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By JenFruzz

Hey everyone :D

So we have several things to discuss with you guys and it's all good!

  • Critique Night
    The critique night was pretty slow, so we will hold off on doing another one until we get more interest. In the meantime a good friend of mine on dA, SoulxCreeper, has generously donated a bot to our chatroom. It's fun to mess with- you can play games with it and such. :D So feel free to stop by the chat room (link to the room is on the main page and is one of the tabs on this journal) and talk with whoever is there. Just hang out or ask for some tips on your photographs!

    (Members: Please make sure to have the Captain or an Officer promote you to the Sailors group so you can post thumbnails!)

  • New Admin
    We would like to welcome FavsCo to our admin group!  He is joining Kitteh-Pawz and RobertRobledo as "Officers" of the group to help myself and dinodude411 moderate. :clap: He's been one of the most active members of WOW and we're glad to have his help on future projects!

    Maybe you have noticed that our old logo is gone! It's been replaced by a fantastic new, animated logo created by FavsCo! It's a great representation of what the group is about! :dance:

    Also, I recently commissioned tayleaf to create a stamp for the group. It came out fantastic! The stamp is located on the lefthand column of the main page. Please add the stamp to your journal to help promote the group!

Now, on to the contest details!

Spring Flowers Contest
Our next contest is going to help us welcome springtime and shoo winter out the back door! Here are the submission rules:

1. Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, April 23rd.
2. Each deviant may submit TWO (2) pieces to the Contest folder. These must be new submissions to the group; the admins will not move your previous group submissions to the contest folder. So, get out there and take some new shots!
3. ***The theme is Spring Flowers! Pieces will be judged on flower macro photography that best represents springtime. Think pastels and soft colors rather than black and white or bold colors.
4. During judging, extra consideration will be given to shots that show some artistic flair as well as having great composition. So utilize photographer's tricks such as depth of field, the rule of thirds, and points of interest!

Once submissions are closed, the admins will choose the top 3 photographs and open voting up to YOU!

The winner will receive 100 points, a journal feature, and will win a Weekly Admin's Feature!

Feel free to send a note to the admins with any questions. :D

Good luck to all and happy deviating!

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Great. Sounds like fun.
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wow ! i will participe ! :)
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