Hi Pals,

obviously this photo turned to be quite popular meme. Hah, I am a bit shocked :XD:

Seriously? :D Have you met it anywhere?



Global yawning

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You're a legend! :D

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Hey there Woxys! I’m actually surprised you’re the og photographer of these guys^_^ I came here to say since the photoshoped memes spreaded, I kinda still want to credit your photo in my IG because I’m actually drawing the pic in my version. (Thankfully someone reminded me to credit you so you’ll feel better, once it‘s finished I’ll still credit ya)

Sorry if I didn’t searched much info about your pic becoming a meme.😔

Hope this is understandable for you🙂


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Hello! :D that is great, we already talked - thank you for your nice comment and also for credit! Also feel fry to use my other shots as references if you find any inspiration here :aww:

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Just saw it used for the first time! I commented your details!

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thank you, dear :kiss:

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I saw this picture on Facebook the other day, and I just knew it had to be one of your photos.

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Glad they gave credit!! :)

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OMG THAT WAS YOU??? You got your well deserved fame!!

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PFFt, that's amazing

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Nope, never seen these memes, they don't even make me laugh honestly. ^^

I'll try to link you in case I find the photo without credits anyway. :)

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haha, I agree, I only found few funny ones :D and thank you :aww:

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No prob, you're welcome. Thumbs Up

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You have both my congrats and my condolences lol :XD:

I got a drawing that turned into a meme, it sucks that there's no credit 😅😅😅

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didn't realize this was yours. nice seeing where the origin point is from

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I didn't realise you were the original photographer. Been seeing it a lot on the Star Wars meme Reddit's.

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Oh god, you are the origin? Good job and congrats on making a meme! X3

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Omg, I didn't even realise this was yours! I've been seeing it everywhere XD

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I JUST saw a meme of this pic before reading this status!!!

It's fun to see your pictures around but it's disappointing on how little credit there is :(

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You are nice :hug:

If you have a chance and will, I would be grateful if you share the link to original with people :D

But of course it is fine if you don't! :hug:

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I had just seen it in passing but If it comes up again or any other versions of the meme I'll definitely share a link back to you!

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you are the best, thanks :D

Haha, it is all crazy!

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I've been seeing it everywhere in the last few days lol

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