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Hello dear deviants!

As I promised, I prepared new photo calendar full of animals for year 2013 - it includes 12 high quality photos taken by SLR camera. To see which photos have been included, click here: [link]

There are two ways how to gain this calendar:

1. You can get it for FREE!
Click on "download file", unzzip the file and print it to gain this calendar. It means you can get this calendar FOR FREE! :aww:
Just in case you want to please me, I would welcome ANY donation. My paypal account is linked to my email address - I would be grateful for ANY donation, as every single USD or Euro helps me to visit ZOOs and take more photos :nod: thank you!

2. You can get this as official dA calendar!
Click on "buy this print", if you want to have official dA version of this calendar :aww: I set the lowest possible price, hoping to sell at least few calendars. It is practical and also original thing - be sure that only few people on Earth would use this calender for 2013! :D if you want to buy it, look here to check each picture for each month - [link] :aww:

Do not forget that until 11/2/2012, the shipping is for FREE!

And please, as I offer this calender for free, please, fav it :+fav:, so you can help me to spread this calendar. Thank you for every :+fav:!


This calendar includes those animals:

January - Arctic wolf
February - Sumatran tiger
March - Red fox
April - Bottlenosed dolphin
May - Iberian wolf
June - White lion
July - Polar fox
August - Sun parakeet
September - Arctic wolf
October - Snow leopard
November - Fennec fox
December - Red panda


You are allowed to use those photos for PERSONAL use or you can print them for your friends as a gift. Please, do not repost them and do not use them as references or manipulations without asking me first. I still own the copyright ;)
© 2012 - 2022 woxys
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I hope you make one for 2014 Giggle
xoxoWonderFirexoxo's avatar
Youna13's avatar
Your pictures are only awesome
tinyclear007's avatar
How. Can. I. Send. In. Free calendar? :D
woxys's avatar
can you, please, start reading descriptions? :)
TheJewelOfIsis's avatar
I will print this out so thank you so much:D
aelius-istora's avatar
Ah march is my birthday and im a red head.. And the red fox is on my bday... Haha thats a coincidence. and fav i shall
123svd's avatar
Why no rhino it should be on may
PinkoPrint's avatar
How do you find all these amazing animals to photograph?
woxys's avatar
what exactly do you mean, please? :D
I just visit ZOOs :aww:
PinkoPrint's avatar
Oh I didn't know you visited zoo's. I just never find a wolf or a fox where I live. So I wondered if you went to the woods or something like that to take a photo.
:) Also, did you get my note? I had another question.
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gorgeous photos
muswellhillbillyboy's avatar
Thank you for making this, I might buy it as a gift to my animal loving friend :) She loves wolves and foxes and red pandas of course so she'd be thrilled to get this! Absolutely gorgeous photos!
woxys's avatar
oh, I am glad! :aww:
Scarlet-Myst's avatar
I'm going to print this out, but from the preview I can that these images are pretty, I especially like the look on the fox face from the second cube. <3 I'll try to make a donation, too!
woxys's avatar
thank you and I hope you like it :D
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Thxs love your work
Blazer44266's avatar
Really liking these calenders . Thank you so much for making them for your fans.
blueskywatcher's avatar
I wish I could pay you for it. But I don't have money D:

You deffinately deserve something for it though. Its beautiful!
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