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Hello! :dance:

It is 4/1/2009. What does it mean? Yes, it means that today I am posting the first part of promised VIRTUAL TOUR of ZOO BRNO! :D
Brno is city where I live – it is the second largest city in the Czech republic, country in central Europe.
Let’s have a look! :D
(photos were taken in many different days, so do not be surprised that some show snow and do not ;))


Becase I want you to know all the ZOO Brno, let’s begin with some introduction :D that’s why first part of ZOO tour shows maps, ZOO entrance, roads and so on :)

At first, please, look at the ZOO plan (I spent hours making it :rofl:). You can see which animals ZOO keeps. Do you see exhibits which I coloured with green? Those exhibits I will feature in details.
If you want me to show you some other exhibits in details, please, write it in a comment under this journal :)

This is how ZOO looks. It covers all the hill, which is called the ,,Monk mountain“. It is absolutely natural place, which is close to Brno’s dam. You can see it is all covered with forest!

Monk mountain
(sorry for low quality, I took it from tram)

ZOO Brno was founded in 1950 and the first visitors could visit it in 1953.
Its area contains 65 hectares.
ZOO Brno is related to Permanent aquarium exposition, which is located in the city centre.

ZOO Brno from space
(google map. Note the absolutely forest area! :D)

Ok. We took a tram, left it on tramstop called ,,ZOO“ and we are walking towards the ZOO: What do we see first?

Unique parking stand
(the worst current problem of ZOO Brno. Have you ever seen ZOO with park for only 15 cars? :D :D)

Here we must pay entrance fee. ZOO gate.
How much do you pay? Less than 2€/$ for children/student and some 3,5 €/$ for adults!
Are you still surprised that I can visit it so often? :D

We have already entered the ZOO! But we must ,,climb“ little hill to see the first exhibits. While walking, we meet some info boards with news and info about ZOO :nod:

road in ZOO, info boards


Meeting the second curve, we can see this wooden wall.

wooden wall. What is behind it?

It is a station for injured animals! People can bring here injured wild animals they found.
The current patient was a crow.

Station for handicaped animals

Let’s look down. We climbed this little hill and we are standing next to exhibit of tigers!

road we walked

ZOO Map.
Red colour shows where we went today! :D

And next time we will visit home of Satu, female Sumatran tiger! :aww: :dance:


Golden eyes of the Death by woxys

Visitor Map

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€3,5,- :O wow that is cheap I need to pay at least 15 euro if it isn't more then that. If the zoo's where so cheap here then I would also go to the zoo but I never go because in the end it's too much money for just only one day. (food, and drinks are also expensive in zoo's)