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WovlenTales's Profile Picture
Kathryn Fogleman
United States
I am the author of the Fantasy series Tales of the Wovlen wherein dragons are good and heroes don't always use magic to win.
I am also a part time cowgirl, full time cut-up and big sister, as well as a SciFi geek. I have a blue shoulder dragon who goes to book shows with me and a big green dragon who likes cupcakes. I also have a beautiful mix breed dog named Pilot (from Farscape) and a brat 3 legged bunny named I-hop.
I love art. I love looking at what comes from the imagination of others. It is my dream that, one of these days, some of the amazing artists here on DA will draw art based on my book series, Tales of the Wovlen: characters, scenes, OTPs, monsters, dragons, etc.
If I ever want to see that dream come true, I guess I'd better give my future artistic fans some references to use, huh?
So, I'm going to make a series of journal posts, each focusing on a different character in my book.
Most of this information - pictures, backstories, name pronunciations, ect. - can be found on my website,, but I want to make references here on DA so that they are easily saved to "Favorites".

Here is the list of characters, which I will update and link their names as I finish their journals:
  • Keegan, the totally hot, but reluctant hero. (Website link)
  • Pharrgon the golden dragon, the REAL hero and Keegan's mentor (Website link).
  • Erewhon, the dutiful princess and Keegan's love interest (Website link).
  • Annaka, little sister to Erewhon, matchmaker by trade, and everyone's favorite character (Website link).
  • Walneff, the sarcastic, wise, old man with powers. Every fantasy hero needs one (Website link).
  • Arden, the kid who will one day take over Walneff's job. OTP is Annaka.
  • Saul, tall, good looking, funny, and Keegan's best friend and distant cousin (Website link).
  • Susun, Arden's sensible older sister and Saul's love interest.
  • Gillion, the jester... or assassin? All you know is you love him and that he's going to kill you with laughs.
  • Vliron, the dragon slayer. Dark, scarred, calloused, and unlovable... You can't help but love him anyway, because he's just so sad and lonely.
  • Demitreah, the crystal witch, the ancient queen, the one who causes all the trouble, the bad guy who thinks she's the good guy. She has a fantastic eye for fashion. Like, her dresses are all FABULOUS. 
  • Demetreus, the right-hand-man for Demitreah. He's the creep, the coward, and the pot-stirrer. Even his momma couldn't love him... but she did, one time, a long time ago. He has a very sad backstory.
  • Sharnilith, the giant, bad, red dragon... Giant is an understatement. City sized is more accurate.

Animals and Monsters:
  • Ardor, Keegan's golden stallion
  • Tormad, Saul's draft gelding
  • Puzzle, Gillion's paint pony
  • Karak, Saul's giant brown, curly haired dog
  • Dorr Wolves - giant, bloodthirsty wolf-bears
  • Roshar - Giant panther-cat-elves on steroids and angry pills
  • Black Wyrms - snake-like, oily, nausea-inducing wyverns
  • Chir Cats - Cheshire Cat had babies with Satan's house cat, and now everyone regrets it.


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