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Calm down, my love. Calm down.

Arctic wolf (Canis lupus arctos, vlk arkticky) from ZOO brno, Czech republic :D

I love the feeling of this photo, it looks like the female (Alex or Claire) was trying to comfort Atila, who seems to be relaxed now. I need a hug too, I feel alone :(

- CALENDAR! :la:

My ZOO photography (and ZOO + animal news) has FB account now:… every new follower is welcomed :hug:


:bulletblue: I sell a colourful mug edition with wolf and fox and big cats photos! :aww:


Thank you for your comments and faves :hug:
:camera: Canon 500D + 70-200 L F4 USM


Name: Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)
Location: Canadian Arctic and the northern parts of Greenland
Size: 1.8 m long, 79 cm high weight: 75 kg
Diet: Caribou, musk oxen, Arctic Hares, seals, ptarmigan, lemmings. Arctic wolves eat all their prey, also its bones and fur
Conservation status: common. They still live in the whole of its original range, because local conditions are too extreme for humans.
Interesting facts: mother gives birth to some 2-3 pups in May. Pups are born almost black – as they get older, colour of their fur turns to white. Adults are completely white, even in summer | arctic wolves live in the pack of some 7-10 members. Only alpha male and alpha female mate | arctic wolves have shorter ears and nose than other wolves species. They also have thicker fur, shorter legs | they do not run too fast, their advantage is persistence
ZOO: to see exhibit of arctic wolves, click Here ;)



To see more, look at my WOLVES GALLERY :aww:

This photo belongs to me and I can very easily prove, that it was me, who took this shot. So please, respect my copyright :nod: if you want to use my work, ask me first to gain my permission, please! Thank you :lol: To make it clear - it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to repost my photos.
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Feb 16, 2012, 12:40:17 PM
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So touching. They seem very close ;).
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FartherFox: Calm down my love. Calm down.
CloserFox: I-I just need a moment...
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They're wolves, lol

They do have a lot of beautiful pictures of foxes in their gallery, though. :]

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Oh wow I'm not sure why I said fox ^^; I don't think I was paying attention to what I was typing at the time because I can definitely tell those are wolves, gosh that's embarrassing XD Thanks for pointing it out to me :D
Yeah I know she has lots of beautiful animal photos :)
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No problem! :]

Though I would point it out before some asshole commented

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Yeah it's good you did XD Thanks again ^.^
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i would love to ask for permission to use this as a reference to draw with :) 
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*sends virtual hugs*
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:hug: The same here...

That was a lovely shot...
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thx for sharing this moment 

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Awww.... its cute, its a well took photograph of such a beautiful species 
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Truly I couldn't imagine one with such talent and fame as yourself feeling alone... Still, if you ever wanted someone to chat with, perhaps we could skype sometime? It's probably not the greatest idea though, seeing as I'm usually working evenings and up in the wee hours of the morning here. XD
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Nice shot! But how did you manage to shave your name in its fur? :D
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did you know Arctic wolves hunt Musk ox in the wild? thats something i would love to see!
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I'll give you a hug <3
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Is the pink splotch on the hip to tell them apart?
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*hugs laptop screen* You're a GREAT artist!
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Amazing shot, as always!
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*Reaches out and hugs laptop screen*
Hope this suffices :3
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