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Thank you for 1 month of Core, unknown fellow deviant! So much appreciated - I needed somebody to do something nice for me and this made me smile :heart:

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Hi pals,

I promised to post some photos from my vacation.

For many many many years I wanted to visit Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in Balkan region, south-eastern Europe. It was a super strong desire with no rational reason - my family has no roots there, there is no connection. But I somehow really longed to visit this post-war country. For years I was trying to persuade everybody to come with me, but nobody was willing. Finally, after years with stupid covid and with the upcoming economic crisis, I grew angry on whole the waiting and decided to give myself some anti depression shot and make this dream true. And as the life works, I got immediately joined by three nice pals, so there was finally a really lovely company! ;)

Here is a little report, well, first part.

What you need to know about Bosnia and Sarajevo is, that this mostly Muslim country and the city went through destructive war in the 90’s. The nationalistic/religion/ethnic conflict was incredibly cruel, claiming lives of thousands and thousands of civilians. There was no “clean” side, all of them, Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian forces committed horrible crimes, and the situation was even worse as many paramilitary units with no direct systematic control joined the war as well. Sarajevo itself was sieged by Serbian army for nearly four years (1992 – 1996), making it the longest siege of the city in modern history. As the city is located in the middle of the mountains, Serbian forces had perfect position to shell the town. The capital suffered horrible damages, which are still (!!!) painfully visible almost EVERYWHERE. The houses well shelled with mortars, missiles, tanks, big areas were covered with mines. The civilians suffered incredibly, fighting for lives, water and supplies every single day, while Serbian snipers murdered them and hunted them like animals, while the world was watching with terror. More than 11 000 people were killed during the siege, including 1 500 kids…

And this all happen shortly after the world admired (in 1984) amazing Winter Olympic Games, which presented Sarajevo as a super modern city (which it was!), and as a miraculous peaceful coexistence of so many nationalities, ethnics and religions. The contrast between the Olympic Games in 1984 and the war which burst just 8 years later, is heartbreaking. The city obviously keeps the Games deeply in its identity, and the mascot, wolf cub called Vučko is still visible in Sarajevo via street art and many other ways. We loved hunting for those tiny details and remains of the Games.

Legendary Ice Dancing


Vucko (Collage)

Every day while walking in Sarajevo, you just felt the slight remains of what Ukraine is going through right now – just in much higher intensity. Seeing all those destroyed buildings in the middle of the cities, cemeteries built close to the Olympic stadium, as there were so many casualties that the relatives have no place to bury their loved-ones…

It is chilling even years and years after the war.

I was very curious about the “soul” of the city – would it be traumatized? Angry?

But it is bursting with the will to live, to carry on, to simply… thrive.

People there are so nicely dressed – those might be young men or older ladies, Muslims or Christians. All well-shaped, smiling, modern.

Let’s focus on those post-war years today, and next time it will be more positive.


If you pay attention, you can hardly miss those. Too many still remain in the city, although they slowly disappear, as Sarajevo is indeed repairing the roads. Those are Sarajevo Roses. When the city was shelled, the mortars hitting the ground and exploding made awfully interesting and somehow nice floral pattern. People of Sarajevo filled some of them (sometime it is said in those places were human casualties) with red color resembling the blood.

Imagine that you just walk this modern city and come across this so living and vivid remain of the war. It is very natural and authentic war memorial.


Markale market. Two horrible separate mortar attacks killed more 100 civilians here. Of course the Rose is to be found.


Snipper alley. This was a super dangerous zone during the siege, as this wide boulevard, one of the city's prides, made perfect targets from people who had to cross the street.


The memorial for the kids killed during the siege.

Img 1974 (2)

Map of the siege. Please focus on the right side, there is an airport. During the siege, this place was under control of the United Nations, but people of Sarajevo still had only limited chance to escape. Of course they did not want to just wait for death, so they did something very brave and hard to imagine - they dig a long tunnel under the airport. This "Tunnel of Hope" as they called it, helped civilians and injured soldiers to escape the city. Also it was one of very limited ways how to supply the starving people with food and medicine. And defenders and ammunition could get in.


Sarajevo and Bosnia have many museums focusing on the war, as it is obviously a way how to deal with the loss and pain. I really wanted to see one, but some of them seemed to be too traumatic for me and my nerves. I chose well when I decided to visit museum dedicated to this Tunnel of Hope. It focused on the everyday struggle of the people of the city, showed how the damaged Sarajevo suffered. It was very, very emotional. As I am very old (heh), I could remember those images and videos from TV and I was deeply shaken - however, it was not sadistic or brutal, just very educational.

