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Eltops font

By Woseseltops
This is my handwriting. Enjoy it.
© 2005 - 2021 Woseseltops
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Jesus, man, that's a very nice handwriting!!
wnB91's avatar
Amazing font! Altough your presentation isn't very well...nevertheless, great job! :)
zaishe5757's avatar
thanks:) loved it
Handwritting fonts are my favorites, thank you!
RachelEffinBeth's avatar
Very cool!
I've always wished I had a font with my handwriting-maybe we could do an art trade?
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:wave: You just earned yourself an ODD! congrats! An ODD (Oibyrds Daily Devs) is a little extra spotlight I shine on deviations that I think are really impressive and/or they're not getting the attention they deserve. Please see the link below for all details and do keep in mind that if you prefer not to be a feature, just shoot me a note and I'll remove you from the list CHEERS!
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Thank u! I'm very happy with my ODD! :D :D
philosophical-one's avatar
In what program can I made my handwriting font? I have all equipment, but I can't find any program that works.
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I use High Logic: Font Creator. But that's not a free program (but there is a trial period)
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It's zipped...And my computer won't accept it! Curses...
SakiStudent's avatar
Ah, never mind. It just took me a while to install the unzipping thingamagiggie. It's nice, but only works on size 20+. Too bad.
Woseseltops's avatar
Yeah you're right. I gotta change that.
Finch-ze-leprechuan's avatar
you have cool handwritting ^_^
Woseseltops's avatar
Hehe thanks. Don't let people think you're me now :P
Finch-ze-leprechuan's avatar
hahah! i wish. i couldnt get the font to work :(
Darkborne's avatar
Nice font! i like handwritting fonts! good job
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