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Is it Draco in muggle clothes? Very very handsomely drawn :)
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HoshiBlue21Student General Artist
Very very nice! I Liked a lot! love the colouring!
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HOW?!? How can you do these beautiful styles of drawing?!? :cry: It's not fair.... >.>"

Beautiful work, obviously! :love: The colours really done you justice here, my friend. I love the watercolour look to it as it makes the art soft.

Well done, indeed! Well done! :heart:
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Not a big fan of Draco (it IS him, right?), but this is really REALLY good! :wow:
I dare say my art teacher would cry tears of joy if he saw this. XD
The colouring is wonderful. o_o
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Beautiful! Gorgeous. I love his expression :)
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wow. This is beautiful. I really love the way you used the colors!!!
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Hey there!

You know, once I opened this drawing up... I kept on staring.
This, my friend, is pure brilliance! You have portrayed such a beautiful facet of this character (I'm guessing Draco Malfoy).

This ....It is beautiful! The colours, the feel, the effects, the character, you know, everything is SO calming. Well done, you! :clap:

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cha-ohsHobbyist Photographer
there's such whimsy in the colors... adore it.
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Fell asleep while writing something, it seems, since I believe I see a pencil or something there by the tiny bird. Nice lines. Nice hands. Nice hair. The coloring is cool and the fabric he's lying on is very interesting. I thought it was like a blanket at first, but part of it looks like a jacket of some sort. Very nice. I love it.
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SpockirkcoyProfessional Filmographer
the 'pencil' is actually the birds tail (took me awhile to figure it out XD)
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oh? XD Now I feel silly. I figured it was a cute little bird with a very tiny tail, you know... like a chick or something. X3 my bad.
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SpockirkcoyProfessional Filmographer
haha It does kinda look like a really skinny bird tail though XD
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Wonderful lines and colors!!
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I absolutely love the colors on this piece!
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This is beautiful!!! Is that maybe supposed to be Draco? Or just a random hot guy? XD
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Oh! That is so beautiful! I love the colours- It looks as if the late afternoon sun is shining! the combination of blue and all this warm clours is great! the blue stands out, but is still soft and combines with the rest.

You colourisation style is terrific! all this spots look like light spots or shadows of leaves! it is so peaceful and harmonic! so gentle and pure! fantastic!
I love his face and his hands! He is so handsome!
any special character?

your style is awesome!
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