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By WossaRem
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Aer is a very, very good girl... when she wants to be. Shh

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... This scene <3

MissDomme's avatar
Wow very hot! Looks amazing :)
LustDiDHarem's avatar

That tape looks as fantastic as usual :D great work!

BritBastard's avatar

I DO so love a well a well-mannered girl.


EssexRomero's avatar

Really love the attention to detail here, especially in the underwear. This is an instant classic.

diesel561's avatar

Actually I'm guessing she's saying "Do I have a choice?" :giggle:

Winston91504's avatar
Love this - wonderful! (But how does she hear *anything* under all that?)
Daggerhammer's avatar

She's so well trained. She deserves a cookie!

talkingtoiletking's avatar

I’m guessing she’s saying mistress.

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Oh, now that is fantastic work.

And she's being such a good girl. I think.

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I REALLY like the way you portrayed her here. Im a big fan of the whole master slave thing, and I like how she’s absolutely obedient and on her knees here, and she flat out says “yes mistress” without struggling or hesitation. Hope to see more like this!

PirateStann's avatar

Dude, that's how it works in my household.

Jeuretics's avatar

The patterns on her bra and panties are so intricate, satisfyingly textured and incorporated into the overall piece. Another great drawing of one of my favorite OCs (at least I think that's Aeria under all that tape, I'll take your word for it).

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Great work. She looks fantastic taped up.

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...does she have all that much of an alternative? XD

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