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Am I red? Really?

Believe or not, it is a RED FOX (vulpes vulpes) from ZOO Chomutov :D she is simply black-coloured, but still... a red fox :D

Many fox photos in my fox gallery - [link]
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It's amazing! :o He is black because he's young?
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no, it was very old silver fox :(
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this is probly the kind of fox i am
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"omg its got grey on it so it must be a grey fox." it is unwise, as you point out. to assume by color relation. you can see in the anatomy and appearance, that she is a black- red fox
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Amazing, a red fox with personality. Go, reddie, Go!!!
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Shes so cute and fluffy. I luv her long bushy tail! XD
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the...the tail the tail the TAILLLLLLL *w* xwx<<< dies from over fwaffiness of its tail
i can see why ppl will want to kill for its fur, though the fur is that much nicer on a live fox...><
and i can see the slight red-ness in it XDD
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"Hmm...actually, I'm thinking I am more of a nice blue-violet, especially in this Nah." ;)

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If that isn't one of the most huggable things I have ever seen...
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dun wants to play wif oo when oo has to be liek dat T^T

this little fellow is just too cute. i wanna dip him in my coffee and nom him
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gotta love silver foxes :)
those ears are so cute!
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Could I draw the fox and put it in my toturial that I'm making plz?
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Yes, you can - just give me credit, please and send me a link to your finished work, I will fav it :D
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Thank you very much! I'll be sure to do so:D
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For some reason this is my favorite picture from you
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Wow, thats a misleading name! beautifull fox nevertheless!
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i. love. him.

can i hug him?
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Aw, I wonder if their DNA just crossed to make them black instead of red *o*...A nice shot still :thumbsup:
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thank you :aww:

I am not absolutely sure, but they can be black even in the wild, so I suppose it is natural for them :D
Krylika90's avatar
Oh, that is really cool ^_^
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very cute! i love her color and the poofy tail! i'd love to play with her tail.... to bad i've never seen a black one in real life. and the nearest zoo here is like a 5 hour drive away, oh well i see them in my yard all the time but there always the red color and they like beating on my dogs. *they arent very nice here*
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