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Not WoW-related, but gamer related!

This is the game that Chris, my other half, is working on developing! Everyone please, please go give this page a Like and Follow and spread the word to all your friends! We need to get the word out on this so that when we start up the Kickstarter, we'll have lots of support! A million thanks in advanced!…

Ideabox Entertainment is proud to announce its debut gaming title: Vanquisher.

Vanquisher is set to be Digital Trading Card Game that combines strategic and tactical positioning and play choices with flowing TCG mechanics. Players will clash in 1v1 bouts that pit their deck building, play choices and wit against each other to determine a victor. Command units, summon equipment and possessions, sling magic, conjure enchantments and auras, call the aid of powerful champions and utilize their skills; whatever it takes to achieve victory on the war torn worlds of the Vanquisher universe.

As a Vanquisher you will choose to align yourself with one, or more, of the five elemental forces: Void, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. All while supplementing your force with Neutral aligned powers that any Vanquisher could choose to unleash. Each element will give you a substantial pool of cards that span all card types to build your deck, supplemented by as many or as few neutral cards as you choose. Will you be a purist and obliterate your enemies through the will of your favorite element? Or will you be a savant who combines the strengths of multiple elements to create your own unique blend of destruction. In Vanquisher, the choice is yours.
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Gallery Folders

Saidrym by Re-Rian
Death Knight-Paladin concept by itzaspace
Gnome-5 by JoeyJulian
Night Elf by ArtOfShade
Undead Warlock by GranHoppler
Blood Elf by Kimchuumi
[August Reward] Corrupted Ysera by HiroNoUnmei
What Is This and Why Did I Do It by CarissTheHunter
Anduin by Kimchuumi
Militia veteran by Galder
Confidence by RougarouxArtworx
WoW Commission: Soul of Light by AzizlaSwiftwind
Feral Druid Powa by NevanGoth
Nail by WolfjeLina
Tsumy and baby by WolfjeLina
Elphirann-suramar-EU nightelf by roseleseach
Mounts, Vanity Pets, and Companions
Jade cloud serpent by Ukicid
WoW Commission: Viddik (armor) by AzizlaSwiftwind
Reins of the Darkmoon Rabbit by TheWIPartist
Deathy by Divinor
Cosplay and Crafts
Dark Iron Dwarf Edit by CarissTheHunter
World of Warcraft: Sylvanas Windrunner and orc by Likeassassin
World of Warcraft: Sylvanas Windrunner and orc by Likeassassin
Jaina Proudmoore - Before the Storm 3 by Narga-Lifestream
Ocean Blue, Celestial Violet and Morally Grey by Ukicid
Being A Frost Mage by Kimchuumi
The Mittens of Ursoc by BurnsLikeIce
Guldan by debureturns
MATURE AND FETISH. Enter at your own risk.
Space Goat Bootie by Stripy-Stockings
Lucille by Stripy-Stockings

Mature Content

[C] Hai'anji by Zenjaka

Mature Content

Light of Lukou by Zenjaka
Noimead by The-Serene-Mage
Artists of Azeroth Zine Piece by The-Serene-Mage
Alexstrasza  by masonthetrex
Onyxia by masonthetrex
No Hope by Arilanda
Previous Contest Entries
Fun in the Sun by ElyLightbringer
Stamps, Icons, etc
Panser poster by Girldeathknight
Bosses, NPC's, etc.
High Inquisitor Whitemane by Roghka
Contest Entries
Borgia The Bloodpriest by Aya-Lunar


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