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Never Too Early

By WossaRem
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If you thought living with someone who starts singing Christmas songs in November was bad, you haven't met the person who starts wrapping presents in January. :faint:

Huge credit to SuichiTanaka for giving tons of help with this one!

Oh, and speaking of wrapped presents, why not treat yourself to a copy of ESCAPADES Issue 4 ? :chew:

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Hey i dont mind wrapping things up too early its just means that we'll have more of Aer wrapped up on this longer
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Beautiful, tightly helpless present for me to play with.

JaceDraccus's avatar
And a very lovely present she is too. The wrapping and ribbons are excellent.
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Don't look so glum, Aer!

A year will fly by in no time!
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On the plus side, you get to skip the Easter and Halloween shenans!

... Then again, can always do seasonal upgrades.
And a shiny Christmas ribbon mummy with Easter bunny ears and a Halloween witch costume doesn't sound too bad either. =v='
(The process of trick or treating might become a bit complicated though.)
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Good thing Wossy is impatient.... otherwise it'd be a long year for Aer!
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Ah, the postal service!
M-p-h-h-p-m's avatar
It'd be a blast to gift wrapped. Shes a lucky duck.
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I’ve been myself and it’s lovely!

M-p-h-h-p-m's avatar
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        Christmas Dumpling 
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Well, my birthday is this Saturday, so I'll gladly take her off your hands.
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Might be better for a birthday gift. X3
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what a lovely present 
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I wish i had a present like that
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Wossy pls, I cant wait all year.
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