Painted Corpse

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-- Plague-April 2020, Part XX --

Wake up to another nameless/maneless
faceless, endless morning...
Will the Beak Doctor arrive today?
Will they throw me on the cart?

"Here's your ninepence."
"But I feel... happy!"

-{is this just the High-Test way
of "suffering" for your worthless/
anonymous, so-called "art"?}-

Remember to wash your body...
2/2/2 and 99 44/100%.

-{'Cuz Akela's gonna check your
claws/paws/fangs -
nose-tip to tail-tip}-

Remember to brush & floss...
Listen to Murphy Molar.

-{fangs that grip/
fangs that hold}-

Remember to dress up/down/for success...
Or at least appropriately.

-{even though you've got
no particular place to go}-

Remember to throw a little more makeup/
a little more air fresheners
on your Painted Corpse...

-{make it just as good-looking
as you're able - no matter how lifeless
it actually is}-

Remember to social-distance...

-{unless you're poor enough
to need public transit
or laundromats}-

Remember to wash your clothes
and bedding...

-{extra germs
for those unused/unloved
nickels and dimes}-

And, remember that somewhere in some bunker,
some hardcore Social Darwinist(s)
(is)/(are) furiously fapping
in deviant delight
at fantasies of chlorine-cleansing
of the gene-pool once again-

coming to them in images
even more offensive/indecent
than curled/faded photos
of muriatic acid being poured
into the Monson Motel swimming pool
that long-ago Civil Rights struggle-day
back in St. Augustine,

and without even the tiresome exercise
of the chess-board farce
of yet another bloody war-

(-'cause if there's one thing that
the world is never in short supply of,
it's all us worthless parasites-
all us wealth-draining,
feckless poor...)

"Yeah, if Uncle Sugar
should hand out anything -
should just be an MRE
fastened with a set of bootstraps,
but do NOT include instructions
on how to use them
to pull yourself up!"

"'Cuz you ain't gonna get it
'less ya already got it!
-An' that's just the
Divine Truth of it all:
The gallows, club or the sword-
the strong shall always survive;

"and the weak despatched,
just as Mother Nature hath decreed:
Quickly, and mercilessly,
and always chaff-unburdened
by sorrow or regret..."

"Everyone confined to quarters,
except for those already in the brig;
as your Elders and Betters
slam the Divine Fist down on that red e-stop,
and the world completes the
Abort, Retry, Fail?
J€$u$ $av€$ Reset."

...Shall We Play a Game?

Yes, those lies we tell
when love breaks down
that liberty we sell
when life breaks down-

-say goodbye to dignity,
and integrity as well...

Societies take centuries/
generations to build,
but we don't understand they can be lost
in the blink of an eye...

Back to: "Big Brother is watching you"
Back to: "Party will always find YOU"
Back to: "My gun is bigger than yours..."
Back to: "Root, hog, or die."

Back to: "Bow before the King."
Back to: "Kneel before Zod!"
Back to: "Give all that you have
to prove your conviction and support!"

Back to: "Might Makes Right"
Back to: "The Biggest Brute with the Biggest Club"
Back to a natural, Hobbesian life
that's Nasty, Brutish and Short.

And with the Plague-April
Covid-19 Quarantine
I just can't escape these
doom-laden fever-dreams...

Even if it feels more and more
that I am indeed,
maintaining a Painted Corpse.
This piece is a mishmash; specifically yet another that was constructed from mostly-unused fragments, perhaps in some poetic equivalent of throwing everything in sight at the wall, and seeing just how much of it sticks.

Part of the reason for this methodology comes from the still-ongoing Plague-April of 2020 situations of lockdowns and Covid-19 quarantine, and how its sometimes harder and harder to maintain a positive frame of mind.

Indeed, you often find yourself thinking of various doomsday/dystopian future scenarios, and how every single negative characteristic of our base natures, and every single mistake and skeleton of our past, from every level and plane, all the way from the petty/personal to the truly Meta/Cosmic, are all the chickens coming home to roost…

It’s also inspired by two particular eighties songs, the first of these being When Love Breaks Down by Prefab Sprout, and the second being a song The Police did on their 1980 album “Zenyatta Mondatta”, which had the long title: When the World is Running Down (You Make The Best of What’s Still Around)

The phrase “Painted Corpse” itself comes from a slang term used by system engineers, web designers, and several other groups of professionals to denote a system or process that is made to look spectacular, but not necessarily, to actually function. Hence, such a thing is a “Painted Corpse”, because it: “Looks beautiful on the surface, but is utterly lifeless underneath.”

When you get stir-crazy and paranoid enough to start to entertain those: “zOMG, we’re all gonna die!” thoughts, there is the ‘why even bother?’ fatalism that sets in that thoroughly convinces you that any worthwhile effort is the proverbial rearranging the deck-chairs on The Titanic.

That, of course, brings to mind the late, lamented Leonard Cohen’s song Everybody Knows off of his 1988 album: “I’m Your Man.”

Everybody knows that the plague is coming…
Everybody knows that it’s moving fast.
Everybody knows that the naked man and woman
is just a shining artifact of the past…

There are a few other, much more minor references and influences in the piece, which I think most readers will be able to pick up, and which likely don’t need to be discussed beyond the context in which they are presented.
© 2020 WotanTyger
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