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December 2018 #1 - 3rd Place - Yuna

The other 3rd Place Winner (it was a tie!) of December 2018's first Patreon Fanart Vote was Yuna from Final Fantasy X!

I don't know anything about FFX (IX 4 lyfe, baybeeeee. Garnet is <3), but the presented concept by one of my Patrons sounded fun enough: "I'd say she got captured by the warriors of chaos, very heavily bound in rope and perhaps an armbinder to prevent spellcasting or summoning, which of course means a hefty, multilayered gag to make absolutely sure she can't do a thing."

Soooo... very heavily bound in rope, and an armbinder, and a hefty, multilayered gag... comin' right up! :D I count at least three layers on the top, but there is of course a nice wad of stuffing, a cleave and a few OTM and OTN layers under the surface too! ;)

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This is what you get for the infamous laughter cutscene