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Spiral From the Book of Saw (2021) Review!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Now, the Saw series has had a rather complex history within the horror genre. The first film is credited as bringing the rise of the Torture Porn subgenre of horror in the 2000s, and a slew of copycats followed suit with varying degrees of success. Heck, even the later sequels tried to imitate yet failed to recapture the grandeur of the original. Honestly, as someone who has seen all the Saw films, the first three and Jigsaw were by far the best ones, with everything from Saw 4 onward had serious issues from underdeveloped characters, pointless gore, an overcomplicated plot or lack of a plot, and not being memorable, these films lacked the majesty of the original film. Was Spiral yet another lazy sequel not worth your time to see, or was it a good horror film? Let's find out, but first, a brief plot summary. This film is still new, so I won't be going into too much detail, although I will discuss some key plot moments during my critique. The story begins with a detective at a 4th of July celebration trying to catch a purse snatcher. He's ultimately lured into a trap by a Jigsaw CopyCat Killer who has a thing against crooked cops. Detective Banks, played by Chris Rock, finds himself the target of the killer's obsession, as he and his new partner, Detective Shank, try to solve the case more crooked cops wind up dead in various traps. Now that we got the plot summary out of the way, let's talk about the positives of this film. It's a surprisingly enjoyable film filled with good performances and just enough gore for horror fans to eat up. The story is more complex than other, lazier sequels of the franchise, as it takes elements from the police procedural and mystery genres to create compelling characters and an edge-of-your-seat mystery. It's not Se7en, and the police drama elements do take away from the horror elements to a degree, but which an impressive use of foreshadowing, the twist makes the film worth seeing. Chris Rock gives a solid performance as Detective Banks, a cop whose career has been stunted because he turned in a crooked cop, his first partner after he killed a witness 15 years prior to the events of the movie. It's not his best performance, as it is weird seeing a comedian like him try his hand at a more dramatic role, and he only has three facial expressions in his range of emotion, aka smiling, serious and uber-serious, but it's strong enough to carry the movie. I just kind of wish there was more with him and Sam Jackson, who plays his father and former police chief. Their scenes were great, but they were few. I think the film would have benefitted from more of them sharing the screen. The traps were also well-done, each one having a theme and localized to a particular body part that corresponds to the victim's crime was clever. Again, it's just enough to make it a horror movie, but I do wish there was more of it and it could have been more graphic. My real issue was the editing during these scenes. When the traps are activated, we go into that shakey, seizure-inducing style of editing famous within the Saw films. The only issue was that it didn't always work. It didn't match the styling used within the rest of the film, and it's too slow and paced to be a scary or jarring form of editing. Some of these scenes were better done than others, so it's a minor nitpick more than anything. Now that we've discussed the positives, as well as some of the minor negatives, it's time to talk about the biggest issue: it was predictable. Yeah, as soon as I saw that one character, not going to tell you who, I knew he was the killer. He winds up dead halfway through the movie was a clear red herring to throw us off, and once he was introduced at the start of the film, he just screamed TWIST-VILLAIN MATERIAL. Also, if you're familiar with police dramas or horror cliches, you can tell what's going to happen before that happens in a lot of places throughout. Overall, this was an enjoyable horror movie. It's certainly better than the average, but it's not the best of the series. It's not the breath of fresh air needed for the franchise to continue, but I do believe it's a good starting point. Relying too much on cliches and having a predictable villain really didn't help the matter, and this is one of those films while you absolutely loved leaving the theater, the more you think about it, the more faults you realize. So, this was just slightly above average because of the solid cast, the good if not predictable mystery, and of course, that amazing twist ending that came close to rivaling the original's twist. Total Score: 4.25 out of 5.0, SLIGHTLY ABOVE AVERAGE!
MORTAL KOMBAT (2021) REVIEW!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing the latest adaptation of the popular video game franchise, MORTAL KOMBAT! I remember seeing the original for the first time back in the 1990s on TV one night, and that for me was my introduction to the game series. I've played a little bit of the later games, but I've never been super into video games, so I don't have much firsthand experience. Plus, I watch a ton of gaming videos on YouTube, so there's that. I guess you can say I have secondhand experience? Anyway, enough about that, let's get on with the plot! We begin with Hasashi Hanzo and his family getting MURDERED by Bi Han of a rival clan. Centuries later, we meet...COLE! Wait, what? Who's Cole? He's not in any of the games. Anyway, he's this down-and-out fighter and descendant of Hanzo who bears the mark of the dragon, making him a target for Outworld, a neighboring dimension set on conquering Earthrealm! Sub-Zero, aka Bi Han, tries to kill Cole and his family, but Jax intervenes, resulting in the loss of his arms! Cole then meets Sonya Blade and Kano and venture to Raiden's temple in the middle of nowhere. That's when they meet Lu Kang, aka the guy who should have been the main character because he's one of the leading characters in the games, but whatever, Hollywood. Anyway, they begin their training under Raiden's guidance. Kano awakens his inner power, but Cole doubts himself and struggles; where have I heard this plotline before? Oh, wait, in a ton of other movies! Shang Tsung attacks the temple, fails because Raiden makes a forcefield, but Kano, thanks to some persuasion from Kabal, betrays the heroes and destroys the staff which created the forcefield! Like we didn't see that coming. Before this, Cole goes home because he quits, and Raiden lets him under an ulterior motive. A fight ensues, and our heroes get their butts handed to them except for Cole, whose hidden power awakens while fighting Goro, who he kills. One thing leads to another, the bad guys are defeated one by one by the different heroes, and Cole's family gets abducted, but not KILLED, by Sub-Zero, who wants to end the Hasashi bloodline. In their fight, Cole gets his hand cut by Hanzo's blade that brings Hanzo back from the deepest depths of Hell to seek revenge against Sub-Zero! Hanzo, now going by Scorpion, cries GET OVER HERE, and he...*sighs* and Cole battles Sub-Zero. Cole saves his family, Hanzo gets his revenge, Sub-Zero gets barbequed, Shang Tsung gets zapped into the sequel, Cole goes to find Johnny Cage, another character who should have been in this movie instead, and roll the credits! And that was Mortal Kombat 2021! My thoughts over this movie? Let's start with the negatives. I know, I usually start with the positives, but let's list the MANY issues and get it out of the way first, shall we? The Predictable, Generic Plot: Yep, the plot was INCREDIBLY predictable and generic. The story itself has been done better a 100 times in 100 better movies. An unsure hero destined to save the world forced into a situation where he has to face his destiny? How many anime can you name that have that same plot? Shamen King, Naruto, One Piece is going in that direction, and you get the idea. What do I mean by predictable? Let's see, Kano is usually one of the bad guys, he was in the original movie, and he usually works for OutWorld, so...OF COURSE, HE'LL BETRAY THE HEROES! As soon as you hear he has one of the dragon-marks, we already know he'll betray everybody! It's only a matter of time! Then there's Sonya. As soon as Kano says she's jealous he has a mark and she doesn't and seeing how these two are always at each other's throats in almost every game, and she kills him in the original movie, what do you think will happen? SHE KILLS HIM! SHOCKER! Plus, Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero as the final fight? Thanks for making us wait that long, movie! The Bland Main Character: Now let's talk about Cole, aka the guy who pretty much just served as a plot device to get Scorpion out of hell! Apart from his generic character arc, the character himself offers little to the plot. He's bland, he's uninteresting, and there are far better characters we could be following rather than him! Some Continuity Issues: In one scene, Sonya is told by Lu Kang and Chung Lou she's not allowed in the fighting pit because she doesn't have the mark and therefore is not chosen. Yet, later, when the villains attack the second time, she's in the pit with the others? Too-Many fights lead to a lack of character development: Because most of the scenes consist of fights, the plot takes a backseat, resulting in a lack of character development. Some of the villains don't even have character, there are just named baddies that get killed out. When characters do get some character development, it's rushed and lazy like with Lu Kang who's also unsure of himself because of his upbringing, he loses his cousin Chung Lou, and then he becomes an even bigger badass to get revenge. Simple, rushed, and uninteresting. Then there's Cole who quits, gets his power, and suddenly every listens to him. I would rather listen to the seasoned war veterans or the warrior monk over him any day! He quit, he went home, and just because he found his power and he came back, everyone's supposed to just listen to him now because he has confidence in himself? Heck, there was even one winged hunter character hyped up only to get killed off immediately. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it was funny to see her be hyped up only to get killed, and her fatality was awesome! On the other hand, it kind of made it look like this character was created just to be killed off immediately which puts into question her overall inclusion. Now, seeing how in-depth I went into the negatives, you would think I hated this movie. I don't hate this movie. I'm disappointed, sure, this isn't even close to being the MORTAL KOMBAT movie fans deserve, but it's not bad either. The acting is decent, even the guy playing Cole had his moments. I particularly liked the guy playing Kano, he just seemed like he had a ton of fun being a backstabbing douche, and he was a joy to watch! The fights were good if not excessive at times, the special effects were amazingly good, especially the fire effects which might be one of the best I've ever seen. Fire is one of THE hardest elements to render in CGI, and this movie did it flawlessly! Overall, this movie, while disappointing, was just an average Hollywood blockbuster on par with the original 90s movie. Total score: 4 out of 5.0, PAINFULLY AVERAGE, NOT A FLAWLESS VICTORY! And if you want me to review the original movie to discuss what it did better than this new one, let me know in the comments down below!...
The Mitchells vs. The Machines (2021) Review!Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is The Mystery Writer speaking, and welcome to the show! Today, I am reviewing the newest Netflix, Sony Animation, and Columbia Pictures film, The Mitchells vs. The Machines! From the creators of The Lego Movie and Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, aka two of the best-animated films of the last decade, The Mitchells vs. The Machines is, in fact, deserving of that 97% score on Rotten Tomatoes because it's that good. I'll admit, I didn't know what to think when I first heard about this movie, so I paid it no mind because it didn't seem appealing to me when I started seeing the posters online. Then last week, I saw some clips and trailers on YouTube because they showed up in my recommendations, and I knew I had to see this movie as soon as I can. I can now humbly say my first impressions were wrong: this movie was a total blast! What is the film's plot? It's about Katie Mitchell, a quirky girl who is about to go to film school, but her family is weird and dysfunctional. Her father, an avid outdoorsman who likes to fix things, doesn't get her, and the two bicker and argue over everything. Rick Mitchell, the dad, is fearful she will fail, stemming from his past failures and his lack of understanding of computers. After accidentally breaking her laptop mid-argument, Rick decides to try and make it up to her. How? By canceling her plane ticket to California to go on a CROSS-COUNTRY FAMILY to college, much to Katie's dismay. Meanwhile, a tech mogul debuts his latest product, PAL MAX, an artificial assistant designed to replace the PAL APP. Heartbroken, the PAL APP takes control of the robots and unleashes the robot-apocalypse! Soon, the Mitchells are the only humans left uncaptured due to dumb luck more than any kind of real skill. Now, with the help of two recently defective PAL MAX robots, they set forth to free humanity from the clutches of the APP, preventing them from being launched into space with nothing but...FREE WIFI! I won't spoil the rest because this is a film you need to see to believe, and it's awesome! I absolutely loved this film, it is, in fact, near perfect. The voice cast was great, and the animation was a bit jerky in places but overall great. You can even see the little details the creators picked up from Spiderverse and used them in this movie. I'm so glad I saw that Corridor Crew in where they talked about how in Spiderverse, the filmmakers overlayed hand-drawn elements, the lines on the faces for example, onto the CGI models. That technique was used here, and I loved it! Where the movie shines, however, was within the story. Finally, a family animated film that puts heart and family first! I've been waiting for years for a film like this! It was just so well-handled without ever feeling overbearing to the plot. Normally, it would make a lesser film drag, slowing down the plot, but not here. Instead, what we get are moral lessons that help drive the plot forward rather than slow it down. The relationship between father and daughter is especially well done. They learn throughout the film to trust in each other, to accept one another for who they are. Katie learns to accept her father because of how much he's sacrificed for her, and Rick learns he made Katie feel held back and needed to let her grow as a person and let her live her life. That's good storytelling. Now, I said this film was NEAR-PERFECT, and it is. Why? Two main reasons why it's not PERFECT. 1. The film's use of foreshadowing was a bit overbearing. Yeah, the best example would be when Rick teaches Katie how to drive a stick. We all know that's going to be crucial later, so it becomes a bit predictable when it does happen during the climax. The foreshadowing isn't annoyingly predictable nor overused, so it's just a minor issue, and some elements help balance it out. The best example is when the robots glitch out trying to determine what the dog was, a dog, a pig, or a loaf of bread. I thought it would be a one-time gag, but then it becomes crucial for the climax, and I didn't see it coming. So again, minor issue. 2. The biggest issue, however, is that some elements were a bit cliche and predictable, apart from the foreshadowing aspect as discussed previously. Again, this is a minor issue, but it does add up, and this is mostly due to the marketing. The biggest example is the grand reveal of the villain. Of course, it was the PAL APP, who were they trying to fool? We just saw her reaction to being thrown away on stage, treated like literal garbage, so why did they try and disguise her voice in one scene? Also, they showed her BEING THE VILLAIN IN THE TRAILER! Why try to hide it when you already gave it away? Overall, this is a near-masterpiece of filmmaking and storytelling. It's weird, just like the titular family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. This was, by far, the funniest animated film I’ve seen since The Lego Movie. Total Score: 4.75 out of 5.0, NEAR PERFECT!...
A Very Important Errand“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Tyir poked their head out of Glaz’s knapsack.“Shhh. And keep your head down.” She hissed. “There’s people every where.”Her pocket-sized companion retreated into the bag. Glaz took a shaky breath. The bustling, open-air market was the last place she wanted to be, but the item she needed could only be purchased here. She saw signs advertising “brand name” clothing, homemade jam, and everything in between, but none for what she needed. Her knapsack squirmed. “Stop moving.” Glaz whispered. A man beside her gave her a funny look. “Sorry, excuse me, sorry.” She pushed past the crowd. Finally, she saw the gaudy sign she was looking for. Glaz anxiously approached the counter. “Hi, I just need one.” Glaz said, pointing at the bottom shelf. The old woman moved at a snails pace. She slowly peeled a piece of brown paper off the stack and unfolded it like her life depended on it. The item didn’t really need wrapping, but the woman carefully made a neat bundle as Glaz drummed her fingers on the counter. Finally, she was handed her purchase. Glaz threw the money down. “Keep the change!” She said as she hurried away.Her knapsack squirmed the whole way home. “Just be patient.” Glaz pleaded. “Please hurry.” The small voice replied. Glaz turned the corner onto her street. “Hey, Glazzie!” Her neighbor was sitting on his front porch.“Oh, hey- hi, Loff.”“Wanna play some video games?” Loff asked, jumping from his porch to hers. “My mom finally bought-““Sorry. I’m busy.”“But we’ve been talking about DestructoBotsVII for literally months.” Loff frowned. “Is everything okay?”“Yeah.” Glaz said, sidestepping her friend. Her pack was getting fussy. “We can play tomorrow.”Loff stuck his foot in the door before she could close it. “Seriously, we’re best buds, right? You can tell me anything.”“It’s no big deal.” Glaz felt her bag jerking around. “Glaz... please...” She heard a whimper in her pack.Loff looked behind her. “What’s in your knapsack?” “Nothing. I gotta-““Can I see? Is it a dog?!” “No, I-““Please, Glazzie! I won’t tell your mom about the dog, I swear.”“Loff, I love ya but now just isn’t the time.”“Aww, but is it a dog though? You can tell me.”“No, Loff, I’m gonna close the door now.”“But-““LET THE LADY CLOSE THE DOOR.” Came a high-pitched screech from Glaz’s bag. Her tiny companion was getting much bigger now, straining the straps of the knapsack and Glaz’s back. Tyir spilled out on the floor. It had gone from two inches tall to over two feet. Its black, fluffy body was heaving. “I HAVE A TUMMY ACHE AND I NEED MY MEDICINE.” It cried, horns glowing now.Glaz dragged Loff inside and slammed the door. “It’s okay, it’s okay!” She got the brown paper package out of her pocket with shaking hands. “What the heck.” Loff murmured. Tyir was visibly crying now. Its tiny, pink eyes blinked rapidly. “My tummy.”“I know.” Glaz said gently. She took the cellophane wrapped candy corns and dumped a few into her hand. Tyr scrambled over and lapped a few of them up with its white tongue. Once it had calmed down, it shrunk back down to size. Glaz softly rubbed Tyir’s stomach as it drifted off to sleep. It purred, almost like a kitten. Loff crouched down beside her, his curiosity outweighing his fear. “What- What is it?” “I think it’s some kind of demon.” Glaz whispered. “I found it in the bushes about a week ago. And its name is Tyir.”“A demon?” Loff said skeptically. Glaz shrugged. “I’ve been doing research. Apparently, there is a breed of demons that are small and fluffy. They can do magic and stuff because they’re cousins to Fae. Their volatile emotions make them hard to keep in captivity. But Tyir seems to like it here. It’s probably like a thousand years old, y’know.”“Wow.” Loff said. The two kids watched the sleeping demon for a while. “Wait.” Loff exclaimed suddenly. “You’ve known that demons existed for a whole week and you didn’t tell me?! This is even better than you getting a dog. Just wait until your mom finds out.”Glaz smirked. “Mom said no dogs; She said nothing about demons.”

