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Artchive Promo by WossaRem
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Artchive Promo :iconwossarem:WossaRem 600 12
The WossaRem Artchive by WossaRem
Mature content
The WossaRem Artchive :iconwossarem:WossaRem 314 24
Mature content
November 2018 #2 - 2nd Place - Lusamine by WossaRem
Mature content
November 2018 #2 - 2nd Place - Lusamine :iconwossarem:WossaRem 889 14
November 2018 #2 - 3rd Place - Azula by WossaRem
Mature content
November 2018 #2 - 3rd Place - Azula :iconwossarem:WossaRem 577 13
Lucky Draw 154 by WossaRem
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Lucky Draw 154 :iconwossarem:WossaRem 996 18
Lucky Draw 142 by WossaRem
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Lucky Draw 142 :iconwossarem:WossaRem 1,149 25
Lucky Draw 236 by WossaRem
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Lucky Draw 236 :iconwossarem:WossaRem 1,054 19
ArmBundAer by WossaRem
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ArmBundAer :iconwossarem:WossaRem 1,218 24
The Easter Mummy by WossaRem
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The Easter Mummy :iconwossarem:WossaRem 828 24
November 2018 #1 - 1st Place - Ahri by WossaRem
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November 2018 #1 - 1st Place - Ahri :iconwossarem:WossaRem 806 11
Euphlooria by WossaRem
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Euphlooria :iconwossarem:WossaRem 1,075 33
November 2018 #1 - 2nd Place - Tara by WossaRem
Mature content
November 2018 #1 - 2nd Place - Tara :iconwossarem:WossaRem 754 9
November 2018 #1 - 3rd Place - Bulma by WossaRem
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November 2018 #1 - 3rd Place - Bulma :iconwossarem:WossaRem 512 17
Marcy's Muffled Meow by WossaRem
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Marcy's Muffled Meow :iconwossarem:WossaRem 1,291 22
October 2018 #2 - 1st Place - Ruby by WossaRem
Mature content
October 2018 #2 - 1st Place - Ruby :iconwossarem:WossaRem 1,072 24

Gifts, commissions, collabs and trades

Liz n Wossy - Matching uniforms by Tightly-Doodles
Mature content
Liz n Wossy - Matching uniforms :icontightly-doodles:Tightly-Doodles 149 7
TooniAer bondage~ by Tightly-Doodles
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TooniAer bondage~ :icontightly-doodles:Tightly-Doodles 176 4
Air bound by Plasma-dragon
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Air bound :iconplasma-dragon:Plasma-dragon 281 6
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Aeria and Wossy in 'Money Management' :iconmimir25:Mimir25 14 8
Gift-Art featuring Wossarem's Aeria by CheshireQuill
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Gift-Art featuring Wossarem's Aeria :iconcheshirequill:CheshireQuill 407 12
Tread Wossy by Shio-bari
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Tread Wossy :iconshio-bari:Shio-bari 694 20
300 watchers special! OC Parade! by FullMetalPanicAttack 300 watchers special! OC Parade! :iconfullmetalpanicattack:FullMetalPanicAttack 63 45 Monday fanart by BlackProf
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PantyWossa by Tightly-Doodles
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PantyWossa :icontightly-doodles:Tightly-Doodles 157 2
Red WrapAer by Tightly-Doodles
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Red WrapAer :icontightly-doodles:Tightly-Doodles 212 2
Mature content
Aeria in 'Alternate Ending' :iconmimir25:Mimir25 4 1
Legend of the Shibarinomicon! Feat. Wossy and Aer
‘It was the evening on which MM Debienne and Poligny, the managers of the Opera, were giving a last gala performance to mark their retirement. Suddenly, the dressing room of La Sorelli, one of the principal dancers, was invaded by half-a-dozen young ladies of the ballet, who had come off from the-‘
“AER!” A loud voice cut through the flat, jarring the brown-haired young woman from her literary trance. Aeria sighed and picked up her bookmark, placing it carefully between the pages and shutting the novel, not bothering to move from her spot lounging on the sofa as the hurried thumping of her roommate’s feet grew ever closer.
Wossy rounded the last corner into the living room, panting from the sprint and hastily hiding something behind her back.
“Whatch’ya doooin?” The long haired girl brushed her electric-blue bangs out of her face with one hand.
“Trying to read,” Aeria responded curtly, unphased by the energetic outburst of her
:icondamselseeker:DamselSeeker 15 2
Merry Christmas!~ 2018 by Magnolia-Baillon
Mature content
Merry Christmas!~ 2018 :iconmagnolia-baillon:Magnolia-Baillon 915 96
Second Life is an MMO... by TheShortKeys Second Life is an MMO... :icontheshortkeys:TheShortKeys 29 7 Wossy (Art trade)  by AdamMuddyfox Wossy (Art trade) :iconadammuddyfox:AdamMuddyfox 28 12 Doodle - Wossy by Tightly-Doodles
Mature content
Doodle - Wossy :icontightly-doodles:Tightly-Doodles 512 12
Pictures I've received, paid for, helped out with or traded for from fellow artists!


United Kingdom

I don't take commissions or requests. I'm also too busy at the moment for art trades, sorry.

You can catch me streaming at:
I'm also on Twitter @ WossaRem and, where I will occasionally post pics or alts that may not be safe for DA.

If you like what I do, please check out my Patreon, thanks!


Artchive Promo
Standalone version of the promo image for The WossaRem Artchive

Mature Content

The WossaRem Artchive by WossaRem

I realized pretty early on that I'd already pretty much drawn this exact scenario before in Fettered Focus 

Mature Content

Fettered Focus by WossaRem
but... it's so cute!  ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Of course, I'm a gag snob, so needed to make an alt, and then one thing led to another (think of this as three separate pieces rather than a sequence). Aer burns through those Audible credits like Wossy burns through rolls of tape! Merry Multitasking - 2

Mature Content

Merry Multitasking - 2 by WossaRem

For more fun stuff, please check out my Twitter, Pixiv and Patreon!

The WossaRem Artchive
The WossaRem Artchive is a zip file containing 124 pictures from around 2008, most of which were never posted online. The images are split into three categories:
  • 48 x "WR" - Pictures of my own characters, mostly Wossy and Aeria
  • 41 x "R1" - Pictures of Raya100 's original characters, mainly Rara, Natsa and Loiya
  • 35 x "FA" - Pictures of miscellaneous characters from anime and videos, a mixture of WIP sketches from when I used to do commissions, and some just for fun.
  • A bonus 4 hi-res copies of recently drawn images that revisit a previously drawn character, for a "then and now" effect.
Most of these pictures feature rope and tape bondage. The gags are typically ballgags, cloth, or tape. The set contains very little mummification and no instances of bondage gear (such as armbinders, cuffs or straitjackets - I suppose putting Aer in an SJ for the promo image may have been a poor choice. Sorry! =P ). I was an innocent little Wossa who didn't pay attention to that kind of stuff yet, you see. ;)

The price is $3 USD (approx £2.4 GBP / 2.7 EUR, but exchange rates can vary over time)

You can obtain this set through two methods:
:star: Click HERE to purchase through Pulley, :star: and you'll receive an email with a three-time download link. Paypal account optional but not required - simply choose "Pay by Debit or Credit card" (as seen here) to checkout as a Guest.
:star: Click HERE to visit my Patreon :star: where a $3 pledge will grant you access to your copy of the file, along with all the other perks of being a Patron!

Also, if you're interested in the Pic Sale Folder from 2011, you can now purchase a :star: Bundle Pack :star: containing the Pic Sale and this Artchive for a total of  $7 USD (saving $1 over buying them both separately). A $7 Patreon pledge will also grant you access to both files.

