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Sylvanian Cake

for my dearest friend! Yes, it is for ♥ MaryMiao
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Pika Box - Surprise Cocoa Surprised Icon Oshawott Surprised Happy Plz Ruru Surprised Icon Madoka Surprised Icon Futaba Surprised Icon Snow White Surprised Icon Yamato Surprised Icon Alice Screaming Icon
(Sorry, I need time to come back into myself and realize that it's real)
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Aww, sooo sweet from you! Hug Heart 
It's my very first cake of its kind, so I really hope it taste good ... definitely I did my very best!
Sylvanian Cake yay! Now it's finally ready (nicely chilled) - you can taste it!!!
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It's the most delicious cake I've ever eaten!!   Sylvanian CakeYuuko Crying Icon 
I will be grateful to you for all my life!Bunny Emoji-91 Spin Hug 
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Oh my...
My vocabulary is so limited... I can't find proper words which I can use to thank you for this endlessly wonderful feeling!
I was never so happy, never never before!
Yescrying Ule 
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Wota, do you mean that you feel the same happiness as mine, who have just received a beautiful gift from an amazing friend?! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2]  

YOU baked the cake for ME!!!!!!! Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] 
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You know what? I was thinking recently, what about if I lose my taste, my sense of smell, ... what shall I do? But now I know what is even bigger pleasure, what is the REAL pleasure in this world - to make somebody else happy! This can be really good the reason to be alive, even when own health is rapidly going down...
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I know what you mean... it's just so strange for me...
to be on the other side Killua [HXH] -Speechless
of an "unconditional alien love"...

However... I love my alien friend  Friendly AlienBunny Emoji-01(Excited) [V1]
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Thank you very much! Please, don't feel strange! Feel good!!
What is real in this world? Are we all here?? Isn't it only illusion? Do we dwell just in a kind of matrix? Are we free or manipulated? Does the inevitable fate exists? So many questions... so many possibilities... so many reasons for concern... But I don't want to worry! Please don't worry!
I can love my best friends even silently...
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Sylvanian Cake Whaaaaaaaaaa!!! It's real!!
You baked a cake for... me?!

Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon

Now I have hard evidence that you are an alien... Haruhi Grins Icon 
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