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My Bio

:wave: HELLO! こんにちは! ご訪問いただきありがとうございます。


Thank you very much for your visit <(_ _)> ...


This is historically my 2nd account on DA (in fact I'm here since 2012).

I'm a tea lover & big admirer of ♥ Japanese culture ♥ (I lived in Japan for some time

and of course, I hold all good cultures of the Universe in high esteem !!


English and Japanese Culture Fan Button

^This means that I can communicate in English and to some extent also in Japanese ...

[ But please forgive me, my knowledge is limited, I am only a silly autodidact alien. ]


►All images in my Gallery are my amateur works and totally FREE for any use.

I have enjoyed making those pictures - that's enough for me!

{ Doing art is supposed to be fun, not stress! Once upon a time, art was just for the joy of people! Not a big business. }

Anyway, my creation presented here, is probably just my "stress reliever" - an attempt to kind of self therapy or self-healing <^_^; ... definitely it's not for fame nor money!

Yes, for me, the creation process is the most important ( but of course, I'm very glad and grateful when someone really likes my pictures ) ♥ ♥ ♥


Fan of Deviant Art

Please forgive me my incognito...

I am solitary alien creature (the last of my kind), slowly "fading" (life is now really hard) - it's all I can say. But still - so far, so good! ^^

Anyway, I am making no plans (almost), I don't expect anything, I live for today ...

I try my best to be content (to reconcile) with my life as it goes on ... なんとかなる..

And I'm an aspiring "lifestyle minimalist"...

I agree with Alana Sulu (from 'StarTrek: New Voyages'), who said: "It's not how long we live ... it's how we live that matter!"


I am emotional - I may do foolish things, say foolish words but I am aware of the sentence (attributed to Greek philosopher Socrates): "I know that I know nothing"! ( I believe, the true knowledge is not accessible to humans; humans can be knowledgeable only in the limited sense of their human sphere - the same is true for any mortal aliens^^ )


For any case and beforehand, I apologize sincerely to all - sometimes I tend to be somewhat clumsy in communication, sometimes I forget...

But definitely, I don't want to offend anyone or bring about any negativity!


Fan of Love

♥ In this Universe - we are pretty different beings - we have various appearance, skills, tastes, ideas, faiths, ... Let's peacefully respect each other, let's enjoy our differences! Life can be too short to hate anything or anyone - hating is at least a waste of time ..

*NOTE: I respect all beliefs, as long as those beliefs don't espouse harming or being intolerant of those who disagree with them. IMHO, the faith should be only a purely personal, very internal thing.




imp IMPORTANT NOTICE: (normally) I will never deactivate or leave this account on DA without a prior message, that I am leaving.

In case of my really long-term total inactivity here - I can have sudden serious health problem and I can be hospitalized ... or dead :dead:. Alternatively, my PC or net connection can be dead.


In love
My stellar supporters

Favourite Visual Artist
my wonderful friends here on DA! (e.g. MaryMiao)
Favourite Movies
positive, "slice of life", romantic, sci-fi,... /e.g. Paddington, LEGO Movie, Ghibli movies,...
Favourite TV Shows
various (same style as movies)... e.g. Star Trek, Doctor Who,...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
mostly rock (melodic; 'pleasant' vocals), electronic /fav.song: IMAGINE by John Lennon
Favourite Books
scifi, fantasy, about tea, encyclopedic, ...
Favourite Writers
e.g.: J.R.R.Tolkien, A.C.Clarke, K.Okakura, ...
Favourite Games
real life
Favourite Gaming Platform
the Earth
Tools of the Trade
soft: PS.7.0 + MS Gif Animator; camera and scanner Canon; PC Toshiba...
Other Interests
OCHA (Japanese tea and others as well), nature, walking, science, hi-tech, Japanese anime... /NOTE: I've never been a big fan of art that have a dark tone. I feel like life is dark enough most of the time, so I like happy art.
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DECEMBER sounds like TEACEMBER + one of many nicknames for the 12th month of the year in Japan is: 'Tea Month' (茶月). So, I used it for a challenge (by the way character 茶 is pronounced "cha")... Artwork which received the most faves until 2021 January 6 won (awarded Quartz badge)! All related works are *tagged as #teacember2020 :pc: (*between Dec.15-31) _ ▼ "Teacember" ©2020/12 ... by @Nevatariel :clap: :#1: WINNER of the Quartz Badge (:star: 172+ Favourites) _ ▼ "Ole Lukoje" ©2020/12 ... by @ArtNM13 :clap: 2nd place!! (:star: 80+ Favourites) _ ▼ "Tea Errors" ©2020/12 ... by @artsy-n-smartsy :clap: 3rd place!!! (:star: 54+ Favourites) _ ▼ "Life is Better with a Cup Of Tea!" ©2020/12 ... by @MoonyMina :clap: honorable mention _ _ ▲ Thank you all for your absolutely amazing participation !! :love: _ _ :heart: plus artists who commented on the related DA forum (extra mentions for very pleasing 'interest') : _ ▼ "Polchageist" ©2020/11 ... by @Mellon-Snow _ ▼
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thank you so much for the faves dear, i wish you a wonderful weekend :hug:

:hug: Green cup

Aaaaa... you are really Sweetea my dearest friend!! Thank YOU!!!

You are moooooost welcome, dear!

Hmm... I guess "your" squirrel needed a good massage...

Yes, for sure! :D

;) squirrels are pretty popular on giphy ... aww! look what I found:

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