Wolf puppies - fresh PHOTOS! + funny like hell :))

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Nah, sorry for update, things have been fixed just seconds after I posted it :XD:

Baby arctic wolves just left the burrow in ZOO Brno - they are SO adorable :aww:
I bring you some shots of them - forget very low quality, please. First photos of tiny puppies are always taken from distance, because babies are too shy to get close to visitors :D

UPDATE: sorry, NOW you can see puppies XD I uploaded wrong file :D

At first, kiriban winner

And now - PUPPIES!!! :heart:

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This seems to have been from a long time ago but...I can't see the image. Has it been deleted?
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oh, probably :(
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Aw that's unfortunate. I bet they were super cute, though!
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Aww... they are so cute.  It must have been great to see them! 
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Puppies! I love wolf puppies :iconawwwplz:
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Their oversized paws are adorable!
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Wait, where are the puppy pics? Are there any links to them? I don't see any.
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Awesome cute photos!
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Awwwwww soooo cutteeee *Squeees* I want to take one home
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plz can I use one of your photos for a drawing? (with credit of course)
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Aww...so cutes.
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The wolf is my absolute favorite animal. It's beautiful, deadly, but also compassionate with how the pack looks after each other as a family. In a spiritual sense, I've come to believe that the wolf might be my spirit animal.

Of course, while I admire and respect the animal like all others, they're becoming a bit of a problem in my country since the EU keeps demanding that we need more and more wolves, despite the increase in dog deaths due to the wolves have learned to not fear humans as I think they should. We're a little concerned when they'll start attacking people...
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Oh my.
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How come the pups have some blood near their legs?
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Blood isn't pink.
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Yes thank you for mentioning that but I have already been informed of my mistake.
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it is not blood, it is a pink spray :)
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