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Animal photo calendar 2012 FOR FREE

Hello dear deviants!

As I promised, I prepared new photo calendar full of animals for year 2012 - it includes 12 high quality photos taken by SLR camera. Here you can see, which photos are included in the calendar: [link]

There are two ways how to gain this calendar:

1. You can get it for FREE!
Click on "download file", unzzip the file and print it to gain this calendar. It means you can get this calendar FOR FREE! :aww:
Just in case you want to please me, I would welcome ANY donation. My paypal account is linked to my email address - I would be grateful for ANY donation, as every single USD or Euro helps me to visit ZOOs and take more photos :nod: thank you!

2. You can get this as official dA calendar!
Click on "buy this print", if you want to have official dA version of this calendar :aww: I set the lowest possible price, hoping to sell at least few calendars. It is practical and also original thing - be sure that only few people on Earth would use this calender for 2012! :D

And please, as I offer this calender for free, please, fav it :+fav:, so you can help me to spread this calendar. Thank you for every :+fav:!


This calendar includes those animals:

January - Iberian wolf
February - Cheetah
March - Red fox
April - Bottlenosed dolphin
May - Eurasian wolf
June - Sumatran tiger
July - Polar fox
August - Red panda
September - Arctic wolf
October - Snow leopard
November - Fennec fox
December - Rainbow lorakeet


You are allowed to use those photos for PERSONAL use or you can print them for your friends as a gift. Please, do not repost them and do not use them as references or manipulations without asking me first. I still own the copyright ;)
© 2011 - 2022 woxys
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when it's 2018 and you still want this
MoondropTheIceNight's avatar
I am sooooooo hanging this in my room!
TheArcticHeart's avatar
It's 2014, and I'm still gonna hang this up in my room~

I love your photography! It's so CUTE! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
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Thanks for help.:)
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SO DAMN FLUFFY! I CANNOT EVEN... :iconcannotevenplz:
Irish-Phantom's avatar
awwwww I don;t know WHAT that animal is that's b4 the dolphian (sorries sp) but it looks like a sliver fox of some kind........ what si it?
P.S. the animals here r soooooo CUTE!
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Once I've fed a polar fox with BBQ. It was much thinner :D
tiger9120's avatar
This is such a fantastic idea to have a calendar with your photos :)
CutieKitty11's avatar
OMG!!! They are sooooo CUTE!!! I love the third picture of the fox! :heart: :love: :heart:
WhiteLigra's avatar
I will fave for you!
Your pictures are so beautiful and there are so many of them!
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Will you be doing one for 2013? I'm just now seeing this looking for lions.. and I'd love to use one but I'm so late
woxys's avatar
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March is my birth month and foxes are my favorite animal!! yay :)
I see your photographs and I am amazed at your talent at capturing the animals and their expressions. Now I want to take my kids to the zoo! :-)
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thank you and definitely go :aww:
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Thanks a ton! I'll be printing one out for my mom and we'll donate if we can. :)
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thats so cool! thanks for putting it up!
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It has... a SNOW LEOPARD O.@ Must... have
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How do you unzzip it?
Nicolaas-G's avatar
Thank you. it's really amazing (:
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