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November 1, 2014
The effort WouterGort gave in the small details and perspective is impressive. Birth of a Replicant is truely a brilliant work!
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Birth of a Replicant



Challenge 5 for the Brainstorm group! The theme was Blade Runner. 

I thought it was interesting that the replicants in the film were made out of organic substance and I thought it would be fun to imagine how they would be build. 

I pictured a kind of 3D printer, where there's a flat surface that slowly goes up while organic matter is released into the basin by the 6 faucets on the edges. The organic matter (DNA) moves through the liquid to find its correct position and gets 'glued' to the rest of the body by the laser around the edge of the table. This process would continue and the replicant would slowly emerge from the liquid, like a print from a SLA 3D printer. 

I tried adding movable parts to the machine so it would feel alive when active, like the Voight-Kampff machine while monitoring. 

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Cool design with the dark colors and atmosphere. I kind of like how you included Tyrell supervising Roy Batty being grown like this, like a god overseeing his creations. This piece works well, especially since replicants are more genetically grown as opposed to being built and implied to be more like highly augmented clones rather than androids.