The Tunnel of Hope had its beginning under ordinary family house which was located close to airport with the mines everywhere. At first it was hidden, but then United Nations and Serbian forces found out the truth about the Tunnel. The Serbs then heavily shelled the house, but the Tunnel worked, saving many lives. After the war, Bosnia indeed had different priorities and focused on rebuilding of the city and whole the country. It took years before they focused in the tunnel, which was already badly damaged. They (together with the owners of the house) managed to save 20 meters of the original Tunnel, then restoring other 100 meters. I highly recommend you to visit this museum if you are in Sarajevo.


The original part of the Tunnel of Hop. Such a strange feeling...

IMG 3086b

Not only Sarajevo, but many parts of the country were covered with mine fields. Even in 2022, Bosnia and Herzegovina is far from being a mine-free country :( mines killed civilians even years after the end of the war, making many areas closed and not useful for agriculture...


Life was one hell for those people. Four years of pure hell and fear.


As a said, Winter Olympic Games in 1984 are obviously a part of identity for Sarajevo. It is incredible, but even after 38 years, you can find old ORIGINAL signs navigating visitors to find the right location of the disciplines. It was one of the most interesting moments I experienced.

Img 2312 (2)
Img 3403 (2)

We used a new cable car (the original one, a pride of the city and built by Czechoslovak company, BTW, was destroyed during the war) to examine an urbex legend. An abandoned bobsleigh track on Trébević mountain. A location of the Olympic discipline was under attack as well... with very strange feeling, you can walk it down, keeping the city's fate in your mind, watching local street art.

Img 3267 (2)


Walking... oh a mortar exploded here some years ago...

Nevermind, keep going...


I really wanted to see Olympic stadium.



As I said, it was one of the places where the soil was available.

So people of Sarajevo used the nearby area to bury their loved ones.

Now the stadium and the Olympic tower are surrounded with graves, mostly Muslim ones. They look majestic, white and decent now. After war, those dead people obviously had their relatives and friends coming back, turning their improvised graves into this elegant shape.


But if you look closely, you still find the graves that look as in 1993 - just a soil over the dead body and wooden plank with a name.

Nobody returned for those dead ones. Maybe their relatives and friends left the city for good as waves of refugees escaped the country. Or maybe they lie close by...


Nothing can serve better as a warning that the war is always close if you do not watch your steps and right of your neighbors closely, than this contrast between the death and suffering and the Olympic stadium which brought such pride and glory for the city in 1984.

Please, keep that in mind. It is the most important lesson Sarajevo can teach us.

Img 3422 (2)


Also, do you know U2 song Miss Sarajevo?

Of course it is related to this war.

To get international attention and to lift the spirit of the sieged city, Sarajevo held a beauty queen contest… In the basement, to protect the girls, who lifted “DON’T LET THEM KILL US” transparent from the attacks.

Did you like it?

Thank you for any comment or sharing, I had a lot of work with this one :heart:

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Hi Guys, have I EVER mentioned that I simply love baking and making deserts? :D I showed my best friends some photos from my visit in Bosnia and Hercegovina, making "Bosanski lonac" for dinner and as some super sweet stuff covered with LITRES of suger/lemon syrup is a must for this region, I made also hurmašice and tufahija. It is amazing, just really sweet.

Wanna a recipe for tufahija?

For four persons:

Four apples (similar size)

750 ml of water

800 g of sugar

Half of bio lemon





200 g heavy cream (at least 31% of fat)

A table spoon of honey

A tiny pinch of coffee

A tiny pinch of cinnamon

Heat and boil a mixture of water, sugar and slices of lemon - for almost 20 minutes, so you make a bit thick syrup.

In the meantime, peel off the apples and cut off the part with seeds. You should get thick apple rings :)

Also: use a mixer to blend walnuts, almonds, honey, coffee, very soft butter and cinnamon together. In a separate bowl, whip half (100 g) of the heavy cream. Mix both of those together to create a thick nut cream and put it into the fridge.

Now when the syrup is really and boiling, insert the apples. Boil it for 6 minutes and then flip it for another 6 minutes. Take it out and let the apples cool down.

Once they have room temperature, stuff them with nut cream.

Let it relax in a fridge.

Before serving, pour a spoon of syrup over every stuffed apple.

Whip the remaining cream and put a nice "snowy hat" on every apple.

Decorate with pistachios and few leaves of mint or (even better) lemon balm.

Enjoy Bosnian vibes!

P.S: yeah, I miss my Facebook, I might annoy you here for a while, lol.

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I need your help :/

Hi guys,

My personal FB account has been stolen, the attacker published some terrible things (probably child porn?) and I woke up to find it deactivated :( it is pretty big pain.

I want to learn from this, not risking my DA account. Is there a chance for double phase secure log for DA, please? I did not find it... Thank you!

And by chance... is there anybody who would help me with the FB account?

No, Helpdesk does not help, there is no form for my situation.

Can you spread the word, please?


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Normal people and their vacation: 🌴🏖️🌅

My vacation:

IMG 20220725 115459 edit 121278748268940
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