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Current Residence: Czech republic
Personal Quote: ,,Vrrr... communism!!!"

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Canon 700D, Canon 70-300 IS II, Sigma 150-600 IS
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Politics, media, society, my friends, philosophy, nature, reading, drawing, studying...
Ok, time to get serious, guys. Who is your favorite TMNT character and why it is Leonardo, who is the best, LOL? :D :D :D OMG, I had SUCH a crush on him as a kid. Now in horrible distress I came across some TMNT comics and new TV shows and I totally fell in love agaiiiiin! #teamleonardo #leoFTW #blueone #blueisthebest #MralwaysPerfect #fearlessleader #suchacharacter
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Guys, hi! Thank you for your effort, but FB still decided to respond in "Ok, we had 30 days to check your request for control, but we decided to do nothing, so we block your account permanently" manner :XD: Still, thank you! I started a new account, maybe you want to join me? There is an option to follow :) (check bellow, please). I am very active on Facebook, posting photos from our bio and bird-friendly garden and fish pond and wild birds :) I love to share zoo news and zoo reports. You can learn more about Czech nature, etc. But also my political views, so be warned ;D I usually post in Czech, but important info might be in English. Also, automatic translators work very nicely! :eager: :eager: :eager: My account! :eager: :eager: :eager: And how to follow? And now, as my thank you for your support, some bird photos I have not published here, but only on my previous FB account. Have a nice day, next report will focus on Sarajevo again ;) Bye, Wox
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Hi pals! A month ago, I woke up to find out that my Facebook account was banned. While I was sleeping, somebody hacked it and posted some horrible content, the most likely some sexual photos of kids, so Facebook immediately banned it. The thing is, that Facebook has no „live“ support – you communicate via forms. And Facebook has no form for this particular situation. What I need to tell Facebook is – yes, my account published some problematic content, but it was not ME, who did it! They hacked it. Please help me to get back control over my account. I was told that if MORE people report it, then Facebook pays attention and is more likely willing to do something. So I have a request. Would you, please, please, please, send a following email (with your signature, etc) to those e-mail addresses (appeals is the most important one)? appeals@fb.com; support@fb.com; records@facebook.com; abuse@facebook.com Subject: Child pornography problem, false accusation report Hello, I would
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Hope you had a good birthday. I hope you got to buy yourself something nice and do something fun.

You deserve love, happiness, and success, because you're a legend. :huggle:

Awww, thank you for such a lovely b-day gift, it really made me blush! <3 <3 <3 how are you, dear?

I just moved today (Sunday). Gotta get settled in again. I've written short stories for Thursday_Prompt on FA. Hopefully, I'll soon draw a character from a story I have in progress, and intend to post on Patreon (yeah, I have a Patreon page).

Your work is impeccable!

oh, thank you so much!