Mature Content

Ancient Lovers ReunitedThe anticipated exhibit finally arrived at the city museum. Numerous folks were anxious to see the sarcophagus and mummy of Prince Snefre, an Egyptian prince who lived and died approximately 4,000 years ago. At last, the exhibit was officially open, and a crowd flooded in to see the deceased prince. The sarcophagus was painted in gold and covered with hieroglyphics indicating the prince’s name, title, and other necessary information for his journey in the afterlife. The mummy was bound tightly in gauze and uncovered from the shoulders up. The facial features were withered and dried, but well preserved. The nose, lips, and closed eyes were in ideal condition for a 4,000-year-old corpse, even if it had been thoroughly embalmed. Guests and news reporters flashed their cameras at the mummy and sarcophagus. After a couple hours, the museum’s top curator who was also an Egyptologist gave a presentation for the reporters and the rest of the crowd. He had read the hieroglyphics on the golden sarcophagus and discovered a peculiar message: “Osiris, please welcome our beloved Prince Snefre into paradise, and please forgive him too. He was a good boy but brought shame to his family.” The top curator mentioned this to the reporters. “It’s a very odd message indeed. Prince Snefre obviously didn’t commit any crimes, but he supposedly shamed his family somehow, which of course would’ve been a severe offense in and of itself. We’ll definitely look into and study this as hard as possible.” Standing on the other side of the large room, a teen boy seemed to be…heartbroken. His parents and a couple other folks, a guy and gal who were a few years older than him, all embraced the saddened teen. His parents and the other two companions seemed to mourn as well. But then, the guy’s father whispered, “Don’t you worry my son, tonight we will finally accomplish what we’ve been waiting for all these countless years!” His mother and the other accompanying pair all smiled and nodded, tears forming in their dark eyes. The teenager smiled back and nodded, holding back a sob. Later that night when the museum was closed and the time was nearing midnight, one of the building’s back doors slowly swung open, despite being locked and secured. Then, this very same group entered. After they were all inside, the anxious guy’s father waved his hand and recited a strange chant. With that, the door slowly closed and then locked again! Upon noticing the security cameras, which were facing away from the intruders, at least for a few more seconds, the man waved both his hands and recited another chant. Then, the cameras stopped moving! Everyone nodded at each other, then made their way through the museum, toward the exhibit of Prince Snefre! At last, the group arrived and began gazing at the royal mummy. After a silent moment, the youngest member of the group began sobbing. “It’s definitely him! I’d recognize his handsome features no matter what!” His parents and the other two held him tightly. “We all recognize him, my dear,” his mother said softly. “But now, everything is ready. We just need to wait a few more minutes until the stroke of midnight!” Tears still streaming down his cheeks, the teen grinned upon hearing this reminder, and even jumped for joy! The other four smiled warmly as he did so. Then, the father pulled a scroll out from under his long jacket, and a vial with some type of liquid. He removed the lid from the vial and stood beside the sarcophagus, gazing intently at the mummified prince. The others’ hearts were all pumping fiercely with excitement, especially the youngest one. At last, the huge clock in the room struck midnight! In one hand the father held the scroll, which he began reading and reciting out loud in perfect ancient Egyptian. In the other hand he held the vial, and was pouring its contents over the mummy while reading the scroll aloud. Everybody else looked on in anticipation. Finally, when the clock was done ringing and the man had already completed the recitations and emptied the vial’s liquid on to the preserved prince…the mummy’s closed eyes started to twitch! Then small movement was noticed beneath the gauze; the mummy’s fingers were also starting to twitch! Then all of a sudden, the deceased prince let out a deafening screech! The entire group covered their ears and dropped to the floor. After the screeching ceased, they slowly uncovered their ears and stood back up. Each individual gasped in surprise, amazement, and excitement! Slowly but surely, the mummy was…changing in appearance. The withered gauze began ripping, as the dried corpse began filling out. The skin and tissues were regaining moisture. The discolored skin was also turning a pinkish and tan shade. The lips were also filling out and becoming a normal tone, while the light and thin hair began to thicken and darken! Suddenly, the transforming mummy let out another loud shriek. This time, it was filled with pain and discomfort. They also noticed the body convulsing and contorting, and the facial expression tensing up. Yes, of course this regeneration was painful. The eyes still closed, the now-living corpse arched its back and wailed in misery. Then, its arms completely tore free from the wrappings and held on to the sides of its head. Of course! The brain was slowly growing back, while the linens and spices filling the eviscerated abdomen were rearranging and turning into viscera, which was then reconnecting to the rest of the body! The still changing mummy released another pain-filled shriek. Tears forming in his eyes, the adolescent guy tried to reach out and embrace the suffering prince, but his parents held him back. “No, Kanefer. We must wait for the regeneration to become complete,” his mother whispered, though her heart also ached for the transforming mummy. Kanefer nodded his head, but then fell to his knees in despair. His parents and remaining two companions kneeled beside him to offer their own comfort. They all continued listening to the corpse’s moans. Just then, the moans and wails started to alter! They were becoming less raspy and dry, and more…healthy. Next thing everyone knew, the moans and wails completely stopped, and were replaced by heavy panting. They all exchanged glances and nodded at each other, before standing back up. Upon doing so, the whole group cried out with joy! Prince Snefre was no longer a decaying withered mummy, but was a fully living human being once more! His tan skin practically glowed while he continued panting heavily. Kanefer quickly placed his hand on the prince’s bare chest. Yes, his heart was well and beating! The jubilant guy also noticed that the newly resurrected prince’s eyes were still mostly closed and barely open. He was blinking continuously. No doubt it would take a little while to recover from being dead for 4,000 years! Kanefer wrapped his arms around Prince Snefre and pulled him up for a tight embrace. As he held the royal close, Kanefer gently ran a hand through the prince’s thick black hair. His parents and the guy and gal duo cried with happiness. Just then, in the ancient Egyptian language, Prince Snefre weakly stuttered, “W…W…What is…going on? W…W…Where…am I? I…am…supposed to…be dead.” Kanefer pulled away and gently held on to the prince’s shoulders. “Well, you were dead. For 4,000 years, believe it or not. But you’re alive once more, and now we can remain together!” The joyful teen then leaned in, and gave the dazed prince a tender kiss on his lips! His father and the younger male companion whistled, while his mother and the younger female hugged each other as they shed tears of happiness. The resurrected royal’s eyes widened. He slowly pulled away, and stared at the other adolescent. His voice still weak, the prince stuttered, “Is it…really you…K-K-Kanefer?!” The boy nodded his head emphatically, and pulled a pendant out from under his shirt. Then Kanefer laid his hand on the pendant Snefre wore around his neck, and after leaning in closer he pressed their identical pendants together. The royal looked down, and then his eyes beamed with bliss! He returned his gaze to the other teen before him. After studying his appearance for another minute, Snefre cried, “Y-Y-Yes…it is you!” Then he practically forced another passionate kiss on the other’s lips. Kanefer didn’t mind though, and he stroked both hands through the newly grown black hair. After reluctantly pulling away from the loving hug, Prince Snefre’s eyes beamed again when he noticed the others who were also present. He first looked at his lover’s parents, and asked, “Pakhom? Meresamun?” The couple bowed their heads in respect, and Kanefer’s mother replied, “Yes, it is us, my prince! Words cannot describe how happy we are now.” The newly risen royal then glanced at the other duo, and asked, “Mayet, and Idu?” The guy and gal also bowed their heads in reverence, then nodded excitedly. The prince smiled warmly. Even after so many centuries, these confidants were loyal and supportive. Mayet and Idu were twins, and servants in the palace. They were a few years older than the prince himself, so they practically grew up with him. Snefre considered them his own siblings. They also grew up with Kanefer, whose father Pakhom was the top scribe of the prince’s parents, Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy. He had also studied mysticism and magic for quite a while. His wife Meresamun was the royal physician. As a result of Pakhom and Meresamun having such prominent roles in the pharaoh’s court, their son Kanefer also spent much of his time in the palace, and was Snefre’s closest playmate. But as the boys got older, they became more intimate than just playmates. Upon gaining…manly features, they were both attracted to each other instantly. Kanefer was too afraid to make the first move, since Snefre was the prince. But luckily for him, one day in the prince’s living quarters Snefre surprised him with a kiss on the cheek. Kanefer responded by also giving a kiss…on the lips! Prince Snefre grinned, then pulled his longtime companion toward the bed, and within seconds the boys were snuggling. A few months into their new relationship, twin servants Mayet and Idu accidentally walked in on the young lovers cuddling in the prince’s bed! Snefre and Kanefer immediately started to panic. The royal was just about to command (more like beg) his longtime servants to say absolutely nothing to anyone. But to his and Kanefer’s surprise, Mayet squealed and jumped, clasping her hands together! “Ooh, this is so sweet and adorable!”, she exclaimed. Her brother Idu merely nodded his head in agreement, then whistled and raised his eyebrows at the younger boys. The lovers turned bright red, then let out huge sighs of relief. For the next few years, the twins kept this secret to themselves as promised. Shortly after Prince Snefre celebrated his 15th birthday, his parents had a serious discussion with him. Since he was their oldest son and heir to the throne, it was now time to plan a wedding…his wedding! “W-What?!”, a shocked Snefre stuttered. “I know it doesn’t seem possible,” Queen Nebettawy said gently. “But you’re already 15 years old. As heir to the throne of Egypt, it’s very important that you get married as soon as possible so that you can start carrying on the bloodline.” “That’s right, son,” said Pharaoh Irihar. “Producing heirs is one of a pharaoh’s major responsibilities.” Prince Snefre backed away, his heart pounding. Then he inquired, “Can I have some time alone now?” “Yes, of course,” Pharaoh Irihar replied. After exiting, the prince ran to the other side of the palace toward his bedchamber. Upon arriving in his quarters, the teen prince flopped down on his bed and sobbed softly. Before long, Kanefer entered. Upon seeing his beloved crying, he rushed to the bedside and laid beside him. “What’s wrong, my love?”, Kanefer asked, deeply worried. Snefre looked up at the other adolescent, and replied, “My parents just informed me, that I need to start planning my own wedding. Since I’m heir to the throne, I’m obligated to carry on the bloodline. You know what this means, right?” Kanefer’s jaw dropped, then he stammered, “You must marry a girl…which means we cannot be together!” The prince nodded, then added, “Well, I could still have you on the side. But if I can’t have you as my number one…” Snefre broke down sobbing again and buried his face in his boyfriend’s chest. Kanefer wrapped him in a tight hug, and was also beginning to weep. Mayet and Idu walked by the entrance, and upon hearing the lovers crying together they rushed into the prince’s room. The twins were also shocked and saddened upon learning the news. Early the next morning, the twins re-entered Prince Snefre’s bedchamber to wake him. Idu gently shook his body, but them jumped back and gasped! It was then, Mayet noticed a note at the prince’s side, and an empty goblet. The servants screamed in horror and heartache, and ran out into the hall. “Prince Snefre is dead! Prince Snefre is dead!”, they both screamed. Within minutes Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy hastily arrived, along with numerous other servants and other palace officials. “What?! No, it can’t be!”, the queen shrieked. But after entering her oldest son’s room and going to his bedside, and seeing his limp body along with the note and goblet, she knew in her broken heart that Snefre had committed suicide by ingesting poison. Nebettawy let out a deafening scream of despair and fell to her knees. “My son, my heir and oldest son…”, Irihar stuttered when he joined his queen at her side. He was too choked up to say anything else. The pharaoh then picked up the note. It read: “I cannot and will not go through with getting married and producing more heirs for our family line. I already love someone with all my heart, but obviously he’s unable to have children with me. If I cannot have him as my number one, then I refuse to go on living. Please understand, and please forgive me.” Irihar’s eyes widened. He slowly dropped to his knees, and laid his head on the sheets. Suddenly, another devastated scream sounded, followed by Kanefer running into his lover’s bedchamber, his parents following to try and stop him. The teen choked up at the sight of his prince’s lifeless body. He covered Snefre’s body with his own, wailing and sobbing uncontrollably. Pakhom and Meresamun could only stand back and watch, as they also started crying in despair at Snefre’s death and their own son’s heartbreak. Within a few hours, preparations for the elaborate funerary practices began. As Snefre’s corpse was being carried away to be mummified, Kanefer whispered, “I’ll always love and miss you!” Later that evening, Pakhom and Meresamun sat down with their grieving son. Pakhom stated, “I understand that Prince Snefre was already in love, but unable to be with this person because they’re also a boy and therefore unable to produce future heirs with him. The prince refused to continue living if he couldn’t be with his true love.” “Okay…where did you hear that?”, Kanefer inquired, trying not to give himself away. His father replied, “I overheard Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy talking about the note he left. Then I remembered your grief and reactions upon seeing the prince. I went to the temple of Amun-Ra, and received a vision from Amun-Ra himself. What I suspected was correct…you and Prince Snefre were deeply in love for quite some time.” His son gasped, and cried, “Do you hate me? Is the pharaoh going to have us executed?!” “No, of course we don’t hate you. We love you, and always will!” Meresamun cried. Then Pakhom continued, “Amun-Ra also informed me in the vision, that servants Mayet and Ibu had been aware of your relationship, and supported you both. As a result, Amun-Ra wants all three of us, along with Mayet and Idu, to carry out a task.” The scribe then placed a large heavy jar on the table. He went on to explain that Amun-Ra had given