Love of wolves (mating season) - PHOTOS

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Hello :)

First of all, kiriban (766 666) is VERY close!

At second, Brno's females, Alex and Clair, are in heat now. I went to the ZOO to take some photos - because of mating season, wolves were very excited and active. I had a great chance to watch their fantastic and natural behavior, which included gentle touches, aggresivity (not between alphas and beta, but younger wolves were somehow excited) and mating itself. It was just incredible to observe so intimate moments of the lives of wolves. Thanks to winter, I was totally alone with them - only me and wolves. I would like to share some shots I took - sorry for lower quality, the weather was cloudy and as you can imagine, wolves were moving a lot. Although I took some photos of mating itself, I do not want to post such shots. Not to offend some of my watchers (mating and also eating are absolutely natural for animals ;)) but to somehow respect privacy of the wolves :)

Thank you for every :+fav: it would help me to share this :D

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The younger wolves will be like:


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I want to see wolves mating pictures.
but I can't.

I tried to draw, but I suck on a a computer pad, I am WAY better with my hand, I mean, WAYYYY better.
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Atila looks sow adorable when playful Love Meow :3 
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Omigosh. Atila looks like a giant American Eskimo! xD
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Kids: (10 years from now) Mommy, where do babies come from?
Me: *In mind: "Ohgod, ohfuck, ohgodohgod, they asked the question! Might as well tell them.* *shows this to children*
Me: AND THAT, children, are where babies come from.
Kids: O_O from doggies?!?!?!?
Me: *Facepalm* SEHOOIE! SE-E-E-E-E-E-EE....bleh -___-
Kids: *completely puzzled*
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His tongue at the last picture...^^
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awww i like the pic of her poking him its funny
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aww they are cute! great shots you took there. must have been amazing to watch them :heart:
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Atila is one sexy wolfie! :D :heart: :love:
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by far the cutest mating story ever
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*squints* so wait, when a wolf is in heat the females bleed, like a human on their menstrual cycle? (I have no ideas about canine mating apparently XD)
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most females are in heat only in some time - like wolves, they are in heat in winter, they slightly bleed and they are ready for mating ;)

while human women have a period :) it is different :)
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That's cute and beautiful how wolves come together.... :3
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LOL (stupid tree) :giggle: Atila is a very beautful wolf by the way
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so this is how babies are born o.O

lol nice photos :3 thx
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atila looks so cute and fluffy!
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Great shots.
But the 'actors' are the best
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What beautiful experience, such a wonderful sight!! :+favlove: :clap: btw I agree w/ ~scribo-per-potestas :)
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That female is beautiful! :D
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