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Hi everybody,

I will do my best to not hate eclipse here, I promise :XD: instead, I would like to invite you to have a look at the garden pond we renovated this spring to make it suitable for the wide range of animals. How? Through photos, of course :-)

It all started in 2014 or 2015, when my parents bought a property, as in the last years, they truly dreamed about having a weekend house. It is typical for many parents who just have adults kids leaving the nest - they simply need a new project they would share and work on.

The cottage has a lovely garden (more than 2000 m2). I quite like it. And what is the most important thing for me? It also has a pond. I've always loved water, all my relatives and friends can confirm that every time we plan a trip, I insist on some pond, stream or river to be nearby. Yeah, I can be a pain in the ass :D

What we wanted to do? As the pond totally lacked a shallow zone, which is the most interesting for animals, we wanted to create one. That would attract more newts, frogs and I would have a chance to keep a low number of fish. Also we wanted to make it clean + some technical changes.



While it might look nice, the pond was not in the best shape. It was built before 25-30 years and obviously nobody cared since then.


There was a thick layer of mud, outlet, which was not working very well, the dam was soaking. So it obviously needed a renovation. However, there was no time for that, as my family (not me, I am too lazy) focused on the weekend house itself, turning the old interior into lovely and comfortable living conditions + other works on the garden were a priority.


One winter, the tube of the outlet just broke and all the water ran off :XD:


We got this sight in Spring . Not that lovely.

5 Podzim 2018

There was mud everywhere. Smelly, awful mud, which is in fact a thick layer or dead leaves and animals that nobody ever cleaned.

6 Jaro 2019

So the renovation kind of started. Finally! We ordered a dredger that removed the mud.

7 Jaro 2019

And what a shock! The original depth 90 cm (3 feet), got to 240 cm (8 feet). Just wow!

8 A Jaro 2020

We also blinded the old outlet and created overflow instead - even with lovely romantic sluice-gate and artificial stream bed.

And then the main and most challenging part of the reconstruction began. Creating of the shallow zone!

8 Jaro 2020

We wanted to make it all natural and... um... cheap.

9 Jaro 2019
10 Jaro 2019

So we used thick oak poles we connected with planks. It created some sort of barrier....

11 Jaro 2020
12 Jaro 2020

Which was then filled with big, rough and sharp stones.

13 Jaro 2020

We then put tones of river stones on it!

14 Jaro 2020

My sister truly wanted to build a bridge there and she projected it all by herself, crafting it just with our dad.

15 Jaro 2020

Almost finished! And as the pond has no stable tributary, we had to wait for the rain. That awful thing on the surface is pollen ;D

16 Jaro 2020

And the rain finally came, so I could enjoy the pleasant look at the shallow zone :heart: of course we plan to put in some plants, many of them are already inserted :D and more will come :love:

17 Jaro 2020

Finalized! :dance: and water is in! :dance:

22 Jaro 2020

I could finally ad some fish, which was my biggest dream since childhood :heart: I had to be very careful with the pick as amphibians don't cope well with fish. We have 130 cubic meters of water and I decided to buy only 11 crucian carps, as it is critically endangered species in the Czech Republic. We also bought 7 golden common ruds. I loved them - and so did a local kingfisher :XD:

So now we have a lovely clean and deep garden pond with fish, newts, frogs, which is regularly visited by kingfisher, ducks and many more animals. I am kind of happy... :D

Thank you for your visit! :hug:


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Unknown-Station's avatar

That is truly beautiful, seems the hard work really paid of in the long run.

MoonyMina's avatar

this is so amazingly cool!!! and such a nice story to read and see :)

Thank you so much for sharing this, it makes me smile!!

Mouselemur's avatar

Your pond looks amazing! But what a transformation :wow: Thank you for taking us along in its progression :dummy:

I'm sorry you already lost some of your fish to a kingfisher, but it's also good news that it already provides so much wildlife with a refugee already I think ;)

Akumeno's avatar
IsilCuthalion's avatar

Wow ! You did a very good job Timon -  Applause

KiriHearts's avatar

That's really cool! I liked seeing the whole process!

herofan135's avatar

Wow, what an awesome project. Turned out really great in the end, except for those common ruds. XD

woxys's avatar

4 are still alive! I saw them yesterday! :D but they are very very very shy.

herofan135's avatar

Oh cool, glad some made it though!

woxys's avatar

I am going to buy ten more tomorrow! They will go by train!

herofan135's avatar

Best of luck with them, let's hope they will get to live. :)

nmmarkowa's avatar

Congratulations for the good work!Success with the fishes!:clap:

LindArtz's avatar

Gorgeous!! I LOVE it! :love: !!! ( but... the kingfisher is eating the fish? :cries: )

RensKnight's avatar

Wow!! That is a TON of work...amazing!! :)

Vixenkiba's avatar
That's amazing, thanks for sharing with so many photos! Is the Kingfisher not an issue for the crucian carps?
woxys's avatar

hello, thank you! And I hope not - while ruds are slim and truly small, crucian carps might be still little and young, but they are a bit plump. And they also tend to hide, while those ruds were cruissing the lake just under the water surface :XD: and as they are gold and the water is dark, they were like on the plate! I will buy bigger ruds - kingfishers prey on 6-12 cm long fish. I will do my best to obtain 15 cm, it should be safe. Also kingfisher surely hunt for newts and insect as well!

Vixenkiba's avatar
Those ruds were basically golden treasure for that kingfisher, the bird lives up to its name xD
woxys's avatar

Indeed! But still, 4 of 7 are still alive, I saw them yesterday. But they do their best to hide - you see them very rarely, while those rather dark and decently colored Crucian Carps are much more visible :D

Neonshi's avatar

That's so cool!!

RopeObsession's avatar

awesome - I love fish !

SabretoothedWolf's avatar

A lot of work, but what a great result. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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