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Candle flame

By wotawota
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Oh, candle! Just looking at it makes me feel warm. Candle flame by wotawotaBurn Burn Burn- FIRE 
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Love The Sunshine Thank you! 
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Light a candle my friend! LIGHT THAT CANDLE!!
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Yeah, that's for the memory...
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Yes. Thank you, dear friend!!
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There's a fire inside... ;P :giggle:
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Timely! ! For the memorial of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, did you cooked this icon? Thank you. Even if not, thank you Candle flame by wotawota   Stare Clap by StardustTrooper   Candle flame by wotawota  
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Yes. This tragic date January 17, 1995 was one of the inspiration...
Nichijou - Mai Pray/Beg 
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Thank you very much. I used a lot.OshaPip hug plz 
It is an unforgettable memory for me-:prayer:- 
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Yes... I had some friends there - but they were lucky and survived without any damage.
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Oh, that was nice. Wota has friends in Kobe, is not it?:doublehug: revamp 
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Oh beloved Mio-san! My "main area" in Japan was Kansai (mostly Kyoto, but also plus Osaka, Kobe...)
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Yes. However, I did not think there were friends in Kobe.
さすがヲタさん、顔が広いですねKotatsu nekoKotatsu neko (2) 
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それは歴史です...今のヲタは本当に寂しい...onion sad:iconhug-meplz: 
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