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Preset Pack 4 by WotL Preset Pack 4 by WotL
Preset Pack 4

10 presets, no intro this time.

Please tell me what you think
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tuggummi Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011
Nice to see some old farts still doing stuff. What I can tell is that your style over the years has refined and a lot of these presets are a lot cleaner, smoother and responsive which is right up my alley :)

:bulletgreen: Logistics
Getting some Yathosho vibes out of this, nice clean preset although a bit hectic on my small square screen with 80-90 fps :p Probably very cool on high resolution fullscreen or projected into a wall.

:bulletblue: Simple
I would like to love this preset since it's pretty much like 90% of the stuff I used to do, simple, extremely responsive and who still doesn't like cubes? :laugh: Unfortunately something about the background just puts me off, for the lack of a better word I'll say it's a bit too "grungy" for me, I mean the floating backdrop, the trick with the squares is brilliant and fits the preset very well.

:bulletred: Mark I
Yathosho mixed with Framesofreality, squary, dirty, rough, but not my cup of tea.

:bulletblue: Mist
Grain filter puts me a bit off, but without it I it would be labeled pretty generic "flowyglowy" preset im guessing. I like it with a simple fadeout filter inplace of the grain filter, but to each of us to our own.

:bulletred: Mark II
Pretty much the same as Mark I, although the DM could have potential for a preset for a smoother flowy type of thing.

:bulletgreen: Art Class
Generic shiny preset you say, but hey that's what papa likes and papa is liking, liking a lot :greetings:

:bulletgreen: Backspin
Who cares if it's starfield, what works, works. Incidently with my recent AVS toyings i've used the basic renders only instead of a 500 line massive superscope and it's fun, does the job and doesn't consume my life. I like this preset, the mosaic convolution trick is cool and the colors (apart from the green backdrop) work very well.

:bulletgreen: Soup
Art Class II? But with a nice grid foreground for added beat reaction.

:bulletgreen: Princess
Definetely my favourite of the pack, so smooth, clean & responsive. It's just so well put together for such a simple looking preset. :love:

:bulletgreen: MRI
Well like I said I don't usually like rough, grainy & grungy presets, but this one looks great. Loving the colors and the shapes it produces with it's flow. If I would to remix this I would probably just make the invert color flipping smother & remove some graininess if possible :P

All in all a nice small pack and I liked it more than I disliked it so here's a :+fav: for you for your work and for old good times sake ;P
WotL Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2011  Hobbyist
Logistics - heh, I sometimes forget most people have a faster computer than I have nowadays (p4 2.66GHz). For me, it runs at ~28fps @400x300.

I only noticed when I assembled this pack that Soup does look like Art Class, but apart from the xy+dr DM combo they were built in completely different ways, but I use that combo quite often.

Thanks a lot for the comment and :+fav:!
It's good to hear from you, I hope you're allright.
tuggummi Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
My resolution was 360x360 (720x720 with pixel doubling on) and I got some very high framerates with most of the presets. Didn't test any of them in fullscreen because AVS looks ghastly with a huge widescreen im using that has a native resolution of 1920x1080.
GuiTwo Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011
I'm seeing possibilities on MRI and Art Class
I liked both
can I remix it?
WotL Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Hobbyist
As always..
Please, do!
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March 7, 2011
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