOS ?

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Oui, tout à fait !

Mais 100% réalisée par des bénévoles et accessible gratuitement :)

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Heraldry was so beautiful, much better than modern camouflage. 
Tasteful depiction covering ordinary men on the battlefield. 
Yet, I believe this time, the two-handed pike or infantry pole-arm formation is coming into fruition with missile weapons such as the crossbow.  Beware of gunpowder from China.
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i like scenes like in the bottom right.
Hello Daniel, I have sent you a note, I hope to hear from you soon.
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As soon as I get off of Mount and Blade, this is what I see XD Omg.
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This is very detailed. Dont hear much bout this though. niCe to see a art piece of this.
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So this is medieval Greece? You rarely hear people talking about medieval Greece. Instead people just tend to focus on the classical period instead which is a shame. Awesome work. :)
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I was under the impression that the Byzantine Empire did count as medieval Greece though.
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The Catalan Company have never quite gotten their due, but then like all mercenaries they suffered from a bad press. The French could hardly win a battle for the 14th century, so yeah...
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its like the guy was saying 'Victory! No quarter!'
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This is a masterpiece.
Man i like it, especialy the knight in the lower left corner.
I am using it as my profile picture, almost at all my profiles, but under every picture, there is a link to your deviantART profile.
So i hope you will not unleash your rage to me.

Btw, I am sorry for my barbarian english.
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French knights? Win? Hah!

Great illustration.
This is one wonderful piece of art! This picture also strongly reminds me of Mount & Blade, the action is samely furious :)
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all of your works are quality..I am glad I came across them..
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great one! specially for the screaming soldier!
very impressive!!  I was just wondering would it be okay if i could use this image as concept art please? its from a game design document im doing for uni, the theme is based on medieval times and will have 3d battles, this art piece would come in really handy in describing the looks we are going for.
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