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African Vampire Hunter

I recently retrieved some of my old work files from when I was still with IFS so I decided to share some of them here with you guys.

This is one of a number of plate illustrations I did for Osprey Publishing's Osprey Adventure series. This one in particular is for their fictional Vampire Hunter's Guide book, which I had quite a bit of fun with as got to visualize different Vampire hunters from different cultures around the world hunting their prey.

An African Vampire Hunter is about to pounce on his prey, an Asanbosam before it makes a meal out of it's next victim. Done in 2013.

Copyright of Osprey Publishing
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Vampires: zombies with bloodlust.

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Say, is that a Zande Kpinga the one hunter is holding in his right hand?
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Hello, I am currently working on creating a video on the Asanbosam and was wondering if I could borrow your art for the video? It is absolutely fantastic and shows exactly what they are and look like; I'd of course, provide your information in the video and in the description.
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mad creepy. i love it
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african hunting vampire
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Well mate! You're bait!
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How long did this drawing/painting take you?
Enjoying the different takes on the common subject idea
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Guy at bottom of screen: "I...I get this weird feeling someone is watching me..."
Ni.ce! Always like seeing non-European mythological subjects
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Sooo that's Blade from Marvel
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seems like the asanbosam's main animal form would be the monkey, like how the strigoi's main animal form is the bat.
based on the monster's habitat and description, the monkey form seems the most logical
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the asanbosam doesnt turn into any animal or is based off of an animal; though there are some similar characteristics between vampires from different cultures from around the world, having an animal form isnt one of them. Like the Vetala from india also doesnt have an animal form, nor does the jiang shi from china, or the obayifo also from west africa. 

but yea, the romanian vampires like the Moroi and the Strigoi are associated with bats, and Bram Stoker based Dracula off of them
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The strigoi and moroi could shapeshift into more than just mist, wolves and bats (albeit the mist form certainly among the most useful form). They could also take on the form of owls, spiders, and other nocturnal creatures. Do you think a strigoi could become a deer or utahraptor if it wanted to? What about something big like a rhino or elephant?

Also the sunlight weakness is absent in mythology. The early literary vamps (Dracula, Varney, Carmilla) had little to no issue with sunlight. Dracula has it the worst since he'd lose his powers but i'm sure he could still get a tan no problem. Heck, Dracula's sun weakness might even be a blessing in disguise. If he gets hurt or mad in daytime, he'll appear more human since he'll bleed and bruise like normal men and won't accidentally send attackers flying with a punch. Of course, he'd have to pretend to still be wounded for a while to prevent suspicion.

I think the reason a vampire would stay inside in daytime is b/c its night vision makes daylight blinding or
just b/c it sticks out more in daytime. At night a vampire has the advantage since mortals cant see it while
it can see them perfectly. Also mortals tend to notice when you get a tan at the beach and its gone the following night.
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Im talking about the lore and mythology of vampires, and less about their popculture renditions. Dracula comes from the popculture aspect, but bram stoker's story draws from the actual mythology from his region, and because of that there are things he wrote in his book that either add onto or generally different from the legends he was drawing from.

Its like.... marvel comics writing about blade and different vampires in their universe, they drew inspiration from other things and made these vampires their own, for their stories
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just saw your asian vampire hunter and thought immediately of an african one
and here it is
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jfc if actual vampires looked like that i'd run like hell
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I hope the dude in the trees kills that thing before it does something horrible to the guy below it. 
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