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After some break, I bring you next part of ZOO BRNO VIRTUAL TOUR :dance:

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Hm, as I prefere carnivores, this part of ZOO is not very atractive for me and I admit that I do not visit it very often :blushes:  but of course I took some shots for you to present also this part of ZOO Brno ;)

Last time we finished our tour next to exhibit for maras and that's where we will start today. Next to maras, there is completely new exhibit for meercats. It is almost finished, I think that meercats will move there soon :nod: it is much bigger than their current exhibit.

I took previous shots 4/6/2009. Yesterday, 11 days after taking those photos, I saw that the enclosure has already been painted. It looks very nice, I think!

I was shocked how very quickly ZOO Brno does many changes. There are many places in the ZOO, where there is come construction, or where the renovation is planned.
People, who visit ZOO Brno usually complain about one problem – you can walk many minutes and many metres while seeing no animals.
ZOO obviously agrees and that's why it is building new enclosure for meercats and also for peccary – both of them near the main road of ZOO Brno.
Here you can see how fast the ZOO is about building new exhibits!

only info board says ,,we plan new exhibit for peccary here" (taken 4/6/2009)

New exhibit is almost finished! :omfg: (taken 4/17/2009)
It is very big, I had to put 3 photos together to show you real size and still you can not see the back side of this exhibit :aww:

Now we will walk near this almost done exhibit.
Do you see both of those roads? The one on the left is the main ZOO road. Until last year, its quality was absolutely terrible. Last year it was completely rebuilt and now it is very good and also nicely looking path :nod:  we will turn to the right side, because we are visiting llamas.
The path on the right is completely new – before its building, there was only dusty path to llamas and ibexes.

New roads!

Llamas live in this exhibit as long as I can remember. But this enclosure used to be bigger – ZOO built some special ,,viewing bridge" instead of lower part of llama's pen. Strange, I do not understand this decision... But area for those animals is still big enough :nod:

,,Viewing bridge"


Exhibit for llamas

Exhibits of llamas and Siberian ibexes share one side of the fence.

Home for Siberian ibexes is very large, althought it can seem a bit odd because of old black fence. But this fence is problem only for visitors, not for animals, who have really nice home.

Fake rock for ibexes

Oh no. There is a hill in front of us :cries: I am too lazy to climb it... :( I usually want to go to the upper part of the ZOO, but then I think of this hill... Heh and I usually change my plans, staying in the lower part of the ZOO :D
This time, we will trick this cruel, cruel hill :rofl:
We will go to the left, visiting some other herbivores :D :D

This road is lost between trees and plants :aww:

Enclosures here are usually fenced with odd looking old black metal bars. It provides great natural space for animals, but bad conditions for photographers :hmm: for people, some special ,,viewing" places are prepared – there is usually a bench and you can observe animals. Those places provide you much better chance to watch all species! :nod:

The first exhibit we meet is home for a moose. It is so huge exhibit, that I have no  chance to show it, even if I put 10 photos together. It is very wide and so long, that its lower part is next to exhibit of wolves! I miss only one thing here – a lake or a small pond for moose.

Mooses and their home

Close to the exhibit of moose, there is smaller pen for Siberian elk.

Siberian elk and its home

Next to this exhibit, there is neighbouring pen for llamas.

Llamas and their home.

On the opposite side of the road, there is home for takin :D

Takin and its exhibit

Oh no! What is this? A hill again! Noooooooo! :cries: (:rofl:)

RED colour shows where we went today! :D
BLUE colour shows where we will go next time ;)

Next time we will visit camels, zebras, kiangs, horses and ,,children" ZOO :nod:
Lunchi, I did not forget your wish, it will come soon :nod: (I mean info boards and closer look at station for handicaped animals)

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It's not hills that I hate, it's the gravity pulling me down the hill that is an issue...