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WOLF calendar 2013 - 2014 ----- FOR FREE!!!!!

By woxys
Hello, deviants!

As I know, many of you love animals - and mainly wolves!
That's why I decided to post a Wolf calendar again - this photo calendar is FOR FREE! - just click at DOWNLOAD FILE to gain a calendar! :aww:

I know it is difficult to get a calendar, when it is already August - that's why this Wolf photocalendar starts with August 2013 and ends with July 2014!
The calendar includes 12 pages of SLR photos of various wolf species + cover page :giggle:

You can use this calendar FOR FREE!
Just :+fav: it, please, so more people can obtain it :nod: every fav is important for me!

If you like the calendar, I would be grateful for every donation - points or few dolars.

If you want to donate few dolars, Paypal account would be awesome - my address is - THANK YOU, I appreciate every cent! :D to be honest, I am awfully broke this time, so I would DEFINITELY appreciate such financial donation :oops: it would help me to visit ZOOs again, now I almost can not :(

I wanted to use system of DA so I would get money for every download, but I finally decided to make any donation voluntary - the more I would appreciate any voluntary reward for this free calendar!

And my premium membership will end soon, so I appreciate points which would help me to get another PM! :D

You can use this calendar for personal use. Print it, keep it, you can also print it for your friend and so. Just do NOT repost those photos, please. And do NOT use it for commercial porpose! Thanks :nod:

Thanks my sis for graphic! :hug:
© 2013 - 2021 woxys
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Wolves are awesome!
KayaOkazaki's avatar
I love wolves!!!
insanewolflife's avatar
These are gorgeous! I wish I had wolves where I live, but I can't find any no matter how hard I try to.
Unfortunately, I don't have a printer so I can't print it out, but it's still amazing to look at :) 
TheETALands's avatar
oh im an eejit its where you would normaly download the photo

apologies and thanks
TheETALands's avatar
sorry I cant see link but i'll fav nice photos

and I like wolves
Awesome and thanks.
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OMB 2  Oh, And can you *maybe* tell me where do you make these calendars and how you make them? If you want, you can send me a mail, too :) I would love to make one with pictures of my dog. And I love both of your calendars, I downloaded them both, and, currently I need to give someone 50 points, and I have just 2 points left, and then I'll be on 0, but, anyway, I'll give them to you because this is... :iconiloveyouplz:
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to be honest, my sister makes the graphic part :(
thank you :hug:
PuppyMaks2852's avatar
Ohh... Well, anyways, I think it's great!
Does your sis have dA? :)
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Wow i love the photos, thank you so much that you share it for free!
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Absolutely brilliant! Love it!
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Can you buy it and get it ordered instead of printing it yourself? I don't have a good printer. ^^;
woxys's avatar
it would be very complicated and just the shipping itself would be at least 7 USD :(
nicodiver's avatar
Okay :/ I would love to have it..
woxys's avatar
maybe use your friend's computer? :D
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I AM  THE BIGGEST WOLF LOVER EVER THANK YOUHow do you say no to that face? 
Finalation's avatar
Thank you SO much, I adore wolfs1 :D
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Thanks for making this free! Awesome calendar too. :)
LittleWolf-Dreamer's avatar
Gorgeous! I adore wolves and this is just an awesome calender. :heart: Thank you!! :huggle: .......And faved. =^.^=
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THANK YOU!!!!!!! Huggle! 
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