him the ingredients for a powerful potion, which grants temporary immortality to anyone who consumes it. The deity wanted them to drink this potion, then afterward hide out in a tomb, where upon being deprived of the sun they’d go into a deep sleep for several centuries. When the time was right, Amun-Ra himself would awaken the prince’s lover and supporters, then give them further instructions. Kanefer was anxious. He then inquired, “What did Amun-Ra mean, temporary immortality?” “He didn’t specify,” Pakhom answered, “But he will explain after awakening us in the future, he promised me that as well.” His wife and son both nodded in understanding and agreement. Kanefer went to find Mayet and Idu. After locating the servant twins, he filled them in on his father’s story and asked them to follow him back to his parents. The brother and sister gladly obeyed. Upon rejoining his scribe father and physician mother, the entire group each took turns drinking from the jar of potion. Becoming immortal was very tense, to say the least. Afterward, Pakhom wrote a letter to the pharaoh and queen, stating their son was overcome with grief at the prince’s death and he and his wife were taking him away because the palace held too many painful memories. He also wrote that Mayet and Idu were joining the family, because they were also being tormented by painful memories brought on by being in the palace. Early the next morning with the sun’s first light, the group silently exited the palace. Pakhom left the letter on a table near the entrance. They walked toward the location of many tombs, which was a lengthy hike. After finally arriving, the scribe and physician, their son, and the twin servants found a tomb large enough to hide all five of them. They entered the tomb and found a back hidden chamber. Perfect! Before long, the group drifted off into a centuries-long deep sleep. At last, Amun-Ra appeared to the scribe and the others in a shared dream. It was finally time for them to awaken from the lengthy slumber. The deity then explained what he meant by temporary immortality. The group would all become mortal and therefore normal human beings again, when Prince Snefre was rescued from death and reunited with Kanefer in person. Hearing this filled the adolescent guy with extreme excitement and joy! But Amun-Ra said they wouldn’t be resurrecting the prince right away. The world was very different now than it was during their time, and they needed to spend time learning the new ways, seeing new things, and going to new places. This would allow them to help Prince Snefre re-adjust to the world of the living. The deity then notified the group that he would appear in future visions as well with any new instructions and updates. Before Amun-Ra vanished, Kanefer asked in a pleading tone, “Please almighty Amun-Ra, tell me how Prince Snefre is doing in the afterlife? Did he make it to paradise?” The god smiled warmly, then explained that Snefre’s soul had been in a deep serene slumber as well, just like he and the others had been. He was not suffering or condemned, but his soul was safe and comfortable. Kanefer gave Amun-Ra sincere thanks, and the deity smiled again and winked at him. After waking up from this shared dream, the group spent the next five decades adjusting to the modern world, and traveling to see other places. As promised, Amun-Ra appeared in more visions every now and then. During the final vision, which was the night right before Prince Snefre’s mummy and sarcophagus arrived at the museum, Amun-Ra not only notified them of this significant even, but he also left a scroll and liquid-filled vial for Pakhom. The very same scroll that he recited from, and the very same vial he poured over the mummy! And finally, here they all were! The newly resurrected Prince Snefre and his long-awaiting paramour Kanefer, finally reunited. The lovers continued hugging and giving passionate kisses after the others filled their prince in on what happened after his death, while Pakhom, Meresamun, Mayet, and Idu all watched with happiness in their hearts. After a while, Snefre attempted to stand up, only to stumble! Luckily Kanefer was still right there and caught him. Pakhom was just about to approach and help the prince step out of the sarcophagus, when the group was startled by the sound of the main entrance opening, followed by numerous sets of footsteps! To their horror, the footsteps were coming right toward Snefre’s exhibit! “Oh no, the museum is already open!”, Mayet cried, speaking English this time. Prince Snefre shot her a confused expression. Adding to the risen royal’s confusion, the others all darted behind the sarcophagus and crouched low to the floor. A frantic Kanefer blurted out to the prince, in English, “Please, get down so nobody sees you!” But of course the prince had no idea what his love or Mayet just said. Just then, a loud voice boomed, “What in the world do you think you’re doing?!” The voice was followed by several gasps and cries of bewilderment. Prince Snefre immediately turned toward the other side of the large room. There stood the top curator, a few security guards and news reporters, and several more visitors. They all gawked at the sight of this young guy who was sitting inside the sarcophagus of all places. A few visitors then took photos on their cell phones. When the prince didn’t reply, the curator again demanded, “What are you doing?! How did you even get in here?!” Snefre merely tilted his head in confusion. Then he tried to stand up again, only to lose his balance and stumble back into the sarcophagus. This time, the crowd actually laughed. Yes, the royal was still adjusting to having a normal living body again.The curator and security guards were beginning to approach the sarcophagus, when Prince Snefre sat back up again, and spoke in flawless ancient Egyptian. “What are you saying, and what are you doing? Don’t you know who I am?” The curator and guards all stopped in their tracks, stunned. The news reporters and visitors looked on with awe and amusement. Then the reporters started flashing their cameras, while more visitors also continued taking photos. Prince Snefre was rather intrigued by this. He stared in amazement at the cameras and cell phones folks were holding up and pointing at him, and at the small flashes they produced. Then he spoke up again. “Do you all realize who I am? Why aren’t any of you kneeling and bowing?” The only response was more gasps and cries of amusement. Now starting to get irritated, Prince Snefre began to stand up again, and this time he succeeded! The stares, gapes, and cries of awe only increased. This boy had a few ripped mummy bandages dangling from his body. Other than that his handsome form was bare, except for the pendant and a linen skirt, which was common for guys in ancient Egypt. The curator, guards, reporters, and all the rest merely continued gawking. “I guess he’s really into the role of an ancient Egyptian prince!”, a woman chuckled, her friends nodding in agreement and chuckling as well. Prince Snefre glanced toward her direction. “What did you say?” By now, the curator and security guards had enough. They started coming closer to the sarcophagus, when suddenly the fire alarm went off! All the others cried out in surprise, then everybody immediately started walking back toward the main entrance. Within seconds, the large room was finally clear again. Snefre frantically glanced around, wondering what this noise was and why it scared the crowd away. Just then, he felt a pair of hands spin him around. It was Pakhom. His paramour’s father then lifted the resurrected prince out of the sarcophagus. After the boy was standing on the floor, Pakhom draped his long jacket around Snefre’s shoulders. Then the scribe and everyone else quickly led him to the same back door they entered earlier. Pakhom recited the same chant as before and waved his hand, and once again the door swung open. Once they were all outside, the scribe closed the door with the same spell. Then everyone led their revived prince through an alleyway at the back of the museum. Finally, they arrived at a large red van. Needless to say, Snefre was very intrigued. As everybody got in the van, Kanefer reminded his boyfriend, “The world of the living is a lot different today in so many ways than it was 4,000 years ago. We’ll teach you all there is, such as using vehicles like this one, and speaking, reading, and writing modern languages. The most significant modern language you’ll learn is English, which is what those folks in the building were speaking, and what you briefly heard myself and Mayet speak.” By now they were all seated and buckled in. Once Pakhom turned on the engine, Prince Snefre jumped and yelped in surprise. Kanefer chuckled, then held the prince’s hand and said, “I know, it’s all very strange at first. But please try not to get scared! Like I said, we’re going to teach and show you all there is.” Then he cupped his other hand under his lover’s chin, and pulled him in for a soft kiss. Snefre responded by wrapping his arms around the other adolescent and pulling him closer! “Alright you lovebirds, try to settle down!”, Meresamun joked. The boys merely smirked and rolled their eyes. Pakhom snickered as he drove the van, while Mayet and Idu grinned and raised their eyebrows. 30 minutes later, Pakhom pulled into the driveway of a large green house. Prince Snefre was impressed by what he saw so far. “Is this where you all live now?”, he inquired. “Yes, it is,” Meresamun replied. “This will also be your residence from now on.” She gave her son’s beloved a warm smile. The prince blushed in return. When the group went inside the house, Snefre was awestruck by everything he saw! Everyone showed him the kitchen, dining room, living room, basement, and the upstairs, which had four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. There was beige carpet throughout the home, and the walls were painted tan. Prince Snefre then noticed, that there were four bedrooms, even though there would now be six residents. He glanced at Pakhom and inquired, “If I may ask, who does each bedroom belong to?” Nobody minded the inquiry though, and Pakhom and Meresamun showed the prince their bedroom, then he saw Mayet’s, followed by Idu’s, and then Kanefer’s. Snefre then commented, “They all look wonderful and cozy indeed. But where will I sleep?” The others gave each other sly looks, then Kanefer took his paramour’s hand and announced, “You’ll be sharing the same room…and bed, with me!” Prince Snefre’s heart fluttered and he turned bright red. Everyone couldn’t help but giggle at the sight. Within minutes, Meresamun and Mayet went to prepare breakfast, while Kanefer, Pakhom, and Idu led Snefre into the bathroom of his and Kanefer’s bedroom, and got their prince cleaned up. After getting the royal teen cleaned and dried off, Idu loaned him one of his bathrobes, made of navy-blue silk. As Idu dressed the prince with his robe, Snefre glanced around to get a better look at the bedroom he’d be sharing with his beloved. The bed was spacious, with burgundy pillows and sheets. There was a large brown dresser, and a table beside the head of the bed. Meresamun and Mayet had prepared pancakes for breakfast. Prince Snefre was anxious to try this new food, which was also covered with butter and syrup. It proved to be very tasty! The prince began snarfing his pancakes down. “Easy there, don’t choke!”, Meresamun laughed as she patted his back. After the satisfying breakfast of butter and syrup-covered pancakes, Kanefer and the servants showed Snefre the television, radio, and computer. They did a wonderful job of explaining this new technology. After they settled and sat down on the couch, Mayet and Idu decided to watch the news on TV. After switching to a local news channel, they saw that the earlier incident at the museum was the number one story! “Mom, dad, come here now!”, Kanefer called. His parents rushed into the living room, and they saw their story on the news too. Footage was shown outside of the museum, then inside what used to be Prince Snefre’s exhibit. Pictures were shown as well, including the sarcophagus which was now empty, except for all the ripped wrappings. Thanks to Pakhom’s abilities he gained from studying magic and mysticism, there was no evidence found of any break-in or intruder. It was also discovered that all of the security cameras mysteriously stopped working during the night. They also mentioned the strange boy who was seen sitting inside the golden sarcophagus. It was also revealed that all the pictures taken by visitors and news reporters, turned out blurry or blank! The group let out long sighs of relief. “Thank you, Amun-Ra!”, Pakhom exclaimed in gratitude. The news team then discussed the fire alarm going off inside the museum, for no apparent reason. The scribe chuckled and said, “That was my doing too.” Later that day, Prince Snefre also learned that the last day of school for the year was merely a few days before the anticipated exhibit arrived. Therefore, he had all summer to learn even more about the modern world. Later that night after everyone in the household went to bed, Amun-Ra appeared in another shared dream. “A job very well done, I congratulate all of you! It was definitely worth it. You’re all mortal again now, and normal human beings again. You’ll all live long, healthy and fulfilling lives. You, Prince Snefre, will share all the rest of your long and fulfilling life with Kanefer, and nothing and nobody will ever come between you two ever again!” The god then glanced to his side and motioned with his hand for someone to step forward. To everyone’s surprise, Pharaoh Irihar and Queen Nebettawy appeared at his side! The pharaoh spoke up. “My dear son, I’m so sorry for accusing you of bringing us shame! Kanefer has proven to be most loyal and dedicated to you. That’s all we could ever want for whoever captured your heart.” Next, the queen spoke. “Kanefer has also proven to bring your heart pure joy, just like you bring his heart pure joy. Such love and devotion are truly very rare. We are so happy for you to start anew!” Irihar and Nebettawy then thanked all the others for their support and devotion to their resurrected son, and congratulated Pakhom and Meresamun for raising such a pure boy. When the shared dream ended, all the household’s residents were shedding tears under their closed eyes! From then on, Snefre and Kanefer’s affection and devotion remained as strong as ever, as did the support of Pakhom, Meresamun, Mayet, and Idu. Snefre spent the rest of the summer learning about the modern world, including the English language. He was an eager and fast learner, just like the others. Of course everyone also made sure Snefre had free time this summer, so he could have fun and create good memories like others his age when school is out for the summer. That fall when school started again, Snefre got enrolled along with Kanefer. The prince was introduced to students, teachers, and school administrators as Pakhom and Meresamun’s new foster child. Kanefer was quite well-liked among his peers and teachers, so naturally everyone was eager to get to know his new “brother.” Countless folks gazed at the prince in admiration, his masculine beauty seemed almost otherworldly. Snefre performed extremely well academically, just like Kanefer. Both guys were also athletic and played on their high school’s sports teams. After long days of studying, homework, sports games, and other things that come with being in high school, Snefre and Kanefer relaxed in the comfort of their modern home, completed by the lovers snuggling in bed during the evening before dozing off. After graduating from high school with honors, the guys both went to the same elite college together. Just like Amun-Ra promised, Snefre and Kanefer lived long, healthy, and fulfilling lives (along with Pakhom, Meresamun, Mayet, and Idu), and nobody and nothing ever came between them....

