ZOO BRNO VIRTUAL TOUR - Sri Lanca leopards

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Our ZOO Brno virtual tour continues – and today we will visit Arnold and Ruwani, Sri-Lanca leopards, who are the second species living in the big cats complex called ,,The Tiger rocks“.

Previous parts of ZOO Brno virtual tour:
1) introduction (look at: woxys.deviantart.com/journal/2…)
2) Sumatran tiger (look at: woxys.deviantart.com/journal/2…)

ZOO BRNO VIRTUAL TOUR – Sri Lanca leopards

Exhibit of Sri Lanca leopards is a neighbour of enclosure of Sumatran tigers (woxys.deviantart.com/journal/2…) and it is built in the same style. As this species is smaller, also their home is smaller than the exhibit for tigers.
Please, do not forget, that most of photos were taken in cloudy and bad wether – that’s why those shots seem a bit sad ;)
Two animals inhabit this enclosure.

Female Ruwani

Male Arnold

This is how complex the Tiger rocks looks:

If roofed part of visitors path near tigers is stylized as exotic village, roofed path for visitors near leopards is stylized as rocky cave :nod: and again, you watch animals throught glass!
And also there are some drawn info boards :D

Now let’s look to the exhibit :D
You can see it combinates rocks, wooden logs, trees and plants :nod:

Do you see that glass wall?
It divides enclosures of leopards and tigers. Which means...

... that both species have very nice contact! :D

and they very often watch each other :nod:

Once I made a story about it :D

Secret story of forbidden love by woxys

Looking into exhibits, showing it part by part...
<img src="i41.tinypic.com/2ekmyci.jpg

Leopards use this trunk as their shelter :D Arnold is in actually :D


From the lowest part, to the highest one, seeing all the exhibit

Of course also leopards have their warm and dry indoor exhibits!

This one is for Ruwani...

And this is for Arnold (sorry for reflection)

You can get very close to those cats :D

That’s all for today :D
Bye, Arnold and Ruwani. I hope this year you will have  your the first cubs! :wave:

RED colour shows where we went today! :D
Do not be afraid, not all parts will be described in such details. BLUE colour shows where we will go next time ;) it is much bigger part, is not it? And until now, we saw new and modern roads and exhibits.

To let you know all the ZOO, I must show you everything. So... next time I have to show you real shame of ZOO Brno :( very old and bad exhibits for birds, lynx and apes :(

Visitor Map

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I would like to visit that zoo one day. (: