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December 2018 #1 - 3rd Place - Yuna

By WossaRem
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The other 3rd Place Winner (it was a tie!) of December 2018's first Patreon Fanart Vote was Yuna from Final Fantasy X!

I don't know anything about FFX (IX 4 lyfe, baybeeeee. Garnet is <3), but the presented concept by one of my Patrons sounded fun enough: "I'd say she got captured by the warriors of chaos, very heavily bound in rope and perhaps an armbinder to prevent spellcasting or summoning, which of course means a hefty, multilayered gag to make absolutely sure she can't do a thing."

Soooo... very heavily bound in rope, and an armbinder, and a hefty, multilayered gag... comin' right up! :D I count at least three layers on the top, but there is of course a nice wad of stuffing, a cleave and a few OTM and OTN layers under the surface too! ;)

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Affenity's avatar
Affenity Photographer
Very nice, great work!
Useful89's avatar
Useful89Hobbyist General Artist
I thought this was Nora from RWBY at first.
AloisAgost's avatar
But someone IS coming for her....
Coming to take her away that is. ~_^
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Fantasic did of Yuna
ayanamiame's avatar
nice secure tie and gag
Daggerhammer's avatar
Looks good!  Sometimes you don't need an explanation...
FLCLRVDFan's avatar
Great tie and great gag!
coppola76's avatar
wonderful gag
PranksterWD's avatar
Very nice! That gag is wonderful... So tight and secure.
WarioNumberOne's avatar
WarioNumberOneHobbyist Writer
I think this may be one of your best gags yet! And always good to see some FFX bondage, though I wish more people would give Lulu some love...
Lathiira's avatar
Preach it brother! Though Yuna needs a bit too, can't leave her out, and this one's great.
PokeCaptor11's avatar
Absolutely incredible work, the details in the ropes and the thickness of the gag, really great job here!
SchattenLotus's avatar
Looks efficient ;)
FascinationJorugumo's avatar
FascinationJorugumoHobbyist Digital Artist
I Love it :D:D:D!!!
SuperMikey128's avatar
Yow, that gag looks thick, effective yet somehow comfortable. But how you've drawn those ropes, they look brilliant!
athroughzdude's avatar
Mmmm, them good gags!
gh0st-of-Ronin's avatar
gh0st-of-RoninHobbyist Writer
This. Now this puts a smile on my face :D 
TheDovahkiinpro's avatar
Finally a Yuna DID! She's so rare!
shadowsmanmysterious's avatar
So agree with you. But why ?! She's so good. I always enjoy a Yuna DID
TheDovahkiinpro's avatar
She's beautiful! I would like so much to see more ffX yuna DID! She deserves it :D
arbiter500's avatar
arbiter500Hobbyist Writer
There's nothing about this that I don't love!
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