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My Goldfish 2

Redid this photo and offered it as a wallpaper.
If you like goldfish, enjoy.

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His/her? tail feels like silk.
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Good day! 
I used your excellent picture as an example of  fish anatomy in his picture (not commercial, only creativity for fun)
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Oh wow!  Would you share how you took this picture??? I love it and I'd love to get some better ones of my 5... :)
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i love the fins/tails. hes a very cute little fishy. :3
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Not sure what I'm more amazed by, the finnage of that boulder of a wen!
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wow it is so cute Oranda
I got some gold fish i got 6
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hey woz, i'm interested in basing a memorial tattoo off your goldfish. my grandmother loved fancy tails, but didn't like bubbled eyes or the headpiece as on your fish, but this picture is gorgeous & it could well serve as a visual reference. i'm wondering two things:

1. if that's okay by you; i don't like to steal images, especially not for something as important as tattoo art

2. if it's okay by you, then if you have other photos of fancy-tail goldfish that i could peruse.

please let me know. i'll check back if needs be, but i'd love if you'd email me to crank at to discuss it. :)

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He is beautyful!! I have once a tank with Orandas too. I always love watching them.
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Oh my god, that's gorgeous!
Gorgeous Oranda! :) may I ask about your tank size?
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At the time of the photo, this fish and another lived in a 29 gallon tank with two outside filters and many live plants. He has since passed on not to long ago. He will be missed. But he does continue to live, on this website and many computer wallpapers.
Thank you for your comments

Your very welcome. :) I'm sorry he died. :(
I am thinking about getting a fancy goldfish and was wondering about what sized tank would be best. Thank you for answering my question.
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The larger the better. Most goldfish keepers say 10 to 15 gallons per fish. They are messy fish and can dirty a fish tank quite quickly.
They also grow quite large if given enough time and have clean water.
The size of a 12 inch softball for just the body.
Good luck to you and read up all you can before you buy.

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Thank you

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Oh very nice I had this cute little common goldfish for 2 years named Canu I got from a anime convention but he died from swimbladder illness and a bacterial infection on Sunday v_v
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I am sorry to hear about your goldfish.
It is sad when even a pet fish dies.

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