Mature Content

Mature Content

Dark Romance
Bride of DeathThe unseen entity slowly flew over the streets of a medieval city. He was widely feared and hated, despite providing a necessary service and bringing most mortals to eternal peace and joy. This entity was Death himself. On this particular clear and quiet evening, Death was approaching a huge elaborate mansion belonging to an influential high-ranking family. Upon arriving on the premises, Death floated to the backside of the large building, going to the living quarters of this lord and lady’s daughter. She was their sole surviving offspring, and famous throughout the land for her beauty, charm, innocence and purity. She was known as “the maiden with the body and intellect of an adult, but the loving heart and personality of a child.” Finally, Death arrived at the lovely woman’s balcony. Inside her chambers, a few female servants were tending to the maiden, who was filled with joy and excitement. Tomorrow she was to be married to the son of a local count. The couple had courted for a while now, and were finally getting married…at least, that’s what everyone thought and planned on. Invisible as the air surrounding him, Death gazed at the jubilant gal whose servants were assisting her with picking out tomorrow’s jewelry, hair accessories, and the dress itself. The lord and lady’s daughter had many fine dresses and other belongings, and it was difficult to make just one selection for her anticipated big day. Finally, the lady servants and their mistress decided on a long-sleeved white dress with a red bodice and adorned with red ribbons, and a matching headpiece consisting of a gold circlet encrusted with white and red gemstones, and a red veil attached on the back. “Yes, this will do perfectly!”, the excited bride exclaimed. Just then, the lady of the household called for these lady servants. Before exiting the chamber with the others, the last remaining servant turned toward her mistress and said, “You should hurry and put on your nightgown, if you sleep with this dress on you’re bound to put wrinkles in it! We’ll be back first thing tomorrow morning to dress you though. Good night and pleasant dreams, my mistress!” The maiden smiled and bid her a goodnight as well. After this servant closed the door, the joyful maiden continued looking in the mirror, still admiring tomorrow’s selected outfit. Finally, she went to her bedside to change into her nightgown. Suddenly, a strong but gentle wind blew through the bride’s room. The candles and lamps immediately flickered out. The maiden sighed and went to close the doors of her balcony. After doing so, she spun around back toward her bed, and gasped! Right before her stood a tall shape, garbed in a black cloak and hood. She couldn’t see any facial or other features, but the frightened gal could tell this intruder was a male. Before the maiden could scream, this unknown man placed a finger over her rose-red lips. His touch was chilly, but tender. He studied her entire appearance, from the long and raven-black hair and bright blue eyes to the shape of her busty breasts, and to the contour of her curved hips. Yes indeed, this lovely maiden had the most appealing form ever gazed upon by the unwelcome entity. Death immediately knew that had he been a mortal man, he’d be experiencing extreme arousal right now! Just then, the voluptuous lady began whimpering in fear. Did she somehow know he’d been checking out her feminine features? She was frightened by his sudden visit and spooky appearance, that was for sure. Death merely glided to her side, then placed an arm around her waist before leading the betrothed gal to her bed. He sat her down on the side, and then sat by her. The entity placed his finger over her lips again; the trembling bride merely nodded and began shedding silent tears. Death gently wiped the tears off her cheeks, then he ran his chilly fingers through her jet-black hair. Next, he massaged her shoulders, and then glided his cold hands down her sides. How invigorating it was to actually feel that curvy body, without violating her! The maiden stayed silent, occasionally whimpering and shedding a tear. The next thing she knew, Death gently pushed her down on the bed, then wrapped the beautiful mortal in a tight embrace. Then to her bewilderment, the entity lowered his featureless face to hers, and claimed her lips with a passionate kiss! The maiden actually closed her eyes in bliss. After a moment, Death pinned her shoulders to the bed while keeping her lips covered with his. The gal didn’t think anything of it…until she suddenly felt a few weird sensations in her body! The lovely maiden’s breath and heart rate drastically decreased. She felt herself become overwhelmed with a whole new level of fatigue, and sensed her joints slowly going stiff. Then, a freezing chill jolted and settled throughout her body! Her blood…she couldn’t explain it, but the beautiful mortal knew her blood was beginning to congeal! Her eyes shot open! “No, no! Please, no…,” she begged, but to no avail. The entity wrapped his arms around her again, this time nearly crushing her delicate form, before giving her another kiss, only this one was swifter, and…sharper! Then, she felt a strange sensation in her pelvic area. The blood there was rapidly congealing of course, but there was a stinging tingling as well. Just then, the terrified bride felt all this discomfort instantly go away. Then she felt this visitor pull her up and stand her on her feet. The maiden slowly opened her eyes. “What just happened?”, she asked. Death slowly pointed toward her bed. She looked over, and screamed in despair! The maiden herself was laying on her bed! But how could that be?... Then she reached for her bed and attempted to grab on to the blankets…but her hands passed right through the textiles! The desperate gal cried out again, and brought her hands to her face before glancing down at the rest of her body. She was completely transparent! Now it clicked…she was dead, and her ghost was standing beside her physical body! The newly deceased ghost lost it; she fell to her knees and screamed in agony. Alas, her wailing was unheard by everyone else in the mansion. Death merely looked on, allowing her to express her devastated disbelief. After several minutes of screaming and weeping, the maiden’s spirit slowly stood back up. Then she turned back toward the entity. “Are you, Death itself?” The visitor gave a solemn nod. The departed soul then glared, and hissed, “Why did you do this to me?! I was supposed to get married tomorrow, and my parents were supposed to…” Death raised a finger to his unseen lips, while placing another finger on hers. Then he wrapped his arms around her delicate shoulders, and said in a soft hoarse whisper, “The world is too cruel, for a pure and lovely gem like you. Time would’ve caught up too. Besides, you may not know now, but yourself and your doting parents will gain the intangible gift of fame throughout history…now that you are my bride, dear one!” The beautiful ghost gasped. “What do you mean, I’m your bride?” Death pulled her toward him. Grasping one hand on the back of her neck and the other around her waist, he practically smothered the soul with a new kiss, and tightly pressed his form on to hers. Suddenly, the departed spirit noticed that same stinging feeling in her pelvic area. She gasped again, and her eyes widened. Death merely nodded at her in acknowledgement. The fair soul shook, and she began weeping again. Her supernatural sudden mate held her close. The entity gave her tender kisses on her forehead, cheeks, chin, and the top of her neck. Then he gently stroked his fingers through her beautiful spectral hair. His beloved suddenly let out a long sigh, then whispered, “Well, at least you’re a sweet and charming lover.” She sensed him smiling warmly at her. “Thank you, my lovely bride,” he replied. Then he slowly waved his fingers in front of her eyes. The lovely ghost smiled, then closed her eyes as she began to faint. Her paranormal groom swiftly caught her in his arms. He smiled at his sleeping ghost bride before carrying her to the balcony, passing through the doors as he did so. Then he carried her off to where her corpse would soon be laid to rest. Early the following morning, the same female servants who assisted her the night before entered their mistress’s chamber. They were puzzled to see her laying on the bed and still wearing the dress and headpiece they selected together. They approached her bedside, and announced “Time to get up, madam! Today is the big day!” But she didn’t stir. The servants gaped in confusion, then cried out in horror! The same one who bid her goodnight the previous evening, shook her mistress’s shoulder. She quickly pulled her hand back. Then this servant placed one hand on the bride’s chest, and the other hand on her neck. She quickly pulled away again, and screamed. The other lady servants broke down sobbing; what they feared was true, their beautiful mistress was dead! At that minute, the lord and lady of the household came rushing into their daughter’s quarters. They ran to her side. Upon realizing she was in fact deceased, the grieving parents fell to their knees and buried their faces in the blankets of their daughter’s bed. Within moments, the groom and the priest who was to officiate the wedding also arrived. The groom gawked in heartbreak at the sight of her lifeless body. Tears formed in his dark eyes, and he wept alongside the mournful parents of his beloved. The priest was shocked and saddened, but he blessed the corpse with holy water and performed a few other rituals at her side, including prayer. Within the hour, the departed maiden was laid on an ornate bier and carried to the city’s biggest cathedral, her grieving fiancé, parents, and countless other mourners following the bier. An elegant requiem was held inside the cathedral, then the fair corpse was carried to her family’s large crypt, and finally laid to rest. A white cloth covered the slab where she was laid, and a couple matching pillows also helped her look at peace. The deceased maiden was then covered with a thin sheet of transparent gauze. Within minutes, the crypt was closed and emptied of living beings once more. After the crypt was closed and abandoned again, Death appeared from the shadows, his spectral paramour still sleeping in his arms. He floated over the where the beautiful corpse was laid. Then the entity slowly placed the disembodied soul back inside her physical body, then covered her form with his and delivered another passionate kiss. She let out a sharp gasp, and for a second it seemed like the maiden was resurrected. But though her lips, cheeks, and skin quickly regained a natural healthy tone, she did not begin breathing, nor did her heart begin beating. Her flesh, although back to a pinkish color, remained cold to the touch. Death’s mortal bride remained dead, though with her eternally slumbering soul reunited with her physical body, the maiden regained her beauty for which she was known while alive. And no matter how much time passed, decay would never damage her. In fact, as more of her kin inevitably died and were placed in the same tomb, it was noticed that this particular corpse remained as fresh and lovely as the day she was laid to rest. This was noted and passed down among the clergy for several years. On the 100th anniversary of the sudden unforeseen death, the current bishop decided to enter the tomb and see for himself. Much to his astonishment, even after a full century the “most beautiful maiden’s corpse” was untouched by decomposition. The bishop met with several priests and friars, and they all sent word to the Pope. One day the Pope himself visited the cathedral, and the bishop, priests, and friars all accompanied him into the crypt. The Pope was unable to believe his eyes! “This truly is a miracle!”, he exclaimed, “The likes of which I’ve never seen before in all my years!” To share this miracle with others, the lovely corpse of Death’s bride was moved from her family’s tomb, then placed in a glass coffin inside the very same cathedral where her requiem was performed 100 years earlier. Local residents and visitors from all across the land, and after many more years passed, from all around the world, flocked to see the “most beautiful maiden’s corpse” inside her glass coffin at the cathedral. Every detail about her remained perfect and intact, even her busty breasts and curvy hips. Every now and then a physician would confirm that the body was authentic and not a wax or other fake creation. Nevertheless, because of the incorrupt corpse of Death’s bride, numerous folks became devout believers. Just like Death promised her on that fateful night, the bride and her parents gained a priceless intangible gift…fame throughout history. Her parents became known for bringing into the world, such a beautiful, charming, and pure maiden, that Death itself could not, or would not damage her no matter how much time passed. Of course, this was not entirely wrong. Before that fateful evening, Death made a deal with the Supreme Being himself. Death promised that if he could take this beautiful mortal as his wife, and her remains would never decompose, the Supreme Being would receive all the glory, worship, and admiration. The Supreme Being immediately accepted, and it was decided that upon the lovely mortal’s upcoming death, her soul would be put into an eternal slumber, and once reunited with the body, her sleeping spirit would restore the natural beauty, but not resurrect. Both ethereal beings were pleased with the outcome! The Supreme Being had a drastic increase in worship and praise. And ever since that particular evening, and the day she was first laid in the crypt, Death, while not busy, would lay beside his beloved and admire her charming beauty. Numerous times he caressed her hair, glided his fingers over her irresistible curves, and even gave soft massages all over her large beautiful breasts. She was indeed his wife now, but no matter how kinky he decided to get in his actions, Death was always gentle and tender while being passionate. And he still is a sweet gentleman to his eternally slumbering mate....
Knuckles x Rouge Echidna-Bat love (by James M) by cvgwjames
Darth Maul (by James M) by cvgwjames
Sticks Rouge (by James M) by cvgwjames
