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Lucky Draw 174

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I recently set up a little warm-up routine to help me avoid those dreaded moments of staring at the blank page.
Hundreds of reference images + a random number generator = no time wasted thinking up poses! I am a dummy!

X-Men Evolution Rogue is best Rogue. #1

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Cool scene.
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Love Love Love Love Love 
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X-Men Evo O_O Used to watch this as a kid, and then the national channels of my country decided to air it back I am a dummy!
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Natsuko-HiragiProfessional Photographer
Oh my poor her :D well tied and gagged. Nice pose, gag and hogtie^^.
Thatguyknownasdio's avatar
You dun did a good thing here Wossa!  This Rogue is, indeed, the best one, coz she's so damn hot.
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aguilareal88Hobbyist Writer
nice work my friend
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x-men evolution designs were incredibly good but I must say I was very fond of '92 Rogue. She was damn hot
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MexiGojiraHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Awesome. It would be nice to see 90's Rogue, too.
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Just the thought of trying to do that hair terrifies me, but sure, 90's Rogue is on "the list" too. =P
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MexiGojiraHobbyist Artisan Crafter
*pats on back* Not to worry, I'll bet she will look astonishing. (You'll have to look for stronger bind materials, she has the strength of Ms Marvel ya know. Adamantium binds maybe?)
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X-Men Evolution Rogue definitely is the best. Love it.
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Definitely my favourite Rogue too, especially like this ;)
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ScotchWaifusProfessional Digital Artist
Wheres that rng u used fam hmu
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            Rogue X-Men Emoticon 
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She is a lovely Rogue and you have a lovely take on her.
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Huh, did her captor negate Rogue's power? Or does she not yet have superstrength in this incarnation? Sadly, I never saw X-Men Evolution. 
SupersoldierRayKiao's avatar
Evolution Rogue doesn't have super strength as Ms. Marvel isn't in that series.
maskedhero100's avatar
Yet. She doesn't have those powers yet. In Xavier's vision of the future at the end of the apocalypse arc rogue could fly, was wearing gambits trench coat and mire importantly....she wasn't wearing gloves.

Don't know how she would get them...maybe either mystique or mesmero or someone else would be to blame? (Shrugs)
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Ahhh, ok. So what powers does she have?
SupersoldierRayKiao's avatar
She absorbs memories, abilities (including mutant/super powers), etc by physical contact. She cannot control it, thus why she has most of her body covered, including her hands.
The severity and duration of the effect depends on the duration of contact.

She obtained flight and super strength in the comics and the 90's TV series by absorbing the powers of Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers). The duration of contact between the two was so long she nearly killed Carol, completely ruined her life by stealing all of the memories of her family and friends, and almost permanently gained her powers (she has since lost them). In case you hadn't guessed, Rogue was a villain, at the time. 

X-Men Evolution is an alternate origin story so she never gained those powers.
coredumperror's avatar
Ahh, thanks for the explanation. I knew about Rogue's power stealing, but I didn't know how she got her superstrength.
SupersoldierRayKiao's avatar
Well, Rogue is my favorite X-Man and Carol Danvers (Currently Captain Marvel) is my favorite super hero, in general. So, I know a bit about that story arc. lol
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