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Yes I'm feeling very psyched about it. Come check us out.
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  • Reading: David Weber
  • Eating: Soup
Just passed the 1600th strip mark on my web comic!
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  • Reading: Venice: Pure City by Peter Ackroyd
  • Eating: Steak & Potatoes
  • Drinking: IPA
Starting up this year's Halloween material.
  • Listening to: Tangled Soundtrack
  • Reading: S.M. Stirling
  • Eating: Oatmeal
  • Drinking: Coffee
On a comic strip making marathon so I can enjoy Memorial Day Weekend at Seattle Folklife.
  • Listening to: Apocalyptica
  • Reading: Larry Niven
  • Eating: Oatmeal
  • Drinking: Coffee
Good news everybody this weekend I will be at the Cartoonist Northwest Booth at the Emerald City Comic Convention promoting my webcomic, Rhapsodies ( as well as my newest Rhapsodies collection, The Beancounter! So if you are going feel free to stop by I look forward to meeting you all!
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  • Reading: Wordpress textbook
  • Watching: Mr Diety
  • Eating: PB&J
  • Drinking: Green Tea
Well I just posted my thousandth strip of my webcomic, Rhapsodies, on Wednesday and what can I say but...


You know when I first thought I needed to do a month's worth of strips for an attempt to syndicate the strip I couldn't believe I could do it. After that I had a similar belief about 100. After that I stayed pretty jaded until 500 strips but now... WOW. Ultimately it's like being a shark, you stop swimming you die.

Anyway it's been a wild ride and with any luck the next thousand will be even better.
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  • Reading: Wordpress textbook
  • Watching: League of Gentlemen
  • Eating: PB&J
  • Drinking: Water