Identity WipeOriginal Identity: Sandra Lirik“There’s no way you can help me vanish tonight?” “I’m sorry, ma’am.” The coordinator tilted his head to face Sandra as they walked down the dimly lit hallway. His narrow eyes crinkled in an apologetic smile. “Tomorrow afternoon is the best we can do.”Sandra tossed her long, wavy hair behind her shoulder with a frustrated flick. Her manicured fingers dug into the strap of her bulging handbag. “And no one will find me here?”“Yes.” Coming to a stop at a metallic door, he pressed his palm on the reader. The door slid open with a whoosh. He gestured with a flourish to the opened room. “Please stay here tonight.”She pursed her luscious lips, eyeing the coordinator with a raised eyebrow. When he didn’t budge, she sighed and entered the room. The space was utilitarian with a kitchen bar to the far right, a corridor leading to more rooms, and a large living room on the left.Seated in the corner were a young man and a teenage girl. Her eyes widened. She spun around to give the coordinator a piece of her mind but the door whooshed back into place. The locking of the deadbolt echoed in the expanse.“Come join us,” the man called out. “I know it wasn’t what you expected but the guy said they were having budget problems.”Biting on her bottom lip, she turned with a huff. The man’s eyes twinkled as he beckoned her over. She stalked over to the group of couches and beanbags that lay scattered on the floor. The click of her stilettos on the floor made the teenage girl wince and shrink further into her seat.Sandra dropped into one of the couches and folded her arms across her chest. “Just because they don’t have enough money, they decide to put us Runners together in the same shithole?”The man’s lips twisted into a cringe. He shrugged. “I guess that’s the price we have to pay for an illegal Identity Wipe company.”“Great,” she mumbled. “So what's next?”“Something about taking a pill to rewrite our biological identifiers.”Sandra twisted her head to look at the corridor leading towards, what she assumed were, the bedrooms. “I’m going to check those out.”“We tried,” a soft feminine voice piped up.Sandra turned back to see the teenage girl’s eyes flit away from her. “What?”“There’s a glass door. We tried the reader but it denies us access,” the man explained.She frowned. “Why would they do that?”“Beats me,” he chuckled. “So they rewrote your identity profile already?”“Yeah. You?”“Same.”She activated her ocular program and a translucent box popped up over his head. It listed his name as Tom Le Ocip and his occupation as Actor. His new rating was a solid 4.6 but his age was off. She pointed to the box. “You’re 228 years old?”Tom laughed. “Oh no. Apparently, it takes some time to rewrite the profile. In the meantime, some old data is retained in weird ways.”He pointed to the box that hung over her head. “So your new name is.. Lynn? Sweet. But..” He frowned. “For a rating of 4.2, cam girl seems like the wrong occupation.”She stiffened. Catching her reaction, he flashed an empathetic smile. “It’s okay. I think I understand why you’re running now.”“How about you?” he turned to the teen whose hands were wrapped around her knees.Sandra read the girl’s profile - her new name was Kyler Verenge, occupation was Student, and rating was 4.75. Her eyes softened. It must be hard for a young girl to restart her life under a different identity. She murmured, “Kyler is a beautiful name.”The girl met her gaze. Anger flashed in her eyes. Her lips quivered. “That’s my real name.”Startled, Sandra’s mouth opened and closed like a fish. “I-I’m sorry.”“So what are you running away from?” Tom’s laidback voice drew Kyler’s attention. When she didn’t respond, he poked her shoulder. “It’s not like we’ll ever meet each other again after this. Your secret will die here.”Kyler let out a long, shaky breath. Her fingers dug into her leggings. “My family.”Sandra felt a stab of pity. She placed a comforting hand on Kyler’s shoulder, only for the girl to shrug it away. She reluctantly retracted her hand.“I can’t be the perfect daughter they want anymore.” Kyler’s voice shook. “If I’m going to do something terrible, I don’t want them to know.”“I’m sorry,” Tom said quietly.“What about you?” Sandra gestured at him.“Me?” Tom gave an awkward chuckle. “In my line of work, there’s no room for mistakes. One mistake could lead to death.”His gaze shifted from Kyler to Sandra and then back to the floor. “And it happened.”Sandra gulped. She ran her tongue over her dry lips. “Made what? A mistake or..?”Tom looked at her, a glint of mystery in his eyes. His lips curled upwards into a crooked smile. “Guess I’m not as innocent as I look, right?”Original Identity: Kyler AnThe front door opened with a trill. Three pairs of eyes swiveled to see a skinny woman walk in. Dressed in a tuxedo, her eyes were hidden behind dark shades. In her hand, a thin IPad. Her lips parted in a Cheshire grin as she studied the looks of surprise from the three people in the room.“How are my naughty criminals doing?” she simpered.Kyler froze. Color drained out of her face. “I’m joking, my dears,” the woman chuckled.The woman who now went by the name, Lynn, and the mysterious man, Tom, gave nervous chuckles as they looked at each other. Between them, Kyler let out a small huff of relief.The woman smiled and assumed an official tone. “I’m going to be your point of contact during this process. You can address me by my call sign, Double. Do you have any questions at this stage?”Lynn spoke up. “Will you be ensuring that the three of us never see each other again? Because I’m not comfortable with this.”Double tapped the IPad with her bony fingers and flashed that same smile which was starting to unnerve Kyler. “I understand your discomfort, San- I mean, Lynn.”Correcting herself with a smirk, Double ignored Lynn’s glare. “As you know, we operate illegally. If you want to vanish and rewrite your profile without going through the government’s background checks, then there’s a price to be paid. Rest assured though that the three of you will not see each other again.”Kyler stole a glance at Lynn who simmered in frustration. Her eyes drifted to the woman’s painted nails. It was a deep shade of red and stood out markedly on her skin. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from it, the blood-red color filling her vision. She gagged on the rising bile, a hand flying to cup her mouth.“Are you okay?”She blinked several times to clear her vision. Tom and Lynn looked down at her with sympathy and worry. She bobbed her head and croaked out, “I’m fine.”Double didn’t seem to care. She waited for all attention to turn back to her before resuming, “As I was saying, your current rating can still be changed if you want. After all, it will affect the quality of your new life. So, any requests?”“I’m fine.” Tom laughed and crossed his arms behind his head. “I’m basking in my newly earned reputation.”Double’s thin lips pulled upwards in a simper. “How about you, Kyler? Are you okay with lowering your old rating?”Kyler nodded, squirming as Tom and Lynn turned to her, shock written on their faces.“Lynn, any requests?”“N-no,” Lynn’s gaze flickered back to Double after breaking eye contact with Kyler. “But when will the face surgery take place? I need my new face to be completely unrecognizable.”“After you take the pill, my dear,” Double chuckled. “Whoever is chasing you won’t recognize you anymore.”Kyler watched Lynn’s expression shift from anxiety to relief. As the corner of Lynn’s lips curled up, a surge of red-hot anger filled the young girl’s veins. She glared at the abominable woman through the bangs that covered her eyes. Her fingers dug into her arm as she forced herself to remain still. “I’m going to give each of you a pill.” Double held up a packet containing three tablets. She strode towards them and shook the tablets out of the packet and into her palm. She held out her palm towards Lynn, then Tom, and handed the last tablet to Kyler.“Once you’ve taken it, we can move on to the next phase.”Kyler swallowed her pill. She eyed the other two adults who did the same. “Now you’ll feel the effects of the pill in a bit.”Double removed her sunglasses, revealing a red, unblinking eye. Her lips parted in an unnatural grin as she took in the horrified looks. Paralyzed with fear, Kyler’s vision blurred. Her feet grew number, the sensation rippling up her body as the meaning of Double’s words became clearer. Her head jerked up in slow motion. Lynn and Tom swayed in their seats as they lost all motor function. She gritted her teeth and tried to rise to her feet. Before anything happened to her, she would dispose of that bitch! Her trembling fingers wrapped around the knife hidden in her leggings. She gripped it hard and pushed herself to her knees.Ignoring Double who moved away from her, she crawled at a snail’s pace towards Lynn. The woman keeled over backwards onto the couch. As Kyler pulled herself up, Lynn stared at her in horror.Kyler’s eyes glazed over. With effort, she pointed the weapon at Lynn and hissed, “Sandra, you bitch!”Those were the last words that left her lips before her vision swam and everything turned dark. “Sleep tight, my criminals,” Double chuckled.~ ~ ~Kyler’s eyes fluttered open. Darkness greeted her. After several blinks, she could make out the ceiling above her and the cold, hard, metal bench propping her body up. Her neck was stiff from the uncomfortable position. It cracked as she shifted her weight around. She swept her eyes around for a light source, finding a flat-screen TV that covered the whole wall. A light grey illuminated the screen.“Hello?” she called out tentatively, her voice small.Her words were eaten by the confined space. A soundproof room.She got up shakily to her feet. She took one step. Then two. Her knee bumped into something. She yelped. Stumbling, she crouched down, one hand cradling her bruised knee. As she huffed in pain, her frantic mind conjured shadows that moved in the corner of her eye. She hugged her knees closer to her body as the deadly silence crept towards her. Silent tears trickled down her cheeks. She wished she had never chosen to hunt Sandra down. Why had she thought it was such a good idea at the time? Where was she now? What did Double want with her? Shuddering, she rocked back and forth for ages. Then, the glare of a bright light startled her. She yelped and threw her palm up to shield her eyes. When nothing else happened, she lowered her hand. She looked up to see a picture on the television screen.Her brain took a while to orientate itself. When it did, her eyes widened in shock. The picture on the screen showed a man tied to a pole with lacerations over his bare skin. His head lolled forward, eyes vacant and dead.Kyler shrieked. The picture changed to a body floating face down in a bathtub. “No, no!” She scrambled over the bench and lunged for the TV. Her heart pounded furiously in her chest as her fingers searched the screen for a button to turn it off. The pictures continued flashing through morbid scenes of death, taunting her, breaking her.She ran her fingers down the whole length of the screen. Nothing.A picture of a dead teenage girl took over the screen. Before Kyler could avert her eyes, a familiar bunny toy in the picture caught her attention. A chill ran down her spine. Gulping, Kyler took a step back to look at the screen. A girl with similar features as she lay on the floor of a bedroom, her eyes wide and terrified. On her neck were ligature marks. Kyler’s face turned ashen. Her bottom lip trembled. She crumpled to the floor like a puppet with its strings cut. Tears pooled in her eyes. She gasped. “Val.”Original Identity: Thomas ThurtThomas Thurt, or the man who went by the name of Tom, pulled off the face mask that morphed his features. He winked at Double. Her mask had also been removed, revealing her partially robotic body. “Don’t you hate putting that mask on?”She shrugged and pointed a metallic finger at the door. “Let’s get on with it.”“Kill joy.” Muttering under his breath, Thomas pressed his palm on the reader. The door slid open with a whoosh. Inside the dark room, Kyler shielded her face from the sudden onslaught of light. “Come on, Kyler,” Thomas gestured at the girl. “It’s over now.”Peeking out between her fingers, Kyler’s eyes widened in fear at the sight of two unfamiliar faces. Whimpering, she scurried back into the darkness.Pity clouded Thomas’s face. He took a step into the room with his hands held up. “I’m Tom, remember? You can scan my profile if you want.”The sound of feet shuffling was followed shortly by a gasp. A thin smile spread across Thomas’s lips. Most people reacted that way after learning he was an undercover cop. He hadn’t been lying when he mentioned he made a mistake at work. That mistake had cost him a demotion to where he was now - stuck in this fake Identity Wipe company that acted as a honeypot to catch fleeing criminals.Day in, day out, he would get cozy with the potential suspects. Gather clues, oversee the situation, and manage the interrogation process. His partner, Double, supplied the pills that allowed them to monitor the suspect’s biological signals - heart rate, brain signals, the whole lot. Interrogation became a matter of showing the crime scenes that happened in the past 36 hours and analyzing each person’s reactions through their advanced software.Sometimes, the Runners didn’t turn out to be criminals. Those were good days. Today, the day of Halloween, wasn’t. The girl stepped out of the shadows, hobbling unsteadily. Her neat hair was now in disarray. Grief and despair shone through her eyes that were colored red from crying.Thomas led her out of the room and into the bright corridor. She stood behind him and Double as he opened the glass door that led to the same vast space that the three of them had sat in. Disoriented, she looked around, trying to piece things together.Seeing her confusion, Thomas gestured to the corridor they had come from. “The room you were in? That was the bedroom that you guys assumed you didn’t have access to. Only it’s more of an interrogation room.”A flicker of understanding passed across her face. She shuddered. “Does that mean I’m under arrest?”He flashed a kind smile and shook his head. Beside him, Double gestured to the woman seated on the couch and said, “She is.”Kyler turned to see Sandra slumped down with her hair covering her face. Anger boiled in her veins and a rush of adrenaline launched her towards the woman. Double reacted faster and blocked her path. One arm wrapped around the teen’s waist, Double held the screaming girl back.“You killed Val, you bitch!” Kyler shrieked as angry tears formed behind her eyes. “How could you do that to my sister??”“She can’t hear you, Kyler,” Thomas pressed a firm hand on her shoulder. “Her experiences are being pulled into our record as evidence.”Kyler crumpled like a leaf in Double’s arms. Double shushed Kyler as the girl sobbed into her suit. “How did you even end up here?”“L-location tracker. V-Val planted it on her.” Her voice faltered. “Why did she kill Val?”Thomas met her gaze with a grim smile. “Let’s find out, shall we?”24 hours earlierSandra: You’re sure no one else is in?Val: Relax. Only my sister. She’s asleep in her room.Sandra: Are we doing this?Rustling sounds of clothes being shedVal: Not today.Sandra: Why did you call me over then??Val: No need to be pissy. I’ll still pay you for the hour and give you a 5-star rating.Bedsprings creak.Sandra: Why then?Val: I’ll be honest. I need money to leave this goddamn house.Sandra: Running away?Val: Yeah, with my sister.Silence.Sandra: I wish I could help but I don’t have enough either.Val: Really? Because I know you’ve built a decent nest egg.Sandra: Come on, Val. You know I’ve been saving up to increase my rating. Move up in life.Val: Same here.Sandra: I’m stuck in a hellhole my whole life with no opportunities, no way of adding color to my life. I’m sorry but I need this more.Val: Well, I didn’t want to use this on you.Wheels roll on the floor. Keys clack. A gasp.Sandra: How did you get that??Val: If people knew you had illegal plastic surgery, there goes your rating.Sandra: No, please no. Val-Heels clack furiously on the floor.Val: I just need some of your cash. You can earn it back easily.Sandra: N-no…Val: Or else I click this button-Sandra: Please, Val.Val: There goes your identity profile. All your hard work. All those years of fuckin-Thump on the floor. Sounds of struggle. Strangled cries.Record ends. Duration: 7 minutes.Case title: Perfect Identity.
