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Hello :D

yes, new part of ZOO Brno virtual tour is coming! ;)

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ZOO BRNO VIRTUAL TOUR – Tropical pavilions

Today we will visit last place of our Tour, which is located in the upper part of the ZOO. All other journals will show only exhibits from the lower part.
Even if it rained, we would stay dry today, as we are visiting only indoor facilities – two indoor pavilions connected with a corridor.

One apologize – I promised photo of a chameleon for one of my watchers. But I did not find any! It seems that ZOO does not keep them anymore. So... sorry, I really did not forget, but... :(

Well we are staying on the top of Monk mountaine, where there is some kind of square.

Leaving this square, we are entering pavilion, which was built in 1996 and is called ,,Tropical kingdom", as it is home for reptiles, fish and also small monkey species.

Tropical kingdom

After entering, on the left side you can see indoor enclosure for meercats, which is connected to the outside exhibit. But meercats will get their completely new home soon.


Their indoor home.

But right from the entrance you can see long and quite deep aqarium with some ,,dry part", because it is also home for two Cuvier's dwarf caymans, fish (fruit eating piranhas and so) and for Bornean river tourtles.
Those turtles had very sad life, as 10 000 of them were illegally smuggled in Hong Kong. They were lucky to end in right hands, but they all were injured, many of them diyng. They were sent to ZOOs all over the world. ZOO Brno received ten Bornean river turtles and managed to save some of them!
(you can see some pictures here -  www.ifauna.cz/clanky/clanek.ph… but I WARN you, some pictures show badly injured animals!!!!)

Aquarium (note the cayman)

Fish and turtle

Look into the pavilion. Walls are covered with many aquariums, where we can see lizards and so...

Pavilion is home also for species of small monkeys, who have this indoor exhibit...

... and much bigger outside enclosure, both connected  ;)

But let's get back into the pavilion.
Few aquariums:

ZOO recently became home for two Gila monsters!

Home for Gila monsters and other small reptiles

Dracaena inhabits huge aqurium with water tank full of fish

When leaving quite new pavilion Tropical kingdom, we have to pass the corridor to get to older pavilion, which looks like a pyramid.
In this corridor, there is new exhibit for Sand cat.

Sand cat

Home of sand cat.

Now we entered the pavilion, which was built in 1972. It is a pyramid with central ,,cube" like  part, which is divided into more exhibits and visitors walk around them.

It may seem odd, but be sure that only few years ago, it was terrible. I still remember it was only about concrete, iron and glass. I remember huge, very long Nile crocodiles living in the exhibit where the floor was made of concrete and their pool was only some 30 cm deep and more over, divided to parts with some stupid pipes.
Times have changed, fortunately.
Now all the building is newly painted to create illusion of a jungle, there are many live flowers, palms and so... exhibit are also painted, they are full of natural materials such as wood, sand, water or dirt, so it is much better.
Huge species were removed, so now only smaller species live there and for them this pavilion provides very good conditions!

Part of ,,central" area we walk around. Live flowers...

One of the exhibits for small lizards and turtles.
I think that it used to be exhibit for fennec fox few years ago. But I was so stupid – I did not like fennec fox that time :(

Other exhibit (turtles)

ZOO is doing its best to make concrete-metal-glass pavilion looks natural... ;)

The biggest exhibit is former home for huge Nile crocodiles. You can see that big animals are away, concrete floor and extremelly shallow pools were covered with sand, and some wood was located there :) and the walls were painted to create nice illusion of a desert. Much better, do not you think?


Desert exhibit.
I think it would be absolutely perfect home for a fennec fox! :D :D

RED colour shows where we went today! :D
BLUE colour shows where we will go next time ;)
PINK COLOUR – as we are leaving the upper part of the ZOO and we have to walk a lot, pink colour shows all the way we have to overcome to get to the exhibit of wolves.

Yes yes yes! Next time we are visiting exhibit of your beloved arctic wolves :dance:
And I have no news about situation of the pack :(

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ooo, that iguana is cool :p. I wana draw him