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Full size image from the 'redraw this' meme. I kind of wanted to change SO MUCH with the design, but it wouldn't of ended up looking like the original character so I kept the design mostly the same. But damn, I wouldn't draw a design that silly again. Meh.

You can check out the original here, if you don't mind the eye rape from viewing such crappy crap: 1K fan service

Anyway this is proof that if you just keep drawing you can get better, even if it feels like you're never getting anywhere, you are. So if you love drawing, but get discouraged with how "crap you are", trust me, you can get better, and there's always someone who thinks what you do is magical.
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I could imagine that nip slips are a common issue with this character
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Ha! Nah, she uses that magic tape stuff.

.....what a stupid character design hey. =\
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we all have our old embarrassing drawings! :P
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I certainly have many! The original was done back in 2005, and when I did the redraw (in 2015) I thought I'd keep the design the same for the sake of the "draw this again" meme. =)
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ah yes, even older.