Gypsy Bunny Chpt. 2 WIPAnother day, another attack in the city of Metroville. Strolling through the downtown area was yet another monster, but it was no mustachioed tank this time. This time, the Monster Empire sent down a different kind of warrior: DISCCORDION. People down the street in terror at the sight of the accordion monster made up of five, purple-colored accordions: one for each limb and one for the main body. The monster’s face resembled that of the tragedy mask of classic theater crossed with a mime with a blank, permanent expression of indifference or emotionless glee as he marched forward, swaying side-to-side with a wailing, ear-piercing screech. In his hands was his weapon of choice: a simple black squeeze box he played enthusiastically. The noise he was creating had a rather interesting affect on the environment. Indeed, as the music played, the world around Disccordion shifted and changed as if it was glitching and twisting to his will. Parked cars shook in place and deconstructed, reforming with interconnecting squares until just cube-like items that merely resembled cars at the absolute basic level. The Monster laughed and pranced about, as he moved through downtown Metroville. As he did so, the tall skyscrapers which littered the skyline shifted, twisted and changed into horrific spires from the most demented abstract artist. Disccordion’s incoherent music played on and on, as the monster danced and pranced about in glee, although one couldn’t tell by his blank expression. That was until Gypsy Bunny came to put a stop to the madness, as she jumped down from the high rooftops into the path of the oncoming monster, startling him as she landed in the middle of the street. Shaken but quickly recomposed himself, Disccordion shouted, his mouth simply moving up and down in a robotic fashion, “So, you’re the hero everyone’s been talking about, huh?” Gypsy stood up proudly, striking a fighting stance. “At least you’re not trying to condemn my choice of outfits like the other guy.” She replied, still rather sore about the comments the last monster made about her attire quite obviously. Disccordion scoffed, “I’ll make sure you’re buried in it once I’m through with you if that makes you feel any better.” “I’d like to see you try.”...
Falling OutDoomsday was here.Despite our best efforts to deter it, we still hadn’t convinced enough people. No amount of broadcasts and bullhorns would convince the wicked and naïve.“He has no one’s interest at heart but his own,” we said. “He is tricking you; the device will kill everyone on the planet except for those close to him.”We detailed his plans as best we could to the public without sounding loony or overwhelming them with language they couldn’t understand. We shouldered many attempts on our lives and used them as evidence.And we did convince many people, we did. But there were just too many that either didn’t believe us, or were certain they were part of the exception and gleefully agreed to genocide.We thought we had killed him and destroyed the device, at the last second. But perhaps it was all a distraction, because I saw him and the device. And now, we looked out at the horizon in defeat from the doorway, having seen the device begin to start.The device reminded me a lot of something between a giant battery and the decaying isotopes I had heard about from the distant past. But obviously, this one would hurt a lot worse than any nuclear disaster, considering it intends to wipe out all human life.I sighed.That’s when a small man came to us and offered us what looked like a large, red stick that was slightly curved at the end. It reminded me of the shape a slap bracelet takes when it has not been… slapped.He told us they would keep us safe.I find that hard to believe, as all I had ever known was that a certain suit or outfit would be what spared you from this device.But before any of us could object, the man had shoved them into my partner’s hands. But to my surprise, my partner hesitated instead of dropping them, and then slowly handed me one. As I took it from him to examine it, at the back of my mind I thought, but what if it’s true? I knew my partner was thinking the same thing…I glanced at the man below, and he had that sort of sneering smirk someone gets when they’ve finally beat you. I curled my lip in disgust and tossed the stick over my shoulder, crossing my arms in front of me in quiet, furious defiance, staring him down. I could tell from the corner of my eye that my partner was feeling apprehensive from my actions.“Fuck off,” I snarled. I would rather die than be a part of this. I was certain this little man worked for the bastard responsible.He shrugged, but I could tell he was a little perturbed at not winning me over as easily as he had thought. He smiled at my partner before leaving.“Drop it,” I said sternly without even looking at him.“I’m just… going to sit it under my knee,” he responded. He didn’t seem nervous now, instead dryly amused, as if he didn’t really believe the stick would work anyway. I thought maybe I had convinced him, but he did refuse to stop touching the stick with his body and was rather awkwardly down on one knee. I rolled my eyes, but continued to stare out…….And now, I’m not sure how long it’s been.It feels like it’s been snowing forever, winter forever. Yet, according to my thermostat, it wasn’t always cold.I was alone now. Far from most people, with the nearest town a long, winding road away, ironically still the same town that housed… that compound.Not only had everyone left, but my partner in particular was now working on the other side… so I guess not actually my partner anymore. He was in some power plant, or factory, or something, I don’t know – just that it was some work with the system. I had met him briefly, but refused to talk to him.I hadn’t spoken to a person in a long time, probably not since doomsday.So I huddled alone in the empty house, only two cats to keep me company.So much snow, and yet not so much…It was certainly deep, and was impossibly full especially off the rusted iron walkway and twisted staircase down from home. Not that it mattered, as it had rusted and fallen from the first spiral, leaving no way to use it. Instead, I had to make the trudge up a steep false driveway.I’ve been primarily self-sustaining, as going to town just makes me irritable and aggressive. People mock me, intent to believe that everything we were saying was wrong, and stupid. I remained adamant to my suspicions, which made people mock me more and avoid me, like I was a street corner bum claiming to be a prophet.I do admit confusion. We were certain to die. He literally told us.And then suddenly, it didn’t happen. And his whole demeanor changed as well, like he was a different person. In fact, despite his earlier detest for the most of the world, and his strong implications of an aggressively capitalist fascist state, everything… was quietly taken care of.It had to be a trick, something was going on.But, I had no way to prove anything, and no means to. Instead, I was now alone, waiting for something to happen, or someone to come help me. Nobody believed me, though – it seemed nobody picked up on the suspiciousness of the situation.Like the snow. So much snow…I huffed as I limped down the path. I had begun needing a cane. I don’t recall an injury, and I am not old, but yet I felt pain and had trouble moving along quickly. Which was a problem, as the night gets dangerous around here. The raptors come.At least, that’s what we call them. They almost look more like movie raptors rather than the actual dinosaurs, some weird combination of a rabbit and a wolf but with scales instead of fur. However, they are still dangerous, coming at you like aggressive dogs. But they do not bother people once they are inside their homes, provided the home has the doors and windows shut.Unfortunately, I had slept in and realized the cats needed food. It was one of the only reasons I ever left for town to actually be in town, amongst the people and shopping. And in more bad news, I had to finally resign to use the heat.How did the day go by so quickly?I was doing a hobbling run at this point. I was nearly to the foot of the drive when it finally became night, officially. I clambered as fast as I could up the hill, through the thigh-deep snow. I could feel them bearing down on me, the instinct had developed easily. But I was almost the top, to step over to the door…Suddenly, two skidded to a stop in front of me.I halted, clenching my cane and my teeth tight. I breathed a large sigh through my nose. So, this is how it ends. I closed my eyes. After me, there will be nobody left…I raised my cane defensively when I heard one charge, and I was slammed to the ground. I won’t go down without a fight, even if it won’t be much of one. My thick coat protected me from the gnashing teeth, but was also my downfall as it made it difficult to move and try to get up.I’m not sure how long I was scrambling on the ground when I heard the sound of a recreational vehicle. The raptors darted away as someone pulled up.“Are you all right? I heard someone running—I knew it had to be someone in trouble… I was on the forest patrol and came as fast as I could.”Oh, it was him, the man formerly known as my partner. Christ, how many jobs does this guy have?He looked concerned as he held his hand out to me. I wanted to snarl so many things at him, tell him if he was so worried about people in danger then--…Instead, I muttered thanks. He looked surprised as he helped me back up.“You… you spoke.”I curled my lip, rolling my eyes. I turned away from him and began hobbling back up the slope. I shouldn’t have even said that one single word, but I just had to let history affect me, apparently.“W-wait! Stop! Please, why won’t you talk, at least to me? Why can’t we talk about this!? Please--!”I’m sure he had an explanation for himself in his holster alongside his firearm, but I didn’t want to hear it. Nothing he could say would convince me of his choices, not after everything we did that he tossed aside.I gathered my groceries quietly, not looking at him as he called and tried to follow, and continued making my way up. Suffer.
XezbethShifting his body to a comfortable position on the thin mattress, Ritesh adjusted his laptop so that the pale glow from its screen bathed his face. The blue light from the screen illuminated his tiny bedroom and its sparse furnishings. A few feet away from his mattress, his ironed school uniform hung from a makeshift hook. His only proud article of clothing was placed far away from the clump of unwashed shirts and pants sitting in the corner inside a cardboard box.Anxiety written on his face, Ritesh bit his nails. Tomorrow was the last day of the student council election race. His last chance to get rid of his most formidable opponent, Satyadevi. The thought of that proud elitist taking the coveted spot of student council president made his blood boil. A girl, no less.He swore under his breath. He would take that bitch down and put her in her rightful place. A smirk made its way across his lips as his fingers clacked over the rusty keyboard keys. No matter, his plan would not fail. Ritesh stared at the page he landed on. A picture of a horned demon decorated the background, letters in red spelling out the name of the company “Xezbeth”. Below it was the company slogan, “Fake news at the tip of your finger”.It was his first time using the website. He had heard there was a promotion going on this week which made the options affordable to him. He navigated through the site, avoiding the flashy ads, and finally landed on the purchasing page. “Select target for fake news,” he read the instructions out loud. He typed Satyadevi’s name into the textbox and uploaded her photo. Next was a drop-down box that read “Select type of fake news”.His mind spun as the dozens of options presented itself. Racism, political beliefs, morals, religion… he simply selected one.After clicking through a few more pages, Ritesh got to the payment page. He sighed in relief upon seeing the 25% discount applied to his order. With a triumphant grin, he clicked “Pay”, letting the website suck in his money through his Google Wallet account.Seconds later, an email popped up, confirming his purchase together with a statement of anonymity and protection from legal liability. Ritesh closed his laptop and placed it on the floor beside him. As he lay in bed, he dreamt of a glorious victory. ~ ~ ~It was standing room only as hundreds of students crammed into the large hall to hear the final speeches of the candidates for the student council election. Ritesh, current favorite to win the election, delivered his speech with conviction and passion.Waves of boys shouted their approval as he outlined programs to help poor students and measures to curb the increase in feminism. His eyes glowed with glee as he clicked to the next slide to show the fake news Xezbeth had cooked up.“Look at this!” he exclaimed in feigned horror and disbelief. “How can we let the likes of Satyadevi take charge when she has secretly sided with the extremists?!”He shook an accusing finger at the fake article of Satyadevi collaborating with radical elements. Proclamations of outrage erupted from the student body, sending a thrill through Ritesh.After a few sweet seconds of revenge, he thumbed the next button on the clicker to advance to his concluding slide. When the computer didn’t respond, he frowned and pressed the button harder.A loud electronic buzz filled the room. He spun around to see the large screen flicker before turning black. Confused, he beckoned to the tech support people behind the stage but they ignored him, wide eyes staring at the screen.It was then that he noticed the discomforting quiet that blanketed the student body. A sense of impending dread sent a chill down his spine. Gulping hard, he turned to face the screen.Ritesh’s eyes bulged in their sockets at the sight of his own face on the screen. “Are you getting this?” Fake Ritesh in the video clip said to the cameraman.The camera zoomed out to fake Ritesh with his pants down taking position behind a donkey. Knowing what would happen, Ritesh shook his head violently. He spun to face his audience and yelled, “This is fake!”He waved his hands in desperation. “Can’t you see this is photoshopped?? It’s from a movie scene!!”The moans and groans from the video clip drowned out his pleas, as its transfixed audience soaked in the depravity of the act. When the clip ended, boos resounded through the hall. “No, no, this can’t be,” he mumbled, backing away from them as crumpled paper and dirty shoes rained down on the stage. Two staff members hurried to drag him away before the student mob climbed up onto the stage. He barely registered their presence, his eyes glazing over in shock. His limbs went slack as he saw his dream disintegrate in front of him. The hands holding him steady abruptly let go and Ritesh found himself slumped in a rickety chair. His mind went blank as he tried to process what had happened. A snigger shook him from his thoughts. “I thought you always said guys are superior to girls, Nitesh.”His gaze traveled up to meet a pair of cunning, brown eyes. “Satyadevi,” he whispered.The girl bent down until her breath tickled his ears. “You’re not the only one who can buy fake news, idiot.”Ritesh paled. He stared at her, wide-eyed, as she straightened up. A mere girl had stolen his position. Crushing defeat slammed into him.Not waiting for a reply, she walked out onto the stage to deafening cheers and into a new era for increased women’s rights.Alone backstage, a single tear rolled down Ritesh’s cheeks. He mouthed a silent “You win” to no one in particular.But they were both wrong. Neither of them were the real winners.Xezbeth was.