As always, if you are considering pledging, please keep in mind that Patreon will charge you upfront on the day of your pledge and then further charges will take place on the 1st of every following month, so it is more efficient to pledge early in a month.

P.S. Let me know which pics are your faves and if you think any of them would be worth a re-do! ;)
What's up, newbie? Forgot your login again?
Ah, no, just clearance problems...
Yeah, it's probably 'cuz you're still a trainee; prisoner IDs are anonymized on your feed until you've ranked up, y'see.
But, y'know... now, don't go spreading this around, but, there are actually a couple of workarounds. :shh:
You can see the 1st Place Winner of November 2018's second Patreon Fanart Vote by going to Twitter and Pixiv . Clever, right?
Just don't tell the boss I showed you those. You owe me one, okay? ;)
November 2018 #2 - 3rd Place - Azula
The 3rd Place Winner of November 2018's second Patreon Fanart Vote (Villainess themed!) was Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender!

Azula finds herself in a snug cover-all jacket, and her thrashing about seems to have done nothing but mess up her hair! ;)

Please also check out my Twitter and Pixiv accounts!
Lucky Draw 154
Same joke as that ol' Tharja pic, but hey, it's a good one! =p

This just about wraps up the batch of bunnygirl pics I'd prepared for this year, aside from one final piece that'll be posted here in a few weeks. Also, April's Patreon fanart vote was bunnygirl themed, so you'll be seeing the winners posted publicly here in a few months. Bunnygirls all year round!! :la:

For more fun stuff, please check out my Twitter, Pixiv and Patreon! (as always, at the time of writing this (April 29th), if you're intending to join up, you may want to hold off until the beginning of the next month due to the way Patreon handles charge dates!)
Lucky Draw 142
You know what they say: "seal it with a kiss!" Here's a kiss for you, my love! 

Huh? What do you mean "that's not what that means"? Wossy and Aer seem to be enjoying it, so what's the problem, wise guy!? Stare

For more fun stuff, please check out my Twitter, Pixiv and Patreon!
Lucky Draw 236
Poor Aer doesn't quite know her way around knots like Wossy does. But she's doing her best, even if she's guilty of "do as I say, not as I do" sometimes! Sweating a little...

For more fun stuff, please check out my Twitter, Pixiv and Patreon!
Hmm, I'm getting deja vu. =P

I've had a couple of people report that they were having trouble getting past the checkout stage of purchasing my content through Pulley. As such, the Pic Sale and Escapades Issues One and Two now all contain links to both Pulley AND my Oronjo store. I've gone back to Pulley exclusively as it provides a few features that have recently become necessities for me.
Should any problems still seem to occur, just send me a note or leave a comment and we can find alternate solutions (pretty much just sending me the money manually through Paypal and then I get back to you with a direct link - however this method does of course take a few minutes of us going back and forth, plus there's the chance that I may be asleep or out when you contact me. Regardless, I will always be able to get back to you within a day!)

Thanks as always for the love and support. You may also be happy to know that I'll soon be posting the winners from my Patreon Fanart Votes to my DeviantArt gallery (staggered release rather than a single dump), as it was agreed that there's no need to permanently wall off that content from the fans who can't support financially. So, look forward to some fan-favourite anime/cartoon/videogame girls heading your way soon - and of course, plenty more of Wossy and Aeria's antics.

...It feels good to finally get some time in for vidya! ;) Wossy, Aeria and :iconsuichitanaka: 's Melanie are gonna Dogma that Dragon's ass SO HARD that...  DDCrew by WossaRem
(I went ahead and nabbed Nier:Automata, too. Very excited to look up 2B's skirt fight some machines! La la la la )

P.S. Have you seen :iconlostonezero: 's wonderful new Loz DiD Guest Book 

Mature Content

Loz DiD Guest Book Vol.1 cover by lostonezero
? I'm very proud to have been included, and there's some phenomenal work from fellow artists in there too!

Anyway. Next journal in 2 years, I guess! ;)


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