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Hello, friends.

I would like to tell you something about white tigers today, because I read very interesting info, which was released by ZOO Prague. This arcticle was written by real professional, so it is very good material, which can educate a lot. Of course you can see also some photos of those beautiful felines!

But at first, let me announce, that Allerlei posted new part of her ANIMAL ALPHABET project – this time it is ,,E" for Eagle ;) so do not forget to have a look, you can learn something new :)

Ok. White tigers now.

It happens to me very often – when I read discussions under news arcticles or look at the comments of photos of those white cats, I can see, that most people think, that white tigers are very endangered species, which is extremely rare in the wild. They think, that white tigers deserve protection to be saved.

In fact, white tiger is not a special species. It is only a tiger, whose white colour is caused by leucism. Not albinism! White tigers are not albinos! Albino animals are completely white with red eyes and red skin. But white tigers still have dark stripes and usually blue eyes, due colour abnormality – leucism, which means lack of pigments.

There are at least 11 colour mutations of white tigers!

White tigers from Europa and from America have nothing to do with white Bengal tigers. White Bengals tigers live only in Indian ZOOs and very rarely they are born in the wild.

White tigers from Eurean and American ZOOs (and from privat keepers) are only domestic result of crossing of different tiger's subspecies. Those white tigers have NO VALUE and there is no reason to protect them.

In fact, American association of ZOOs has already banned breeding of white tigers and its goal is to comletely remove this freak from North American ZOOs till 20 years.
When keeping white tigers without any value, American and European ZOOs have no enclosures for really endangered subspecies of tigers (Sumatran, Malayan, Amur), which desperately need protection and ZOO exhibits to survive.

White tiger is only matter of marketing.

European ZOO associaton does not have complete opinion about white tigers, but it will likely try to reduce keeping of white tigers, or it will ban breeding too.

The only good way how to keep white tigers, is to cooperate with Indian ZOOs and then keep white Bengal tigers together with orange Bengal tigers. But Indian ZOOs do not want such cooperation.

Ok, I hope I have not stolen your illusions about white tigers :( I like them, they are really wonderful, but I think, that end of breeding is good especially for them. Why? Because too common way how to breed white tigers is inbreeding, which means, that sisters mate with brothers of fathers with daughters – as a result, newborn tigers have often very serious health problems.

So let's stop keeping white WONDERFUL freaks and start keeping and breeding tiger's subspecies, which really need our help and care to survive! :nod:

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BookWorm1351's avatar
you keept calling them freaks, you shouldnt. The freaks are the cruel people who created them. Calling them freaks, judges what they are and its not like they can help it. I for one, feel bad for white tigers because of all the health problems they have from inbreeding. I would like to say that *Heatherzart is an idiot because if humans didnt prolong the creation of white tigers, there would be none, and if humans didnt fuck with their genetics by inbreeding them for money, all tigers would be healthy. White tigers are knowsn to get illnesses that relate to a humans autism and physical deformation. White tiger is not a species of tiger, and as much as I feel for this magestic creature, it is the outocome of cruel people destroying a beautiful creatures lineage. *Heatherzart shouldnt be calling her an idiot because all of what she said is perfectly true, whoever *Heatherzart is, is a complete moron for thinking a white tiger is a natural creature of earth. I hope and prey that one day you realise the cruelty, and pain, it takes to make this white beauty
woxys's avatar
I also feel sorry for white tigers, yes... :(
of course respected ZOOs do their best to found pairs, which can produce not that damaged cubs, but I am still not very happy about birth of new cubs :/
lemurkat's avatar
This is an old journal, but it IS something I feel very pasisonate about.

We had in NZ a man they called "Lion Man" who was ACTIVELY acquiring white tigers and white lions and breeding them in a special park. Now, he was promoted on television/media as "saving the royal white tiger species from extinction" and it was portrayed as though he were doing a good thing by engaging in this practice - and maybe he was to a point - he was sourcing tigers from other parts of the world and not just directly mating close kin. But everytime I saw references to the "royal white tiger" (A name coined by Seigfrid and Roy) it made me balk - these tigers were being falsely portrayed in the media as though they were a special species, worth saving, instead of just a colour variant.

