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Red? Black? Heh?

Believe or not, it is a RED FOX (vulpes vulpes) from ZOO Chomutov :D she is simply black-coloured, but still... a red fox :D

Many fox photos in my fox gallery - [link]
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purrty good job whut kinda camera u have?
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thanks, this was taken with Canon Powershot S5 IS :)
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I do not use it anymore, I had to improve my stuff :D
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oh so u got a better cammera
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"I have had such a long day... Yawn!" Very cool.
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So how do you call it? A red black fox? :D
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He's not black colored... You can see the red, it's probably just an extremely dark red. Anyway! Fantastic shot, you should teach me how to do this! :)
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no, it was very dark silver red fox - maybe it is the light, but there was nothing red in its coat :D

thanks :aww: and good luck :D
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omg this is my totem animal!!! i love black-tone foxes ^^
A closer shot of the black red fox! She really is beautiful, and I'm so glad you got these photos of her.
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thanks, I miss her :(
Has she passed away? *mourns* But if there's a fox heaven, I'm sure she'll be there, joyously romping through the tall grass.
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I hope so! I think she was very old :no:
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Aren't black red foxes just like with leopards where they have lots of melanin (sp?) and they are black and a panther? :) Lovely shot.
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er... probably not, I would say :D
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Could i please use this in a vid? I will credit the pic to you.
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yes, send me a link to it, please :aww:
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sure. its not done yet. But i will give you the link when i post it on you tube.
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Her eyes are such a beautiful color!
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Tak tohle je prý liška obecná tzv. uhlířka, jak už bylo psáno v předešlém "rozhovoru" (komentářích). Začala jsem po tom pátrat, protože ve Mstišově v oboře mají místo dvou červených dvě tyhle tmavé. A jsou naprosto nádherné :aww:
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já myslím, že liška uhlířka je ještě něco jiného, Pawkeye :( myslím, že uhlířka je taková hodně tmavá, vyloženě 'přičmoudlá' liška. Tohle bude regulérní liška stříbrná :D

Moc Tě prosím, můžeš mi říci něco o těch liškách ve Mstišově? Jak to tam teď vypadá (hlásila jsi opravu výběhu), kolik jich tam tedy je (2?) a jaké?

Byla bych Ti nesmírně vděčná!
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