Mature Content


Mature Content

Mixed Genres
ProgressA/N: The third and final follow up to Aftermath. _____________________________________ The gym was all but deserted, the result of a special request from one of the rooms two current occupants. The two of them had already been here for almost three quarters of an hour with only another fifteen minutes remaining in their session. Only one of the occupants was actually there to workout, despite still not having medical clearance to do so, and the other was there merely to supervise and provide moral support throughout the session. The Thanagarian using the equipment finished up on the bench press; her face clearly showing her dissatisfaction with her performance on the machine. The Amazonian Princess standing next to the machine saw her bleak expression and tried to banish her dour demeanor with words of encouragement. Unsurprisingly, the words had little effect, and honestly Diana had expected as such. They both knew exactly what she had lost. Shayera knew that she would never regain all that she used to be prior to her fight with Grail. That was just a fact she had to accept after having multiple tendons and ligaments torn throughout her body. She was supposed to wear compression braces on her left knee, wrist, and shoulder to help support strenuous physical activity. Even if she were to wear the braces like she was supposed to, the affected areas were not without their problems. She had trouble with twisting motions with her left wrist and was still unable to swing her mace. She only could run for less than ten minutes before her left knee felt like it would give out from under her. Her left shoulder was beyond repair; every movement caused pain, even flying, and heavy lifting was proving to be extremely difficult. Thankfully the left side of her pelvis that had been shattered fully recovered and she didn't have any lingering issues from that injury. Despite this knowledge, and despite all the pain she had already been through in the past eight months, she still wasn't going to give up that easily. Everyday for the past two weeks, she had come to gym. Everyday she would push herself to the limits of her reduced abilities, striving to reach a level beyond what she would ever be able to attain. Thus it was with an unreduced will and limitless determination that the Thanagarian moved onto venting her frustrations out on the punching bag. She started off by pummeling it with both fists. She then tried striking with only her left fist. After a few repetitions, she started increasing the force behind her punches, experimenting with just how far she could push her wrist and shoulder before the pain became too unbearable. It wasn't long before the strain became evident on the redhead's face. Sweat beaded her brow and every line of her face spoke of great exertion. The expression of disgust on her face told anyone watching exactly what she thought of her new limitations. Shayera did not let it overwhelm her however. She pressed on with the exercise until Diana had to stop her with a warning hand on her shoulder, "I don't think this is a good idea for you to push yourself like this. You're going to hurt yourself." Shayera paused for a moment before giving the Amazon a cutting glaring as she shrugged her hand off of her shoulder, "I don't want to hear it Diana." Diana shook her head and sighed, "I understand how you feel. If I was-" "You understand?" Shayera snapped at her as she scowled. "You don't understand anything! I didn't see you stuck in the medbay for over four months!" Wonder Woman stayed silent for a few seconds and swallowed, "I know as a warrior how it would feel to lose your ability to fight. I know how damaging it is to one's pride to lose that." "I can still fight," Shayera growled before she punched the punching bag at full force with her left fist. She sharply inhaled, shook her hand out, and rubbed her wrist after the blow. "You can but not like how you were able to before. You need to realize your limitations Shayera," Diana quietly said to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "None of us want to see you get hurt again." Shayera exhaled as she looked away, "I know that Diana. I'm not stupid. I already wasn't as strong as a typical Thanagarian. While I'm still stronger than a human; I'm even weaker now than I was before." "Shayera you at least need to consider wearing those braces. J'onn said you should," Diana said to her. "That's the only reason J'onn hasn't cleared you to start working out again. You refuse to wear them." Shayera frowned as she ignored the Amazon and walked away from the punching bag and towards the treadmill. The treadmill was the exercise that she finished every session off with and today was no different. Diana simply shook her head as she sighed and left the gym. She knew there was no way of getting through to the Thanagarian when she was in one of her moods. Shayera was stubborn and Diana knew it would take some time for her to finally realize she needed those braces whether she wanted them or not. She started out at a slow jogging pace, giving herself a chance to become accustomed to the discomfort from her left knee. After this initial testing phase, the pace quickly increased, culminating with the occupant of the machine running at the maximum pace her left knee could afford her. Before her injuries, maintaining this pace would not have even provided a challenge for the Thanagarian. Now, however, her knee was quickly flagging, forcing her to slow the treadmill incrementally, until she was down to a limping walk. Using this pace as a cooldown, Shayera stayed on the machine for a few more minutes. Eventually, she turned the machine off and stepped off the treadmill. Shayera turned and walked towards one of the walls of the gym. She momentarily stood in silence before she let out a frustrated yell and punched a hole in the wall with her right fist.No one would have known it was her that had damaged the wall if it weren't for her unknown audience. John sighed as he watched as his wife leaned her back against the wall before sliding down and sitting on the floor with her head in her hands. He could tell she was not only upset but also disheartened. Of course, a more appropriate term would have been spying, considering he hadn't revealed himself to her at any point throughout the entire session, despite being there from the beginning. This hadn't even been the first session that John had spied on. He had been there every day for over a week, watching with anguish at her lack of progress. When John had first stumbled onto Shayera during one of her workout sessions, he had briefly entertained the notion of approaching her with the intention of dragging her out of the gym and lecturing her. He had, of course, reasoned his way out of taking said action. Shayera would not want anyone to see her in her weakened state, least of all him of all people. Diana was the only other person who knew of Shayera's workouts and had only been allowed to stay due to her threat of telling J'onn. Reluctantly, Shayera had allowed Diana to remain at the sessions in order to supervise in case something did happen. Even John knew, however, that this reasoning was only a partial truth. Shayera took great pride in her combat abilities, her injuries were a devastating blow to her self-esteem. It was a given that she would want as few people as possible to know about her current limitations. John turned away from the gym he had been spying in and started in the direction of the exit.Maybe tomorrow would be the day that he rose above his nerves and approached his wife about her workouts. _____________________________________ Shayera sat on the end of the bed in her room on the Watchtower. She inhaled and closed her eyes. She wasn't supposed to be here; it was past midnight. She had waited for John to fall asleep and made sure he was staying asleep before she had gotten herself teleported up to the Watchtower. The simple lie that she couldn't sleep and needed something to do had seemingly been a good enough of an excuse for Mister Terrific when he questioned why she needed a transport so late at night. Shayera opened her eyes and exhaled as she looked to her side. Sitting on the bed next to her were the three compression braces she was supposed to be wearing. She lightly glared at the items before grabbing the wrist brace. She then slipped it on and tightened the straps to wear J'onn had showed her previously. Upon putting it on she clenched and unclenched her fist multiple times before lightly rolling her wrist. She then grabbed the knee brace and put it on. The shoulder brace was the most cumbersome to put on and, after five minutes of attempting to put it on, she gave up on it and threw it back onto the bed. Admittedly it did feel better to wear the braces. Though she knew the only way to really know if they were going to help her out was to put them to the test. Shayera's eyes slowly moved to the wall and the object hanging on it. Shayera inhaled deeply as she looked at her mace. It had taken her two months of being out of the medbay to finally be able to look at it and another month to touch it without flinching. Shayera stood and took her mace off of the mount it was hanging from. She stared at the weapon before closing her eyes. She could vividly remember the feeling of the Nth metal shattering her left wrist before she had managed to get the mace back from Grail's hands. Though it didn't take Grail long to reacquire the mace and use it on the Thanagarian yet again. Which had resulted in her left arm being broken along with having her collarbone cracked and her shoulder dislocated from back-to-back powerful blows. She frowned as she opened her eyes and tightly gripped her mace. Being beaten with her own weapon had been a severe blow to her pride. No one was ever going to do that to her again; she wasn't going to ever allow it to happen again. _____________________________________ Shayera swallowed as she stood in the middle of the simulation room. This was absolutely the last place she was allowed to be in. It was one thing that she was doing unauthorized workouts that could have been overlooked. An actual combat simulation was something that even Shayera knew was extremely ill-advised at this point. Shayera put a finger to the commlink in her ear and sighed before she spoke, "User code 007." "User identity Shayera Stewart confirmed," her commlink chirped back. "Release zeta-bots and turn on simulation 803," she curtly ordered. Three circular spaces on the pure white floor opened as three zeta-bots were raised into the room on platforms. Each bot stepped off of the platforms as the room around them was transformed into the landscape of Metropolis. Shayera took a deep breath as two of the zeta-bots were transformed into Parademons and the last one into Grail. She swallowed as she gripped her mace and glared at the zeta-bot that had transformed into the Apokoliptian. Grail then smirked and thrust her hand out. The Parademons went on the offensive and charged at Shayera. Shayera froze as she saw the Parademons flying towards her. Her mind had suddenly went blank and she found that she didn't know what to do for some odd reason. The decades of combat training she had escaped her at that very moment. She couldn't find within herself the urge to fight. Shayera could feel her heart pounding in her chest and her breaths become rapid as she panicked. Shayera found that she wasn't scared; she was petrified. As the two Parademons lunged at her, Shayera closed her eyes and held her arms in front of her face in a poor attempt to defend herself. Realizing she hadn't been hit, Shayera slowly lowered her arms and opened her eyes. A feeling of dread engulfed her as she saw the green wall standing in between her and the now still and untransformed zeta-bots. Shayera inhaled and then deeply exhaled as she looked over to see John. She had expected to see an aggravated expression on his face. She was slightly offended when she saw one of pity instead. "User code 005," she heard him quietly say into his commlink. "Turn off simulation and deactivate zeta-bots." The Metropolis landscape dissipated and the zeta-bots were lowered back under the floor the way they came. "What were you thinking?" John asked her with a slight frown as he walked over to her. Shayera bit her lower lip and looked away. She didn't have an immediate answer and she couldn't think up of a half-assed one either. She hadn't been thinking when she had decided to do this. She had acted on pure impulse alone. Shayera was surprised when she felt John's arms wrap around her and pulled her into a tight hug. "Don't you ever do that again," he whispered to her. She hugged him back, "I'm sorry." "Don't be, I should have expected you to eventually do something like this," he replied. "Just make sure someone is here with you if you try to do that again." "I won't-" Shayera then cut herself off when she registered what he had just said. She blinked a few times in shock. "What do you mean have someone here?" John let go of her and smirked, "Exactly what I meant. We need to get you back to kicking ass but you have to do it one step at a time. You can't just throw yourself into a full-blown combat simulation. Especially not the type you tried to put yourself in." Shayera softly smiled, "Baby steps I suppose." She then sighed and lowered her head, "But you saw what happened. I've never froze in battle before. I couldn't move or make myself move." "Then we give you an opponent you can face," he put a hand on her shoulder. "You can't fight Grail or actual opponents, at least not yet." Shayera tilted her head as she looked up at him, "What you're going to have me face a punching bag? Though that seems to be all I can handle at this point." John shook his head as he turned away from her and walked a few paces away before turning to face her again, "Someone you know you're not afraid of and you've fought plenty of times before." Shayera's eyes slightly widened when she realized where he was going with this, "John I don't think this is a good idea." John raised an eyebrow at that, "But you fighting zeta-bots was?" She lightly frowned and rolled her eyes, "Point taken but still, I don't even remember the last time we sparred together. Even as banged up as I am, I can still hurt you." "We're not doing just hand-to-hand sparring Shay. It's going to be my ring versus your mace." Shayera looked down at the weapon in her hands before looking back at the Green Lantern. "Are you sure about this?" "Positive," John curtly nodded. "I know you can do this Shayera. You need to get out of your own head. You need to see that you can do this." Shayera silently looked at her mace for a moment before lightly nodding and taking a fighting stance with it. She then energized the mace and scowled at him, "Bring it Lantern!" John smirked as his ring began to glow, "That's the Shayera I know." Though John's smirk quickly faded into a serious expression as he had to erect a shield around himself as Shayera lunged at him and swung her mace. He lightly frowned to himself. Her swing was slow and he could tell she was doing it on purpose. She was avoiding having to snap her wrists during the swing and had forced herself to use her entire body instead. John found that, before, Shayera's swing was very similar to that of a batter in baseball. She relied on her wrists and shoulders to provide power to the swing. Though the force behind the swing was still incredible, as her entire body weight was behind it, and it broke through his barrier. She then went for another swing and John easily docked under it. He then created a clamp with his ring and easily caught Shayera in the construct.For a few seconds Shayera tried to wriggle herself out of the construct but then gave up when she realized that she wasn't going to be able to free herself. John sighed as he released her, "Try swinging the old way. Swinging with your entire body is slowing you down too much. If you miss your target then you're wide open for a counter attack. Isn't that why you're wearing those braces?" Shayera didn't response. Instead she lunged at him again. John quickly made a bubble around himself as the Thanagarian began to strike the construct repeatedly with her mace. John slightly smirked when he saw the bubble begin to crack under her swings. Nth metal was and always would be effective against power rings. Though a considerable amount of force was still required by the actual combatant in order to be able to break through constructs. Only a few hits later the bubble shattered and John quickly took to the air to avoid having her mace smash into the side of his head. Predictably, Shayera followed after him. John considered fighting back with constructs but then rationalized that he needed to break her back in slowly. So he instead began to fire energy beams at her. John felt himself begin to smile as he watched her dodge each and every beam. Nothing could ever dull her gracefulness in the sky. If nothing else, Shayera still had her superior flying skills to rely on. John unfortunately had gotten too caught up in his admiration and realized at the last second that Shayera was in the middle of swinging her mace at him. He quickly created a simple, circular shield with his ring. Shayera easily shattered the construct with a left-handed swing before she brought her right fist up and nailed John under his chin with an uppercut. Though the Green Lantern could tell that she had pulled her punch and he was admittedly grateful for that. The last thing he wanted or needed was a broken jaw. John was sent a few feet back by the blow. He rubbed his chin as he looked over at her. He was about to compliment her hit but he then saw her grimacing. "Shay what's wrong?" Shayera frowned as she answered, "My shoulder hurts." "Well you're not wearing your shoulder brace," he pointed out. Shayera rolled her eyes, "I know that. I tried but I couldn't get it on," she sighed. "At least my knee and wrist feel fine for the most part. I think the braces actual helped." John lightly smiled as they both descended to the floor, "That's a good sign though but that means you need to consistently wear them." Shayera rubbed her left shoulder and nodded, "I know and I will. Maybe J'onn can get me another shoulder one that's easier to put on. I need something I can put on myself and without help." John shrugged, "I'm sure he can find something. I think we can wrap this up, don't you?" Shayera smirked as she nodded, "Yeah I think I'm done for the night. I don't want to overdo it at all." "Considering how late it is," John pointed out. "Plus you need to take it easy. This is just baby steps to get you back into the swing of things." "True I did wait until after midnight to come up here," she replied. "We should go home and try to get some sleep." "Or, and hear me out," he began. "Considering the west coast is three hours behind us, we could go grab some Chinese food and then go home." "Emma and Rex won't be up for a while after all," Shayera smirked once again. "Is this a date?" John likewise smirked back and kissed her cheek, "It might be." She lightly chuckled as she leaned her body against his, "Do I at least get extra eel heads?" John let out a defeated sigh, "Fine."