Of course, then he got in the news for beating up his girlfriend, thrown out of the park, had one of his former keepers killed by one of the white tigers and... now he's involved in a heated legal dispute with his mother over the park. It's all just a terrible, scandalise mess. I believe the park has closed - but I am not sure what will happen to the poor big cats caught up in the mess.
daughterofeast's avatar
I know this is a very old journal, but if you ever repost this again you could aslo add this: [link]

It has a LOT of info on it; it's how I learned the truth about white tigers
woxys's avatar
thanks for tip, I already have new info about them :nod:
Wolark's avatar
Wow, this is the first I've ever heard of this. Never knew that the white and tabby tigers were mostly inbred. o.o I knew they weren't a specific species. I researched a lot on it today, since it sparked my interest. I agree fully with you. They should not be bred any more; just let it happen naturally. If you get a white tiger, it should be by chance with normal breeding, not by inbreeding. I believe every animal has value, even a shrew. It's alive. I understand what you meant, but I had to reread it to get it xD I agree that they don't have a value in saving the species. Yes, they are tigers, BUT they can never be released into the wild. Which is what the true goal of saving a species is. Not keeping them locked up in a zoo, but to let them roam free as they originally did. Whit tigers cant be released, they would most likely die. I also hate that people are encroaching on the territories of these creatures, which is making it harder and harder to save them.

I'm just a single person who can at least voice an opinion as have the many others (including you) and hope that the words can do something to aid in not only the discontinue of inbreeding for white tigers, but also to stop the destruction of tigers habitats.
woxys's avatar
I agree with you :nod:
tigeressoflegend's avatar
i agree.it's also my favorite animal ... it's so frustrating having people say,"It shouldn't even exist!"and,"it's a freak of nature!!!"when it's just special!!
woxys's avatar
sure ;) they are so special! They are deformed, they are cross-eyed, they have problems with their spins, but sure, let's breed more of them! It does not matter, that brother must mate with his own sister to produce white cubs. They are sooooo cute! We should not care that those cats might suffer. Let's breed more of them!

Sorry, but you are selfish ;)
If you really loved white tigers, you would support end of inbreeding.

Fortunately, ZOOs plan to stop breeding new deformed white tigers, because experts know, that they are only poor deformed creatures.
lemurkat's avatar
That is the problem - ONCE white tigers were special - once they were a rare and amazing thing - like the white kiwi that hatched in NZ recently. NOW, because they have been actively bred for, they have ceased to be beautiful and rare and have become genetic pitfalls, that are weakening the species that they belong to.

Let's make them a special rarity again, something that is an unexpected coincidence or chance happening, instead of trying to force the occurance for the detriment of all.
tigeressoflegend's avatar
thank god!!!like humans reproducing with their own relatives,it can lead to birth defects. ...hmmm,*sigh*guess they should stop breeding them.
woxys's avatar
yes.... it is the best thing we can do for white tigers if we really love them :(
tigeressoflegend's avatar
i still can't belive that they breed fathers to their own daughters,or brothers to their sisters!!!it would be like me and my bro tallon getting merried!!!
woxys's avatar
but they do it :)
tigeressoflegend's avatar
tigeressoflegend's avatar
lol.get it purrrr-fect?
tigeressoflegend's avatar
they arn't freaks
the are beautiful and the are purrrr-fect in my opinion.
woxys's avatar
they are wonderful freaks :)
tigeressoflegend's avatar
yeah...they are.btw saw that sick and twisted photo of a white tiger,it made me screch!!!
LisaGreywood's avatar
I realize this is an old journal, I happened to find it while clicking through your stuff. Anyway. I fully support the ban on white tiger breeding. And I understand what you're saying about zoo resources being better spent on the well-being of breedable tigers to rebuild the population, but... I'm kinda unclear on how you feel about the white tigers that are alive now and any that may be born in the future from normal litters. Do you think they should simply be put down?

And as for deformed animals, you seem to think those should be put down to "end their suffering". Personally I never really bought into that. The animal can still be happy, even with medical ailments. Now, if it's a question of the zoo spending resources on an unbreedable animal that could go to animals that can actually help conserve the species... Then yeah, putting it down might be best in the long run. But for someone to decide an animal is not happy and then take their life is... I dunno, it just doesn't sit well with me. I can understand the logic, I just don't agree.
woxys's avatar
no, why should they be put down? It would be awesome to create a HEALTHY population of white tigers, if there would be possible to spread that gene without producing the cats through inbreeding ;)
But I think the chance to get such litters from normal pair (non relative orange female and orange male produce white cubs) is very small...

I have never spoken about puting those animals down :)
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