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Smile, smile

By woxys
Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos, vlk arkticky) from ZOO Brno, Czech republic :D
Here you can see first photos of baby wolf puppies born in 2011 - [link] :love:


I offer you WOLF PHOTO CALENDAR FOR FREE! Just :+fav: it, please :aww:


Thank you for your comments and faves :hug:
:camera: Canon 500D + kit lens 55-250 IS


Name: Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)
Location: Canadian Arctic and the northern parts of Greenland
Size: 1.8 m long, 79 cm high weight: 75 kg
Diet: Caribou, musk oxen, Arctic Hares, seals, ptarmigan, lemmings. Arctic wolves eat all their prey, also its bones and fur
Conservation status: common. They still live in the whole of its original range, because local conditions are too extreme for humans.
Interesting facts: mother gives birth to some 2-3 pups in May. Pups are born almost black – as they get older, colour of their fur turns to white. Adults are completely white, even in summer | arctic wolves live in the pack of some 7-10 members. Only alpha male and alpha female mate | arctic wolves have shorter ears and nose than other wolves species. They also have thicker fur, shorter legs | they do not run too fast, their advantage is persistence
ZOO: to see exhibit of arctic wolves, click Here ;)




To see more, look at my WOLVES GALLERY :aww:

This photo belongs to me and I can very easily prove, that it was me, who took this shot. So please, respect my copyright :nod: if you want to use my work, ask me first to gain my permission, please! Thank you :lol:
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Jul 7, 2011, 1:57:55 PM
© 2011 - 2021 woxys
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I used your photo for a photomanipulation here: B&W Wolf

Thanks for the permission!

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I used your photo for a photomanipulation here: Cheetawuff
Thanks for the permission!
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Just beautiful! :D May I use this as reference for a drawing? I will certainly give you credit for the ref.
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Wolves have awesome smiles.
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Amazing photo, such emotion! Aaah, I used it as reference for a digitally painted pic and I wish I'd commented before cause I just noticed that I should have asked you first >< I'm so sorry about that, I was scrambling to get the pic done so I could print it out for the xmas cards I give family and friends every year. I hope it's okay I used it. I gave you credit on my deviation and here it is for you to have a look: [link] I also vaguely referenced your "that's a lady, people" for the angle of the back leg but I think I ended up turning the foot slightly in my own pic. Hope it's okay I used this, and have a Merry Christmas ^_^
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haha, no prob and same to you :hug:
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Smile for the camera :D
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Hey there. I've made a drawing with this photo as a reference. Here it is [link] =) Hope you like it.
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Beautiful, so regal.
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Wow this looks just like my ausiyote dog but white lol
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So beautiful arctic wolf! ^^ Very good pic! :)
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Very attractive wolf. <3
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This is so very beautiful I love the expression on his face! :D
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LOL! This wolf has that look like he's saying "Oh, really?" the way you say it to someone when you know they're teasing you about something.
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Can I please you this in a Photomanipulation? I'll give you full credit and give a link back to this picture in the description ^^
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Yes, you can use it - just give me credit, please and send me a link to your finished work, I will fav it :D
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I will always remember.... :eager: CANNON 500D!! :eager::eager:
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Wut a beautiful wolf! XD
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oh my where did ever so took this shot. He or she is adorable. :D
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well, it was easy ;D
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:P I bet at the zoo. :D Me I go once awhile to canada!
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