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Face to face - the first time

Polar / arctic fox (alopex lagopus, liska polarni, pesec) from ZOO Brno, Czech republic :aww:

One of the foxes was moved from the exhibit, so it now inhabits very small enclosure which used to serve as the place for handicaped animals. Fox does not seem very comfortable there :( but I hope it will move to the new big exhibit, which is already being built. For me, it was also the first chance to take a face to face shot of polar fox :D quality is low because of bad light, but I thought you might like the unusual perspective :D



Name: polar/arctic fox (alopex lagopus)
Location: north of Eurasia, North America, Greenland
Size: 67 cm long body, 30 cm high, 40 cm long tail weight: 5 - 9 kg
Diet: lemmings, Arctic Hare, eggs, and carrion, but polar foxes eat also birds, baby seals and fish. Foxes are able to hide their prey to find and eat it later.
Conservation status: Least Concern (only population in Scandinavia is endangered)
Interesting facts: polar foxes change their fur. They are white in winter, but then start to lose their fluffy white coat. In summer, they are dark grey and much less fluffy | because they live in cold weather, their snouts and ears are very short | polar foxes tend to form monogamous pairs in breeding season. Females give birth to 4-8 pups and both parents take care of the babies | some foxes are called ,,blue foxes“ due special colour or their coat | polar foxes are able to survive temperature – 80°C! | polar foxes often follow polar bears to eat rest of bear’s prey | polar foxes have thick fur even on their paws – that’s why they can walk on ice


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To see more, look at my FOX GALLERY :aww:

This photo belongs to me and I can very easily prove, that it was me, who took this shot. So please, respect my copyright :nod: if you want to use my work, ask me first to gain my permission, please! Thank you :lol:
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Oct 25, 2009, 3:50:59 PM
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I featured this wonderful work in my journal:
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you are very nice, thank you, Lunchi :hug:
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awh!! he is lookin so sweet!!:D
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I really enjoyed the contact with it, but fox did not like me :(
Rinoa-Lamoen's avatar
Why you think that?
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It was nervous, when I came close :(
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Beautiful! I really hope he gets moved to a better enclosure soon and it doesn't take too long to build, but I'm sure once he's moved over he'll be all happy again :D
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I hope so - the whole complex should be finished in autumn 2010 - maybe there will be a chance to go throught the exhibit with foxes! :excited:
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That will be fantastic and they will probably have stunning enclosures :hug:
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Such beautiful fur!
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that's why people murder them :(
Sunvera's avatar
=( That's horrible . . .
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I just love this photo!
Great job. It has a perfect quality. nd it is really face to face :)
To me the fox looks comfortable.
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thank you, I am happy you like it, Lunchi :aww:
Fox did not like me :( when I got too close, fox started doing something, which looked similar to yawning, but it was obviously a sign ,,not that close!" :no:

But fox has a box, so it can hide, if it wants :nod:
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oh I see. Well its good he had a box to hide. I think an animal should always have the chance to hide from visitors.
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yeah, I saw fox today and when I got too close, sha started to do some strange sound, like snarrling. But I was quiet and I was talking to her gently, so fox was finally quite calm :aww:
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6/7 stars
+4 points for grate detail
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thank you very much :aww:
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The fox has beautiful eyes :)
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No vidíš, lepší perspektiva a lepší světlo a co to dělá za divy. :)
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