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In Summary...

The journey of Konoha's most unpredictable ninja, Uzumaki Naruto, who strives to become the village's greatest Hokage.

However, this time around, the blonde genin has more to hide than just the Fox.


It sounds interesting, doesn't it? The urge to read it is tempting, isn't it? Well give in, because this AU is more than meets the eye.

Why else would it have an entire group dedicated to it?

Prologue here for your convenience.
Our beloved watashi-no-nindo is ever-elusive when it comes to the unveiling the truth of Naru's heart. Will she ever tell us who Naru is meant to be with? Who knows?

I do, however, want to know who you think Naru should end up with. Who do you feel should with the War Over Naru's Heart?

Please comment below.

The acronym WONH is from the hilarious riku1858.
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WotN: Twice the Destruction by watashi-no-nindo WotN: Twice the Destruction :iconwatashi-no-nindo:watashi-no-nindo 127 21 WotN Uzumaki Naru collab by nads6969 WotN Uzumaki Naru collab :iconnads6969:nads6969 26 3 WotN ShikaxNaru Romance collab by nads6969 WotN ShikaxNaru Romance collab :iconnads6969:nads6969 71 3 WotN An important question by nads6969 WotN An important question :iconnads6969:nads6969 98 8 WotN Artistic License Collab by nads6969 WotN Artistic License Collab :iconnads6969:nads6969 37 5 WotN Chapter 37 Preview Collab by nads6969 WotN Chapter 37 Preview Collab :iconnads6969:nads6969 13 2 WotN: A Whole New Look by watashi-no-nindo WotN: A Whole New Look :iconwatashi-no-nindo:watashi-no-nindo 110 11 WotN: Transformation by watashi-no-nindo WotN: Transformation :iconwatashi-no-nindo:watashi-no-nindo 128 64 WotN: Falling for You :color: by watashi-no-nindo WotN: Falling for You :color: :iconwatashi-no-nindo:watashi-no-nindo 42 6 WotN: Little Frog Mistress by watashi-no-nindo WotN: Little Frog Mistress :iconwatashi-no-nindo:watashi-no-nindo 144 10 WotN: 3 Stages +color+ by watashi-no-nindo WotN: 3 Stages +color+ :iconwatashi-no-nindo:watashi-no-nindo 217 13 WotN: Copy Ninja by watashi-no-nindo WotN: Copy Ninja :iconwatashi-no-nindo:watashi-no-nindo 148 25 Uzumaki Naru by watashi-no-nindo Uzumaki Naru :iconwatashi-no-nindo:watashi-no-nindo 49 8
:Way of the Ninja:
~ Way of the Ninja ~
The weather was wonderful, and it was shaping out to be another beautiful day.  Mister and Misses Takeda were out for their morning walk, and the lovely Nakamura twins were one their way to the women's bath (hee!).  The Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato walked leisurely through the village, stopping occassionally to greet and talk with villagers out running their morning errands.  Eventually his steps led him off the beaten path, just outside the village gates to a small section of trees off the edge of the road.  
The one considered the strongest in the village had received many a greeting and kind word from passersby, but as he neared the old tree several meters away from the road, his eyes saddened at what he knew awaited him there.
"As nice as it is to sit and enjoy the nice weather we're having," He arrived at the tree's base, staring upwards into the large dark foliage above.  His keen eyes almost immedi
:iconwatashi-no-nindo:watashi-no-nindo 137 38










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