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Baby panda is having fun

Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) from ZOO Vienna, Austria :aww: game of famous Fu Long, the cub :aww:

For :iconkajula: :hug:

Much more of my nature shots in my gallery: [link]
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The second and sixt one are best :)
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Ha, if you squint and look at that topmost photo. Now imagine the ears being eyes, and the eyes being the nostrils of a face of ... tadaaaah an old lady!
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Well the ears would be the spectacles to be more precise. It's quite a funny illusion.
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What a clever cub! :aww:
Winged-Dragoness's avatar
Can't spot smiling
Aww,,,he/she got a white spot on one paw.
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some exercise, haha. lovely!
JustLetMeSleep's avatar
Wow~ Wish I could climb like that! ;P
autumncyn's avatar
ohhhhhhhhh :) lovely to look at :) quite exciting :)
Sammidysam's avatar
This is the best!
rawrrishlove's avatar
he is freaking cutee. :D
woxys's avatar
be sure about it :giggle:
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That made me lol. So cute :aww: My favorite panels are 1 and 6. I like how he looks over like "hmm.. can I do this? How do I get down?" the flip-dangle-climb down- Taa-DAA! hehehe He looks so pleased with himself in the last frame too. :lmao:
woxys's avatar
I am pretty sure that he was pleased with himself :rofl:
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I am happy you like it :aww:
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i can't believe you were as lucky as to capture the bloody panda playing on those things :faint: i saw them this year at the zoo in Vienna myself, but they did nothing but stay inside, with their backs to the glass wall, chewing on bamboo. and they did that for hours, it was so frustrating :(
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what a pity :( but do not be sad... I visited ZOO Vienna 3x in three years, as I go there every spring. But only once I saw them active and I could take those shots ;)
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this is the first time ive seen a panda back flip lol
woxys's avatar
It really made me laugh! :D
crimson-hearts's avatar
aww what a cutie! :heart:
SophiaDragonMaster's avatar
Awww it looks like so much fun! :D
woxys's avatar
I hope there is fun :rofl:
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