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Smile for a fish

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Published: August 30, 2011
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Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus, delfin skakavy) from brand new dolphin lagoon ZOO / dolphinarium Nuremberg, Germany :D

For many years, dolphins in Nuremberg lived in small and boring little pool. After years of fighting with fanatican activists, after searching for money and after years of building, ZOO finally opened brand new amazing huge open air exhibit few days ago! As I love dolphins, I am very happy for this new and modern habitat and I would like to congratulate the ZOO for finishing it. The defeat of few so called ,,dolphin rights" activists is in fact a victory of dolphins, who live in ZOO Nuremberg! :aww:

I am very proud of this photo, because it is pretty difficult to take a photo of dolphins in Nürnberg :giggle:

Thank you for your comments and faves :hug:


Name: Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
Location: warm and temperate tropical oceans worldwide
Size: 2 - 4 metres long weight: 150 – 650 kg
Diet: fish, cephalopod, crustacean
Conservation status: Least Concern
Interesting facts: dolphin is a mammal, not a fish! Baby dolphins always drink mother milk | dolphins have bigger brains, than humans | dolphins usually live in groups | dolphin is one of few animals, who kill not only for food! Dolphins are well-known for killing porpoises, their smaller "cousins". Male dolphins are also known to rape the females. Male dolphins even kill baby dolphins to make their mothers want to mate again. Dolphins are not that cute and nice animals, as many people think. They have no problem to kill a shark and they sometime annoy or sexually harass swimmers in the sea | dolphins use very effective echolocation to search for prey | dolphins are time to time found washed ashore, too often dying – nobody knows, why this happens.
Relationship with humans: people keep dolphins in aquariums and dolphinarius, where the animals perform special tricks – dolphins very easily learn those tricks | there are scientific researches about dolphins, which usually prove their high inteligence | dolphins appear in many human legends | some dolphins help people to hunt fish throught whole generations of both, people and dolphins | US army uses dolphins, teaching them to find mines and so on... | in some parts of the world, wild dolphins come from their own will to interact with people


To see more, look at my WATER ANIMALS GALLERY :aww:

This photo belongs to me and I can very easily prove, that it was me, who took this shot. So please, respect my copyright :nod: if you want to use my work, ask me first to gain my permission, please! Thank you :lol:
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Aug 25, 2011, 2:18:28 PM
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Praise God for dolphins! He made them through His Son! :)
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I am not sure, but I respect your belief :nod:
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I'm positive this is the case, because it says in the Word of God that all things were made through Jesus and without Him was not anything made that was made, and in Him was life and life was the light of men. And the world was made through Him, but it knew him not. You personally were made through Him, yet you don't know Him, yet if you receive Him, then you also could become a child of God. (You can find all this information in the first chapter of the gospel of John.) I received Him and know assuredly that I am a child of God and that the Bible is actually God's Word.
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that's your belief and my belief is different ;) have a nice day!
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That's the Truth. We were all made by God. But because of sin we are alienated from the life of God until we repent and are born again. I'm a different person than I used to be because I now have the life of God inside me. And so long as I yield to that, I'm as joyous as this dolphin. Dolphins do what God created them to do, but humans have free will. We were created to love but through sin, we rebel against love and against God. Sin is all contrary to love. But through faith in Jesus we can love God and people as we were created to do.
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that's the opinion, not truth :)
Do you know that many dolphins show homosexual behavior, by the way? ;)
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This earth is cursed through the fall of man.
God cannot lie.
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and the dwarfes are the worst! Have a nice day :nod:
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AveragePhotographerHobbyist Photographer
Awesome shot!
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cookielookiHobbyist General Artist
its kinda depressing... Dolphins are always "smiling" even when their hurt or sad, you would think your work with "smiling" and "happy" dolphins would bring me joy and make me say "awww!"
but it just makes my heart ache. *sniffle*

sorry, I watched a movie called 'the cove' yesterday, and if you like dolphins (which I most certainly do) get ready to bawl. (which I most certainly did, I swear my eyes are still red.)
but I advise you to watch it, its an amazing eye opener.
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oh no. Please, do not be like all those kids who saw ONE manipulated propaganda movie ,,Cove" and now thinks they are experts on area of dolphin captivity.

Cove is not an eye opener. Cove is a manipulation. Please, make your own research before making such comment and NEVER trust just one source.

Do you know that O Barry had to pay a fine after he illegally released some captive dolphins, who were later found almost starved to death, injured and suffering? I think O Barry does not care about animals, he prefers his ideals over real creatures. He is a dangerous fanatican in my eyes.

Just do not be stupid and although you watched Cove, check another sources. Cove is a crap.
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cookielookiHobbyist General Artist
wow... thanks.
I... guess I shouldve looked up more on it.
My friend showed the cove to me and I watched it and thats all I knew about it.
*blush* I'm such a block-head.

By the way I love your work!
(and cute avatar!)
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no prob, all I want to say is to warn you :( this document is propaganda. It is GOOD that you watched it, but you should also hear opinion of other sites :D

have a nice day :D
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JLapislazuliHobbyist Photographer
Dolphins are always looking that happy :D
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KayrindaHobbyist General Artist
its an mammal... =)
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of course it is :D
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KayrindaHobbyist General Artist
njähähähäähähäää! :D
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PinkoPrintStudent General Artist
Aww cute pic.
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highestcrownProfessional General Artist
Well, if they did their best to stop the building of the new facility, I can understand their reasons. We have to fight to give dolphins the freedom, not a larger and more expensive prison.
Doing new and better dolphinariums means encouraging even more their detention for our questionable entertainment.
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there is NO way how to give freedom for captive dolphins ;) all you can do for them, is to give them the best living conditions. ZOO did its best to build much bigger pools, fanaticans did their best to stop them. And it is NOT entertaiment! Whole presentation of the animals is ONLY educational.

I am SO happy that those fanaticans lost their fight - it means, that Nuremberg's dolphin WON.

Because those people prefer dolphins DEAD to dolphins in captivity. That's called fanaticism :)
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highestcrownProfessional General Artist
Please, keep your hands down from your face, there's really no need...
I know what you mean and, as I said before, as an activist I've always been against those people who prefer to see dead animals instead of trying to do the best for them, if the captivity condition is irreversible. I hate extremism under every form ;)
What I tried to tell you is that we have to stop capturing dolphins, orcas or other marine mammals to build dolphinariums, even if they are only for "educational" purposes (I don't consider educational to show captive animals to kids).
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I hate extremism under every form ;) - me too! :( so many activists are so.... extreme! :( they will NEVER be successful with extreme goals... :( if they were able to set less extreme and more pragmatic goals, some many animals could be much happier...

the bad thing is, that those people, who were against this dolphinarium, WERE extremists :(

Honestly, if this dolphinarium did not plan the reconstruction, I would want it to close, because it was too small. But as they opened brand new - and muuuuuuch bigger - pools, I now respect this facility as a modern one, which respects needs of animals, who now can have nice lives even in captivity...

and sure, fortunately, no new dolphins and orcas are now captured for European or American dolphinarums... It is prohibited now...

And I am no fanatican fan of dolphinariums, although I support good facilitied. I am for example very unsure about keeping orcas in captivity.
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