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Hi sweeties, here we go again! :heart:

Long time we don't say anythin' ya? Too much time :saddummy:

So, listening to your suggestion and to improve the gallery, we decided to add changes at some folders. Now:
:pointr: ''GAME - TCG - Comics'' will contain every hero or main characters from the story the universe of Warcraft (Warcraft III, Wolrd of Warcraft, Comics, Card Game &Ecc...)
:pointr: ''Action Figures'' will contain only cosplay inspired by Action Figures characters
:pointr: ''W.I.P & Props'' only stuff inspired to warcraft&ecc..
:pointr: and ''Tutorials'' everything it can be useful to create your cosplay! :la:

Then, I've fixed the folders, hope you can upload in without problems :heart:
And if, send me everything you notice, soon or later we'll read it! (better soon xD)

And finally, GO ON!! You all are so talented and beautiful, we are proud of you! :love: :love: Thanks for your contribution!! :squee:

Xo xo
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Wow - Whitemane by miyoaldy
Night Elf Queen Azshara by Narga-Lifestream
Frostwolf by IllumAdora
Magna Aegwynn Cosplay - Aegwynn's Grandeur by ZerinaX
Heroes from GAME TCG Comics Ecc..
Alleria Windrunner (WoW) - 4 by Feyische
Jaina Proudmoore by sonsolesfeviga
Magna Aegwynn (15) by Feyische
World of Warcraft Female Arthas cosplay by AiDerathar
C o u p l e s
Arthas and Jaina at Comic Con Saint Petersburg by Aoki-Lifestream
Arthas and Jaina cosplay by Narga-Lifestream
Alexstrasza and Krasus - Red dragons by Narga-Lifestream
WoW - Krasus and Alexstrasza cosplay by Narga-Lifestream
G r o u p s
Warriors by KoniCosplay
Night Elfs and Panda - Pyrkon by blackkleptomaniac
Paladins Blizzcon 2013 by Toboe
World of Warcraft Cosplay League by azka-cosplay
Action Figures
Illidan Stormrage (fem.) 02 by DEugen
Meryl Felstorm by adaman77
Sister Benedron by Xero-Cosplay
Warlock by stormxxx
B l o o d E l f
Blood Elf Paladin - 1 by Feyische
eversong woods by xAtashix
Connichi 2015 by xAtashix
Caeena RedWalker/ The Blood Elf Priest From WoW by HoroVonKaida
D r a e n e i
Draenei Hunters (Teir 12 and Black Dragon Mail) 3 by Feyische
Draenei Hunters (Teir 12 and Black Dragon Mail) 1 by Feyische
Draenei Hunter (Teir 12) 1 by Feyische
Draenei Hunter Tier 12 (1) by Feyische
U n d e a d - F o r s a k e n
Accolyte from the Cult of the Damned - Warcraft by Carancerth
Warlock T6 by KoniCosplay
Warlock T6 by KoniCosplay
WOW Death Knight Cosplay by LadyAngelus
N i g h t E l f
World of Warcraft (Night Elf Hunter) 5 by Feyische
World of Warcraft (Night Elf Hunter) 1 by Feyische
World of Warcraft (Night Elf Hunter) 2 by Feyische
World of Warcraft (Night Elf Hunter) 3 by Feyische
T r o l l
Are You Feelin' da Voodoo? - Warcraft Horde, Troll by Carancerth
Yellow Magic by SSG21
Vengeance For Zul'Jin! - Warcraft, Forest Troll by Carancerth
H u m a n s
Leading the troops - Warcraft Alliance Paladin by Carancerth
T a u r e n s
Black and White Bull by Carancerth
W o r g e n
Stormrider - Druid tier 11 cosplay by Detheroza
P a n d a r e n
Pandaren Meliae by BeleafCosplay
D w a r v e s
Princess Merida, Representative of the Wildhammer by MalisVitterfolk
O r c s
Warsong Commander by LilyBW
G n o m e s
NPC - O t h e r s
Corrupted Ysera by BeleafCosplay
G o b l i n s
Cosplay - Gozlowe Needlewrench - How Ya Doin' by SammehChu
W.I.P Props
Ysera Pauldrons WIP by BeleafCosplay
T u t o r i a l s
Paladin Wrathful Gladiator's Redemption by AWorger



:star: Welcome everyone! :D
This group is only for Wow'cosplayer!
Here you can find a folder for every specific races of warcraft, folders for main characters, tutorials and more!! :la:


:pointr: We have a folder for every races, and a SPECIAL FOLDER for: the main characters of Wow and Warcraft (II - III - online), TCG characters and Action Figures.

:bulletorange: IMPORTANT!!! Folders rules
:pointr: You have to submit your works according to this order of Importance:
In your photo you aren't alone = ''Group'' or ''Couples''
Your character is:
-a hero = ''GAME - TCG - Comics''
-an action figure = '' Action Figures''
-your pg/random costume = choose the own race folder ''Blood Elf, Gnomes, Orcs ecc...''
-a Boss, NPC or other game = ''NPC - Others''
- a pic of your WIP, or other stuff = ''W.I.P. Props'' or '' Tutorials''

:bulletyellow: ONLY COSPLAY PICS
:pointr: but we also accept pics of work in progress, props, and similar things (of World of Warcraft obviously xD) in the folder ''W.I.P Props'' or ''Tutorials''

:bulletgreen: FEATURED FOLDER
:pointr: If you don't know where submit you're deviations you can put in the Featured Folder, after we fix it :)

:bulletblue: NO OFFENSES
:pointr: Please, don't critique bad or insult anyone, NO blasphemy and be good boy :floating:

:heart: ENJOY AND HAVE FUN! :onfire:





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well guys my first cosplay will be a paladín lightbringer so I need your help
tips and  tricks whatever you have there  : D <3<3 
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Thank you so much for added me:D

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I am open for commissions, let me draw your favorite character to your likeness or you next with them

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Hi ! I'm on my way to create a warcraft cosplay, it's been 4 days ! But which character ? Guess !
Toboe Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
Is anyone even moderating this group anymore'? I sent in a request back on the 17th and no responce or approval anymore.
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