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The bravest black red fox

My beloved very brave black / silver red fox (vulpes vulpes, liska obecna) from ZOOPark Chomutov, Czech republic :aww: sorry, for lower quality, but I love this fox, I could not wait to see it again! Other photos of this black fox: [link] [link] :aww:
To see more, look at my FOXES GALLERY :iconfurrydanceplz:



Name: Red fox (vulpes vulpes)
Location: red fox is native to North America, whole Europe, whole Asia, north Africa and it was reintroduced to Australia
Size: 100 cm long body + 45 cm long tail, 40 cm high weight: 12 kg
Diet: red foxes are omnivorous and are highly opportunistic, so they eat almost everything from small insects to cranes. Red foxes hunt insects, worms, fish, birds, mice, rabbits, crayfish, baby deers. But they eat also fruit (apples, blackberries...) and plants.
Conservation status: Least Concern (the most common carnivora)
Interesting facts: red fox can hide its food to find it later | usually five cubs are born blind and helpless in the burrow | foxes have many colour variations: usually – ginger-red, but also black or silver, Unfortunately, red fox is kept by fur farms and some ----- torture them just to gain their fur. Red foxes are also hunted by so called ,,sportmen“ | red foxes suffer from rabies | red fox is considered to be vermit | red foxes produce pretty weird sounds XD | foxes in the wild live only some 4 years, but they can reach 12 years in captivity
Enemies: golden eagles, gray wolves, cougars, lynxes, coyotes, badgers, wolverines
Legend: foxes play important role in many myths and legend. Due their inteligence, they have become symbol of slyness and cunning. They are also very popular animals, who have role in many fairy tales. In the Czech republic, author Rudolf Tesnohlidek wrote very famous book about very clever hand-rised vixen called Bystrouska. I loved that book and also it funny happy end!


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To see more, look at my FOXES GALLERY :iconfurrydanceplz:

This photo belongs to me and I can very easily prove, that it was me, who took this shot. So please, respect my copyright :nod: if you want to use my work, ask me first to gain my permission, please! Thank you :lol:
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raeraefox's avatar
fox: "i yawn. i is cute, yes?"

he's so pretty ^^
So cute! But she must have been up way past her bedtime; she could probably have swallowed your camera with that yawn!
woxys's avatar
this fox was my beloved one, but she was very old and she is dead now :(
Ah, I just saw this. So sorry, but -- as I said before -- if there's a heaven at all, I'm sure there's one for all the animals, and your fox will be happy there.
lonlyXcupcake13's avatar
kinda looks like a raccoon in this pic ^3^
B-gata's avatar
The tongue is so long!

Nice job catching this photo while the fox's mouth was open. Is it yawning or something?
woxys's avatar
it was yawning and thank you :aww:
FlyingFox7's avatar
I was wondering. Why is he a brave fox?
woxys's avatar
me and my best friend once visited that fox and it was bravely jumping on the rocks - since this moment, I always call her "Brave black fox" :love:
FlyingFox7's avatar
Oh that's very interesting!
sivrel's avatar
I remember reading about an experiment in Russia to breed tame silver foxes. In terms of breeding them for tameness the experiment was successful. However irregularities in in tail-length, ear shape, and fur color cropped up, essentially blurring the boundaries between fox and dog.

I personally am rather fond of foxes. Then again this was brought on by meeting a red fox with my own eyes.
woxys's avatar
I am not surprised, as foxes are really amazing animals :aww: I also saw some in the wild and I do not hesitate to travel many hours to visit ZOOs which keep them :aww:
sivrel's avatar
I've never seen a zoo that had them. I just met one at an animal rescue and rehabilitation organization I work for.
Genoveva612's avatar
he is soooooooooo adorable! :faint:
woxys's avatar
it is, I love this fox :aww:
Allerlei's avatar
woxys's avatar
já víííím :rofl: je boží! :rofl: tak statečně plazííí! :rofl:
wolfman74's avatar
beautiful image :-)
woxys's avatar
ChaosToGlory's avatar
Aww, he's making such a cute face.
woxys's avatar
yeah, my beloved brave fox :aww:
Kashikyo's avatar
lol he seems tired with his great big YAWN
woxys's avatar
yeah, this foxy seems old :(
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