Death by Sea
I left her dead by the sea shore.
I left her where the waves were sure to pull her out to sea.
This is what she asked of me, you see.
She told me, days before, that she wanted to be buried in the ocean’s gentle, but masterful grasp.
She told me she wanted to always smell of the balmy salt water that always crashed on the shore.
She told me that she wanted to visit the Titanic, and the bottom of the deepest trench.
She told me that it had been her dream to see what it was like under all that water.
I told her that it wasn’t normal to be buried out at sea.
I told her I would miss how she always smelled of lavender after the rains crashed on our meadow.
I told her there wasn’t much to see on the Titanic, or the deepest trench.
I told her I would miss being able to see her, even on a good or bad day.
She sat at the crest of our hill and told me she knew.
She could sit at the crest of our hill overlooking the blue wonder that stretched to the horizon and tell me she knew.
:iconletmechoosemyownway:letmechoosemyownway 50 31
The spring breeze blew gently through the daffodils, arching their stems and raising the delicate petals as if engaged in a vibrant dance. They were the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes. Enthralled by their elegance, she rose from her bed, and beckoned by their fragrance, she bowed for them, through her window, and gathered one in her grasp. Deftly, she braided it into her hair.
The road that led to the city was long and lonesome. Asphodel had always enjoyed jaunting over it. Despite the tranquillity of the journey, she never felt more vivacious than when she was strolling over that road, through forestry and plains. Even the city it took her to, while buzzing with more life than any
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Writing's Metaphorical Influence
I abhor Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis for one reason alone: he has unintentionally forced that peculiar story to come to mind unbidden every time I come into contact with a bug. Yet this does not occur with just any bug. I assume the deceased author experiences some sort of horrendous and sadistic joy upon learning that his work receives such a reaction that is reserved primarily for beetles and cockroaches. Though other insects are unpleasant, without fail, these armored beings make my skin crawl.
I shiver when glimpsing their spindled legs scurrying along the floorboards or up the wall to vault onto the ceiling. I flinch, suspecting the worst: that the tiny offender is just looking at a chance to fling itself at me or wait till I'm asleep to come bite at my toes hidden under the covers or God forbid crawl across my unconscious face! But you know, within this almost childlike apprehension, I learned a very deep-rooted connection - one I've always known but came to fully realize due to c
:iconashleyjordan:ashleyjordan 3 1
Heyyy Tonyyy by CuriousInferno Heyyy Tonyyy :iconcuriousinferno:CuriousInferno 47 25
show me your dreams
it doesn't matter how vast your dreams are, but how much of it you turned into reality.
:iconkimkwanho:kimkwanho 12 9
colors of your dreams
if you have no choice but to accept that this world is real, would you be able do anything to fill it with the colors of your dreams?
:iconkimkwanho:kimkwanho 14 5
to the magical world
if you could warp away to the magical world
you always wished to live in,
would you be able to leave everything in this world and fly away?
:iconkimkwanho:kimkwanho 8 31
he looked like iceland
he looked like iceland,
with those white lips of his,
those white teeth of his,
that white smile.
he felt a bit like iceland, too,
walking on the snow like the last man on earth,
picking on the stray anchovites that gladed past us,
by the shore,
snorting at the constellations.
He was like iceland because he never left footprints and he was so far away,
almost like the last standard of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge,
unfathomable, solemn,
He was like iceland because he left my hands cold, and there was always a folk song whispering around him,
like he never did anything but speak in ancestral riddles.
But he looked the most like Iceland when I told him it was time for me to go back,
because he smiled, white with frostbite,
and whispered in my ear he had survived many winters.
:iconbluestwaves:BluestWaves 13 12
foran havet
                       (hvorfor glemmer vi allt
                          når havet er stor og kraftig og rolig
                                     og foran oss?)
Jeg tror at bare sola vet det,
men hun er tyst og vil ikke snakker.
Jeg tror også at hun glemmer det når det blir natt, og
hun faller i søvn bak horisonten.
               hun har falt, allerede.
Jeg ønsker å vite hvorfor
jeg står her ikveld og det finnes ingenting bortsett mørke,
borsett meg og svart natt,
uten stjerner eller luftsviser,
bare meg og dybde og endeløs bølger.
jeg vil ikke har spørsmåler. Du kan få alle order som jeg har hatt-
de er uviktig.
Men ta ikke resten som kan
:iconbluestwaves:BluestWaves 3 2
huso horario
paso por la cocina y escucho el tic-tac de un reloj.
son las once.
son las nada, la hora trece que acrece un doce entre números romanos,
el tiempo es una mentira,
como la vía láctea y el fin del mundo.
Si está oscuro son las cinco de la mañana y está por salir el sol,
en algún lugar hay un pez despierto y un pez dormido,
todo es eterno y líquido y mercúreo
y áureo, amanece en el Pacífico.
Un tic y un segundo, un tac y otro más,
al tercero se reescribió la historia y
mil monumentos se fueron a dormir.
En el silencio nunca hubo silencio,
hay tiempo que fluye envenenado por cálculos fútiles,
cadenas de unidades y huecos chatos,
porque ¿qué es el tiempo, si no hay tiempo?
Una excusa, una idea, una madeja o el arca de Noé,
en fin (en principio)
son las once y cuatro,
en algún lugar, son las tres y cuatro,
y cuando calle el reloj, el mundo se va a aca
:iconbluestwaves:BluestWaves 0 3
Como si tirara por la ventana todo,
pensamientos y un restito de palabras,
hago un bollo con mi diario y salgo a caminar
por una llanura de papel picado,
viento de plumas y nubes de arcón vacío,
y todas tienen forma de pescados.
Como si tirara por la ventana todo,
pensamientos y un restito de palabras,
me ato la mochila y encaro la sudestada,
la ruta y el desierto, una nada de
pastos famélicos y días largos, una
patagonia de olvido en el alma-
-así es mi vida de vidas en una hoja
de papel en blanco para pinturas o poesías,
así son las vías huecas y lánguidas y
el caer de la tarde en mi edén shenandoah,
puro horizonte que nunca termina.
Como si tirara por la ventana todo,
pensamientos y un restito de palabras,
cazo un ave de macramé y la destejo,
y entre sus entrañas separo las hilachas,
y se las doy a comer a los peces del cielo,
pura pinta y puro invento,
y puro pasar desenfrenada entre las briznas
:iconbluestwaves:BluestWaves 1 3
I'm addicted to a drug
a drug so intense
that it doesn't make sense
a drug you don't easily get
a drug revealing regret
I'm addicted to a drug
a drug I need every day
a drug which makes me pay
a drug allowing my heart to feel
and ignoring things that are real
I'm addicted to a drug
a drug I'm starting to hate
but can't get off it, it's too late
a drug I finally regret taking
a drug which keeps my body heavily shaking
I'm addicted to a drug
a drug causing me immense pain
though it's just so little, simple and plain
a drug I traded for everything I had
a drug which can only be found inside my head
:iconkristeena90:Kristeena90 29 16
A cry of a girl
I hear a cry of a girl. She sounds terrified and scared. From the sounds of her sobs, I think she is not far. So I start running toward her and as I run her screams get louder and clearer. She's screaming "Mommy, Mommy wake up!!?" I start to run even faster. She's so close but I can't see her. In the darkness, a sliver of light catches my eye. It's coming from the window of an old shed.  I rush to it and peer in. A girl is curled up in a ball on the ground. She's shaking and staring, I look to see what's she is staring at. I see a young, pretty woman lying on the floor. She looks peaceful and tranquil. Then I hear a noise. I turn my eyes back to the girl. She was in the same place as before. Then I hear it. The voice is velvet and as soft as a feather. I can only make out a few words at first; "I … sorry… I … can't…" It takes me a minute until I am able to piece it all together. It's the voice of the mother, she's saying, "I'm sorry I can't stay and watch
:iconmeemee2222:meemee2222 3 9
Pieces that inspire us...




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Greetings everyone, I'm ImpishInk,

I recently took up the mantle as founder of the group, and I was wondering if there was anything I can do to make this group better? for the most part it seems pretty self-sufficient you guys seem to handle things well on your own, but if there's anything you can think of that might make this group better, please comment I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Thank you, and happy holidays if you celebrate them
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:bulletgreen: This is a literature group so naturally literature only, you can submit pictures only if it has a story with it.

:bulletgreen: Please submit to the right folder

:bulletgreen:Nothing is to be submitted to the featured folder. I’m sorry but there are some things I can be terribly anal about.

:bulletgreen: Please be respectful to everybody. Do not be mean on comments; you can give constructive criticism without being mean.

:bulletgreen: Feel free to submit as much as you want, there’s no limit on submissions. You can submit a small poems or a sixty chapter novel.

:bulletgreen: Fanfiction is allowed, but it does not have its own folder, whatever genre your fanfiction is, is where you should submit it too.

:bulletgreen: Under the romance folders, all is allowed, yaoi, yuri, it can be as sexual as you want it, just don’t break dA’s rules, and if you feel your romance story has more of a darker side to it then it goes under the “Dark Romance” folder.

:bulletgreen: If your story has more than one genre and you don’t know which one is dominate then it would go under “Mixed Genres” for example if you have a horror sci-fi romance it would go here.

:bulletgreen: If you have any questions feel free to note me or leave a message on the groups page

:bulletgreen: Have fun!


:salute: We are the group of admins who are open to answer any of your questions! :salute:
We are currently looking for new admins after the old founder has left. If you want to join, ask EternalPawn



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FallenAngelGM Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
Is this group still active?
MAB92 Featured By Owner Edited May 11, 2015  Student Writer
Hello, I am new to the group, so let me start by say a few things. I don't mind critiquing; however, if you do not like what I write, I ask that you do not leave any rude comments, and find another story more to your taste.I look forward to your feedback, and promise that there will be more.  
EternalPawn Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Alright, thank you for telling that, but it wasn't required that you post it here, I understand where you're coming from, and if you receive any rude or inappropriate let us know so we can report the person.
CynicalSweetheart Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Are you guys still looking for admins?
Raven-of-Prophecy Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
Hey, have the gallery folders all been filled up? Looks like I can only submit to either "Dark Romance" or "Comedy" as my options.
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I'm hosting another giveaway and I just wanted to let everyone here know about it. I'm giving away Premium Memberships and Points this time around. Here's the journal…
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I'm hosting a 500 :points: giveaway. Stop by and check out the journal:…  Also feel free to join. :meow:
0-xcheekymonkeyx-0 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
Hey I kinda put my story, Above the Stars, in the wrong folder :O could you possib change it or something? Sorry
Unworthy-Angel Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student Writer
Sure, which one's your story and where does it need to be?
0-xcheekymonkeyx-0 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
it's ok I managed to change it, sorry about that but thankyou anyway :)
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