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That is me at school and its great

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Really expressive face!
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Poor ole' wolf, he seems quite bored.
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Poor guy, he looks kinda grumpy xD
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Great photograph.
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This sums it up very well, but we will get through this.
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Ya I feel you wolfy... life ain’t exciting aka is really boring these days... stupid f**king corona 19. 
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Well, he knows all about being sheltered-in-place.
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Bored wolfy. I feel your pain...
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how i look after a 1 hour night sleep:

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Jepp. This is how we look after staying at home for weeks... nice shot 👍
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sleepy, protected from rain ;)
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awww wolf!!!! i love them
woxys's avatar
who would not? :aww: :heart:
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I would think of Bigby Wolf
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Really a great photo! like he has a hangover

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thank you! In fact it was very rainy day, so he/she just relaxed in the cave :D
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Mr. Wolf: "Just leave me.alone, human! I was drinking.whole night, now I have massive hungover!" 😂 Funny and cute photo!
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