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It's my birthday tomorrow.
The code is 6641 4930 1988

I will look at the friend requests... tomorrow. But for now, I need sleep.
Fun fact for those who like both Fate/Stay Night AND Harry Potter- Both the "The Goblet of Fire", which is Harry's 4th year at Hogwarts, and the 4th Holy Grail War of "Fate/Zero", the prequel of Fate/Stay Night, take place the same year- 1994.

Ironically, the holy grail is usually depicted as a goblet... and the grail is currently possessed by "all the world's evils"... maybe THAT'S why Voldemort revived that year?
1. Happy Passover to those who celebrate it.
2. Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.
3. Happy April Fools to those who celebrate it.

.... wait.... that's 3 things... and I'm too lazy to correct it... uh... um... April Fools?


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United States
Rp info:
Name: Jordan (male) / Janace (female)
Powers: everything, but many uses Explosions and light aura
Alignment: good
Appearance: Dark Brown hair, almost black, Hazel with traces of blue, green and brown in them, Glasses, then the rest of the outfit varies

Bio: Jordan is the leader of the 'Guardians of Existence' (GoE) and the only one in the group currently who actually can be genderbent.
He seems to be an idiot, but he is actually smarter than he let's others believe, and others will only realize this if they see him become serious.

His favorite power are explosions based, but he can also use energy based attacks as well.

His soul jewel is in a sense a representation of his own soul, and he can combine with the jewel to go into a more powerful form, a form that lets him use up to 80% of his power, but he uses it only when it is the only way he can stop his new opponent. He hates those who kill innocent people for their own personal gain or simply for fun, because his family and friends from his universe were lost that way.
He is a self-proclaimed crazy idiot, and at times it appears he is right. He is loyal to his new friends and allies, and would protect their lives at the risk of his own obliteration.

History/partial summaries of stories Shining Hope Overdrive Origins and Despair and Hate Overdrive Origins: Jordan was a normal teenager before he gained his powers. More or less good at school, a bit on the chubby side, enjoys fun, etc. But then his universe was invaded by a Demon from another universe. Jordan watched in horror as his friends and family were mercilessly slaughtered right in front of him by the demon's robotic slaves. He was then found by them. He would of died, if not the fact he was saved by a super powered clone of himself named Wowza48, who was from a (at that time) quite possible future, where Zebu succeeded in gaining the power he wished to find in Jordan's universe. Wowza48 then combined with Jordan, giving him the powers of his mastorialgan eyes amongst other energy based powers. Jordan and Zebu then fought each other, Zebu taking his time, and going very easy on Jordan due to not seeing Jordan as a threat, just a temporary distraction from boredom. Then, when Zebu was about to finish Jordan off, the power Zebu wanted appeared, and it was just in arms reach. He grabbed it, and he and Wowza48 gained that power while fuzing for real, in not just body, but mind and soul as well. Angered, Zebu used his full power and attacked Jordan. Jordan releases an energy attack so powerful it destroyed not only Zebu's attack, but Zebu as well.
Jordan's universe was being separated from the rest of existence, but he managed to enter a new universe and then set out on a mission. To prevent as many people as he can from ever experiencing what he did ever again.


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Thanks for the watch and happy belated birthday!
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Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

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